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The Blog STUDIO 10: Dr Josh Wall Talks Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal Filler Treatments

“I know a thing or two about having wrinkles, but Dr Josh Wall, Medical Director of Contour Clinics, is an expert at getting rid of them.” – Kate Albert, Studio 10


Studio 10 delivers a fresh take on what everyone’s talking about, with a side of laughs and plenty of sunshine. Every weekday at 8am, Sarah Harris and Tristan MacManus bring audiences news, chat and entertainment at a time when the world is looking for positivity, community and connection.

In this informative segment, Studio 10 presenter Kate Albert chats with Dr Josh about Contour Clinics, what sets us apart, the treatments we provide, and what patients are wanting right now.


Presenter Kate Albert chats to our Medical Director Dr Josh Wall about Contour Clinics, the cosmetic treatments we provide, and what patients are wanting right now.

Needle niggles

Don’t injectables make people look fake?

One of the most common concerns we see is the fear that anti-wrinkle injections will make your usually-animated face look ‘frozen’, or that fillers will cause a puffy effect.

Au contraire! Sure, there are some dubious practitioners and some botched jobs caused by inexperienced hands.

But in reality, when administered by a properly accredited medical professional with the adequate experience, skill, and eye for facial anatomy, these injectable treatments achieve results that are subtle, believable, and natural looking.

The secret to this, is to treat every patient as an individual.

“Because we’re so education focused, there’s no cookie-cutter approach to any treatments. We’re very much individualised. Everyone’s muscles are a little bit different, everyone’s wrinkles are a bit different.” – Dr Josh Wall

By treating each patient as the unique individual that they are, the most desirable and suitably natural-looking result can be achieved. The goal is fresh, not faux.


Our 3D-Vectra imaging demonstrates potential real-life outcomes of treatments for each individual.

Injectable beauty boom

Why are more and more people opting for some injectable beauty assistance these days?

The reason for having these treatments can be to restore healthy-looking youthfulness (think anti-wrinkle to to relax and prevent lines, or cheek fillers for a lifted effect).

“We all want to look fresh and awake.” – Kate Albert, Studio 10

Or, it can be to introduce what you weren’t blessed with naturally, such as enhancing a feature for better facial harmony (think filler for plump lips or a defined chin).

“All of these treatments are about confidence.” – Dr Josh Wall

Most importantly, these injectable treatments give people back the power to feel good about themselves and be happy in their own skin.


A peek inside Contour Clinics Newtown HQ consult rooms: Medical Director Dr Josh Wall advises a patient during a consultation appointment.

Best face forward

One of our happy patients is personal trainer to the stars and social media influencer, Jono Castano, who counts Richard Branson and Rebel Wilson among his clients.

Jono loves to visit Contour Clinics for a combination of treatments. By teaming his anti-wrinkle with tear-trough filler and jawline filler, Jono feels strong and confident – an essential attribute for his profession as a celebrity personal trainer.

“When I get a treatment done, I walk out a much better person.” – Jono Castano, Personal Trainer


Personal trainer and social media influencer Jono Castano is a loyal patient of Contour Clinics.

Taboo or not taboo

Kate asks Dr Josh a big question: “Do you think the taboo about injectables is fading?”

It’s an important and relevant query; once upon a time, treating the signs of ageing with anything beyond a face cream was cause for secrecy.

Nowadays, treatments such as anti-wrinkle and dermal filler are so common and accepted as the norm, that we’re far more open and honest about our preference for these beautification methods.

“Everyone knows someone who’s had a treatment done.” – Dr Josh Wall

What’s more, men are now shaking off the old-fashioned shame associated with caring about their appearance and are increasingly opting for cosmetic medicine, with guys proud to top up their treatments at regular intervals.

“For men at the moment, it’s all about sculpting the perfect jawline,” reveals Dr Josh.


Affectionately known as ‘Bro-tox’, men’s anti-wrinkle treatments are on the rise, and we are experts in tailoring them to the male face.

All angles covered

Which brings us to the all-important phenomenon of profile-plasty; an aesthetic focus on our profile, or appearance from the side.

“In this modern age of social media, everyone’s getting snapped from the side,” Dr Josh points out.

Contour Clinics specialises in side-profile augmentation, using dermal filler to create balance and harmony for the facial structure.

This can include non-surgical rhinoplasty, also known as a ‘nose job’ but using filler, not scalpels.

Or, it can be adding volume and structure to a weak chin in order to bring it into alignment with other facial features such as the nose and lips, which creates a much more attractive appearance side-on.


Dermal filler has added volume and definition to the chin for improved projection and attractive alignment with other facial features.


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