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Side profile perfection The Benefits of Chin Augmentation Treatments at Contour Clinics

Chin Augmentation with dermal filler is one of the MOST under-rated treatments in cosmetic medicine.

Chin filler can be used to treat a variety of concerns including:

  • Chin projection– Those with a weak, retracted chin can project their perfect side profile with expertly placed dermal filler.
  • Chin shape– Create a pointier, more feminine V-shape to the lower face, or alternatively round an excessively pointy chin. Whatever the shape you desire, our expert injectors have a solution.
  • Skin quality of the chin – This can be corrected with our specialist lasers, or skin boosting non-cross-linked dermal fillers.
  • Length of the chin – Dermal filler injections can easily lengthen a shorter chin. Occassionally, overactive chin muscles (mentalis) can pull up the chin and create a ‘mental crease’. Relaxing these muscles with anti-wrinkle injections easily solves this issue.
  • Chin symmetry – A quick easy fix by our expert injectors.
  • Rewind chin ageing – Ageing results in a reabsorption of facial bone structures, and underlying supporting tissue. Replacing support with dermal filler rewinds lower face ageing.
  • Masculinise – Square off, an overly pointy feminine chin, and masculinise the lower face.
  • Smooth a cleft chin– Chin dermal filler can easily and painlessly smooth a cleft in the chin.

Project, Volumise and Contour the perfect chin

You may have an under projected chin that really lets your side profile down.

Women, you may want a pointier, more feminine V-shape.

Men, you may want to square-off and masculinise a weak, pointy chin.

Whatever your desire, chin filler can help you achieve your ideal lower face aesthetic with no pain, minimal downtime and affordable expense.

Prices of Chin Augmentation

All consultations with our cosmetic nurses and doctors are complimentary and obligation free. They include a free 3D facial assessment, and an ability for you to visualise the expected changes of treatment with our state of the art Vectra system.

Chin augmentation requires the use of a thicker ‘bone-mimicking’ hyaluronic acid filler. Contour Clinics use only premium, TGA approved fillers for all treatments.

When purchased in a package, the cost savings can total in the hundreds of dollars.

Often chin filler is combined with jawline filler for the perfect result.

Smooth a pebbled, dimpled chin with targeted muscle relaxant injections into the chin mentalis muscles.

This also helps to smooth an overly contracted mental crease (the crease between your lower lip and chin.

All review appointments are complimentary and scheduled promptly.

The Contour Clinics Guarantee

Deciding who to trust with your face is not a decision to take lightly. You deserve professionals who have dedicated themselves to cosmetic medicine as their chosen profession. Get the very best in chin augmentation treatments with our specialist cosmetic injectors.

All treatments are backed by the Contour Clinics guarantee which includes:

  • Complimentary consultations with experienced cosmetic injectors
  • Complimentary facial assessment and 3D photography.
  • Complimentary review appointments.
  • Complimentary corrections in the case of rare asymmetry.
  • Treatment with only premium gold standard fillers suited to your specific goals.
  • Treatments provided by expert, experienced staff.

Before and After Chin Filler

Stunning correction of an overly retracted chin. This provides harmony to the facial side profile. This result was achieved with 2ml of dermal fillers.

Before and After Chin Filler

Chin filler before and after 1ml of premium dermal filler.

Before and After Chin filler

Before and after chin filler to create an amazing change to the side profile. 2ml total chin filler used in total.

Before and After Chin filler

After 1 ml of dermal fillers.

Before and After Chin filler

2ml of dermal filler to the chin and jawline.

Before and After Chin filler

subtle chin enhancement

Frequently Asked Questions

How many ml of chin filler do I need?

For the ideal chin augmentation you may need 1-5ml depending on your baseline chin projection, and aesthetic goals.

The most we inject in 1 session is 2ml. Safe, considered injecting is the hallmark of the Contour Clinics guarantee. We believe anymore than 2ml at a time unnecessarily increases the risk of complications.

Ninety percent of our patients achieve the results they desire after 1 session.

We suggest returning at 1 month intervals for 1-2ml/session until your aesthetic goals are achieved.

Where is chin filler injected?

The placement of chin filler depends on the goals of treatment.

Those desiring a pointier chin have their filler placed centrally to project and point the chin into a more feminine lower face contour.

Those wanting projection without pointing have an even spread around the chin to project from a side profile perspective evenly.

Those wanting to masculinise and square the lower face have targeted injections to shape and square the jawline.

How do I look immediately after chin filler?

Swelling and redness are not uncommon immediately after chin fillers. This will resolve in 1-3 days.

