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Why choose Contour Clinics for your redness/capillaries/rosacea removal?

Clear unwanted redness/rosacea or capillaries with the very best in laser technology.

Not all lasers are created equal. At Contour Clinics, we pride ourselves on having the latest, most advanced laser technology in the business.

All of our treatments are backed with the Contour Clinics guarantee, which includes:

  • Complimentary consultation with our experienced Doctors/Nurses/Dermal therapists
  • Complimentary comprehensive skin assessment
  • Treatment with only TGA approved, gold-standard laser therapies
  • All treatments provided by experienced dermal therapists
  • All Contour Clinics are supervised by doctors who have specialised in laser treatments. Ensuring safety in all treatments.

Prices and Packages

Choose gold standard laser technology at affordable prices.

All treatments come with a comprehensive, complimentary skin consultation.

Prices and Specials

Most commonly, rosacea affects the nose and cheeks. Zap the redness away with our gold standard laser treatment.

For a full face anti-redness treatment. Smooth your facial complexion and remove redness with the best laser options available.

Remove stubborn broken capillaries or spider veins from $149.

Noticing more red spots as you age? Zap them away with our IPL treatments.

Noticing more red spots as you age? Zap them away with our IPL treatments.

Noticing more red spots as you age? Zap them away with our IPL treatments.

Noticing more red spots as you age? Zap them away with our IPL treatments.

Noticing more red spots as you age? Zap them away with our IPL treatments.

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There are so many options out there when it comes to treating vascular skin conditions with laser. It can be impossible to sort through the marketing, glossy photos and testimonial claims. This eBook will tell you the secrets of cosmetic laser clinics the big chains WON’T tell you.

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Before and After

Before and 3 months after 5 treatments with IPL.

Before and After

Unsightly broken chin capillaries eliminated with a single treatment.

Before and After

This lady was plagued by facial flushing. There was a significant reduction in redness after just 3 treatments.

Before and After

This young lady’s port wine stain was present since birth. Significant results were achieved after 3 treatments with vascular laser.

Before and After

These commonly seen broken nose capillaries were eliminated in just 1 treatment.

Before and After

Facial redness reduced after 2 treatments with our vascular laser.

Before and After

Sun damage caused a mixture of vascular and pigment changes in this lady. Significant clearing of complexion achieved after 3 treatments.

Before and After

Nasal vessels significantly improved after 3 treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes rosacea?

Rosacea is the result of a chronic skin inflammation, usually over the cheeks, nose and chin. There are multiple factors usually involved including:

  • Genetics
  • Reaction to demodex mite- mite that lives on skin
  • Foods
  • Alcohol
  • Sunlight
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Corticosteroids

How is rosacea treated?

Treatment of Rosacea is often multi-dimensional depending on the severity of the condition. General principles of Rosacea treatment include:

  • Avoiding triggers of facial flushing
  • Avoid irritant or oily skin care products
  • Application of sunscreen
  • Avoid steroid creams as this will worsen rosacea
  • Keep the face cool to reduce flushing
  • Avoid soaps, rather use gentle cleansers

Topical rosacea creams or oral tetracycline antibiotics may be prescribed by your cosmetic physician during your complimentary consultation. These can be very useful in the treatment of rosacea.

Contour Clinics are at the cutting edge of the latest laser technologies. Our laser treatments include the gold standard long pulse nd-YAG laser and Intense Pulsed Light in treating Rosacea.  These are very effective treatments and work well in combination with our prescription cream range.

What are some general measures to treat facial redness and rosacea?

When starting your treatment regimen to reduce redness/rosacea and facial flushing the you may find the following general measures helpful:

  • Avoid oil-based facial creams and make-ups
  • Avoid lengthy, hot showers
  • Never apply topical steroids to the area. This only provides a short term improvement at the expense of a long term worsening.
  • Use sun protection daily
  • Reduce intake of alcohol and spicy foods
  • Avoid hot environments (e.g. Bikram yoga/sauna’s etc.)
  • Apply simple moisturisers

What causes prominent veins and capillaries?

Also known as Telangiectasias or broken capillaries, prominent veins result from broken blood vessels becoming visible on the skins surface. They are usually caused by excessive sun exposure, corticosteroid creams, and skin trauma. There are rarer causes that your Cosmetic Physician will assess you for at your complimentary consultation.