Some patients notice their chins are excessively pointy/sharp or projected. This is likely due to swelling and will resolve in 5-7 days.

Will the chin augmentation procedure hurt?

No. The procedure has minimal discomfort and is well tolerated.  Topical anaesthetic cream can be applied prior to the procedure if required.

How is pain minimised during chin filler?

We apply a strong numbing cream pre-treatment for 10-15 minutes.

Nitrous gas is available for use for all injectable procedures.

The dermal filler used for chin filler has a local anaesthetic contained within the product.

Ice is used to reduce pain and improve swelling/bruising post procedure.

How long does chin filler results last?

Most patients see results out to 18 months. This will vary from patient-to-patient.

Does chin filler soften?

Often immediately after chin filler the area feels quite firm and tender secondary to swelling. This resolves in 1-2 weeks, whereby chin filler then feels similar to your normal chin tissues.

Does chin filler feel hard?

Chin filler may feel firm initially, however after 1-2 weeks it softens to feel exactly like your normal chin.

What are the potential side effects of chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation with dermal fillers is a safe and well tolerated procedure.  The most common side effects are:

  • redness
  • mild itching and swelling
  • bruising (often mild)
  • Mild asymmetry (usually resolves on its own within 2 weeks)

These issues usually resolve in 1-4 days.

At Contour Clinics, we specialise in LED light therapy to help prevent bruising post treatment. We also have specialist lasers to treat post filler bruising, on the uncommon occasion it occurs. More serious side effects are rare and will be discussed with you prior to treatment.

Is chin filler safe?

All cosmetic procedures carry risk. However, the staff at Contour Clinics are among the most highly trained and sought after injectors in the country.

All of our dermal fillers used in chin augmentation are TGA and FDA approved for use in facial augmentation.

What are my aftercare instructions post chin filler?

Chin filler can be tender post treatment. Take care not to put any pressure on the chin for several days post procedure. Other instructions include:

  • Avoid hot environments including saunas, spas and hot yoga
  • No intensive exercise on the day of treatment
  • No excessive alcohol on the day of treatment
  • No active skin care products for 24 hours.

Who should not receive chin fillers?

There are several scenarios that are considered unsuitable/unsafe for dermal filler treatments including:

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Previous hypersensitivity or allergy to dermal fillers
  • Active infection in the area to be treated
  • Unreasonable expectations of dermal filler results.

Can chin filler be dissolved?

Yes. In the event you are not happy with the look of your filler, or you experience a rare medical complication, chin filler can be reversed immediately and easily with an injection called hyalase.

This breaks down cross-links between hyaluronic acid molecules, to allow the body to metabolise them easily. Reversal occurs immediately.

Does chin filler swell?

Yes. As with most dermal fillers, there is mild swelling post procedure.

Often swelling is not noticeable to the naked eye, but can cause a tenderness and mild pain for 1-2 days.

Swelling typically resolves in 1-2 weeks.

Does chin filler bruise?

There is a small chance of bruising post chin filler.

Bruising is typically mild and easily covered by makeup.

Chin Filler Results for Male and Female Patients

Many patients have concerns about the look of their chin. At Contour, we use premium dermal fillers to add volume and prominence to small, and weak chins. This is an excellent alternative to invasive, expensive chin surgery. In this video, Dr Josh Wall discusses the different results achieved for both male and female patients.

Chin Filler is Under-Rated

When it comes to dermal fillers, chin fillers are one of the most underrated treatments. The chin is an important feature of the lower third of the face and by enhancing it, it can dramatically improve the aesthetic profile of a person. From sharpening the jawline, balancing proportions or reducing the appearance of excess skin and fat in the neck, Dr. Josh explains all the benefit's of having chin fillers.

What is an Under-Developed Chin?

With expertly placed dermal filler, those with a weak, retracted chin can project their ideal side profile. In this video, Dr Josh Wall explains what an underdeveloped chin is and why people may seek cosmetic treatments for it.

Chin Filler with Nurse Ashley

Do you want a pointier chin and a more feminine V-shape lower facial structure? You can now have the chin projection you've always desired. Nurse Ashley performed chin filler on our patient for a more projected and well-defined chin; this treatment can also help with chin creases.

Treatments to Compliment

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections act to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, giving a relaxed and naturally youthful appearance.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Instantly reshape your nose with our premium range of dermal fillers and no surgery, meaning minimal discomfort and no downtime.

Chin Filler/Augmentation

Premium Dermal fillers are used to add volume and prominence to small, and weak chins.

Lip Fillers

Whether you are looking for a subtle increase or a Hollywood pout, our medical professionals can achieve the look you desire.

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As seen on

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