Can broken capillaries or prominent veins heal on their own?

No, once damaged these veins remain enlarged and visible to the naked eye. These need to be treated with laser therapies. Creams help to treat the underlying cause, but will not remove veins and capillaries already enlarged and damaged.

Can broken capillaries bleed?

Yes, as capillaries enlarge they are prone to rupturing and bleeding. Particularly when exposed to trauma. This is usually seen as a bruise under the skin, or occasionally outright bleeding.

Can broken capillaries on the face be treated?

Yes. Our laser therapists will direct you to the latest technologies to remove your broken capillaries with the least discomfort and quickest results.

How are prominent veins and capillaries treated?

These unsightly broken blood vessels are easily treated with our gold standard laser therapies. There is no downtime and minimal pain associated with this type of laser treatment. Treatments take less than 5 minutes.

Can broken capillaries and prominent veins fade?

They are unlikely to fade on their own. However, fading or even complete removal is very possible with our gold standard laser technologies.

Why do broken capillaries and prominent veins on the face occur?

These capillaries and veins were always there. The reason you can now see them is because they have become enlarged.

Enlargement of capillaries and veins occurs for a variety of reasons, each require their own unique treatment regimen to ensure there is no worsening/new capillaries forming.

Regardless of the reason for enlargement, laser therapy is the most effective method for removal.

What causes broken capillaries on the nose?

The area around the base of the nose where the nostril meets the cheek is a common area for broken capillaries. This is a thin area of skin where capillaries are quite close to the surface and easily visible when they enlarge.

These are comfortably treated with our variety of laser devices.

Are broken capillaries on the face permanent?

If left untreated, yes.

Fortunately, these can be easily removed with our laser therapies.

Are broken capillaries rosacea?

Yes. Rosacea can cause larger visible broken capillaries, along with smaller prominent capillaries that can present as a diffuse redness across the usual rosacea prone areas (chin, cheeks, forehead and nose)

Are broken capillaries hereditary?

There is a heretidable component to your susceptibility to broken capillaries.

The degree to which you have inherited the propensity to form broken capillaries varies person to person.

Are broken capillaries common?

Yes. Most people at some point in their life will have at least one visible broken capillary or prominent vein.

Are broken capillaries dangerous?

These are most often a benign cosmetic concern. Rarely are they associated with an underlying medical condition. It is important you have any skin change checked by a doctor.

At Contour Clinics, all doctors are experienced in checking prominent veins and capillaries to ensure they are safely removed and not any more than a cosmetic concern.

Are broken capillaries the same as spider veins?

Yes. Spider veins are a form of broken capillary.

What parts of the body do we commonly see broken capillaries?

We commonly see broken capillaries on the face. This is particularly true of around the nose, chin, cheeks and forehead.

Other areas of the body include:

  • Breast
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Chest

Are telangiectasia broken capillaries?

Yes. There are many terms to describe dilated veins and capillaries. They include:

  • Spider veins
  • Broken capillaries
  • Telangiectasiea
  • Spider Nevi (usually has a specific cause)
  • Prominent veins

Does alcohol make broken capillaries worse?

Alcohol can increase the appearance of broken capillaries owing to its ability to dilate blood vessels. Often people notice their redness and capillaries appear more prominent when drinking alcohol.

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Mia D Dec 20, 2020

The absolute best in Sydney. I would not go anywhere else to get anything done. Everyone I have encountered at this clinic has been so extremely warm and professional and put in so much time and effort to truly achieve your desired outcome. Can’t recommend this place enough, do not waste your money elsewhere.

Amanda K Feb 1, 2021

First time at Contour Clinics and was very happy with the whole experience. Easy to find, easy to park, friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommend and will be a regular from now on.

Rekka P Jan 20, 2021

Very happy with my experience at Contour Clinics Newtown. Everyone was so friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable during my treatment. Dr Josh made me feel so comfortable. I am so happy. I’ll definitely be back!

* Testimonials are from satisfied customers, results may vary. We offer complementary 1:1 consultations to understand your specific requirements before commencing treatment.


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