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How Does Dermaplaning Work?

Not to be mistaken for shaving, dermaplaning is a method wherein the skin’s outer texture is levelled by a dermatological blade, which safely and gently glides across the skin to clear away surface debris. 

It’s not solely intended as a hair-removal technique; however, the vellus hair or ‘peach fuzz’ (that near-invisible facial hair almost everyone has) is effectively removed. 

But that’s not all; it also helps to improve texture by sweeping away skin flakes, dirt, excess sebum and blocked pores – all of which contribute to uneven skin texture. 

This gentle sloughing action creates a smooth, level skin surface that’s more receptive to skincare products and provides the ideal canvas for makeup.  

When incorporated into an in-clinic facial treatment, dermaplaning can maximise the benefits and efficacy of other skin therapies that follow. By clearing away superficial dirt and debris, laser therapies can begin at a deeper level, and skin is receptive to deeper penetration of skincare products. 

Dermaplaning is not comparable with chemical peels in terms of deep cleansing, but it does provide an excellent basis by helping to decongest skin at the top layer, and by levelling the texture of your skin’s surface. 

Benefits of Facial Dermaplaning

There are many benefits to incorporating dermaplaning into your facial treatment. Although the cosmetic advantage is a smooth, hairless skin surface, the benefits of dermaplaning reach beneath the surface, too. 

Refresh and renew. Dermaplaning is a form of physical exfoliation. By eradicating dead skin cells and other surface debris, it can help to unblock pores and thereby encourage the natural process of skin cell turnover, which aids rejuvenation and renewal of your facial skin. 

Clear the way. The exfoliating effects of dermaplaning can result in a brighter and more even-toned appearance for your skin. If not properly removed, dead skin cells, dirt, sebum and other particles can build up and block pores, resulting in dull, sluggish, congested skin that struggles to breathe. 

Get glowing. Uneven skin texture reflects light differently. You might notice it more in photos or artificial lighting, but a textured surface absorbs light rather than bouncing it back like a smooth surface does. This is why uneven skin texture can appear dull, while smoother skins can appear more glowy. 

Level out. Ridding the skin’s surface of skin flake buildup can reduce the ageing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dry, flaky, dull skin tends to accentuate creases, while smooth, hydrated skin with a higher skin cell turnover rate is less prone to the appearance of etched lines. 

Smooth canvas. It also makes way for a smoother makeup base. Foundation tends to cling to uneven texture caused by dead skin and vellus hair, so in removing this matter, your foundation will sit as closely to the skin’s surface as possible. The more smoothly your makeup sits, the less pronounced your imperfections appear. 

Skincare boost. With pore-blocking particles and surface build-up cleared away, the skin becomes more receptive and responsive to skincare, as the beneficial ingredients in these products can penetrate more effectively without such obstacles. 

Book The Dermaplaning Facial with Contour Clinics

Dermaplaning Sydney and Brisbane: “Where can I get dermaplaning near me?” 

You can find our full Facials and Peels range – including The Dermaplaning Facial – at all Contour Clinics locations; Newtown, Five Dock, Castle Hill and Miranda in Sydney, and Stones Corner in Brisbane. 

Here at Contour Clinics, our dermal services are performed only by highly experienced and qualified Skin & Laser Therapists, who are intensively trained in recommending and administering these therapies with utmost safety. 

We welcome you for a complimentary consultation with one of our Skin & Laser Therapists, so you can learn more about suitable options, what your treatment will involve, and what results to expect. 

Want to adore the skin you’re in? Learn more about what our skin treatments could do for you – contact us online or call 1300 233 803 to arrange a free in-clinic consult appointment. 

The Dermaplaning Experience at Contour Clinics


The beauty of The Dermaplaning Facial is that this is an entry-level treatment that requires little-to-no preparation. 

You should avoid waxing or laser treatments for a week prior to having this facial. 

Also ensure you avoid sun exposure for two weeks prior to this facial treatment. 

It’s not advisable to have this treatment while you have active acne, cold sores, psoriasis, contact dermatitis or eczema, as the exfoliating action of the fine dermatological blade may aggravate these conditions, and can pose risk of bacterial infection. 

Areas of skin with moles, raised freckles or skin tags is not suitable for dermaplaning. 

You should also hold off from having a dermaplaning treatment if you are currently sunburnt, experiencing skin sensitivity, or have any area of broken skin. 


In your appointment, your Skin & Laser Therapist will clean the skin using medical-grade cleanser and a special gauze wipe, removing any makeup and other debris that could clog up your pores and lead to ingrown hairs. 

They will then begin using soft, short strokes across the facial skin with a surgical blade at a 45-degree angle to remove vellus hair and dead skin, cleaning the blade as they go. 

The whole process should be completely painless when done by a trained professional, and besides some short-term redness for those with sensitive skin types, this exfoliating treatment requires no downtime.


It’s crucial that you avoid sun exposure following this type of treatment. Dermaplaning, like any facial resurfacing treatment, removes the protective outer layer of skin, leaving the freshly revealed skin more vulnerable to UV damage than usual. 

We highly recommended that you use a physical sunscreen and avoid being exposed to UV rays. This is particularly important for the first 10 days after your treatment. 

We will recommend a gentle facial cleanser for you to use post-treatment – ideally during the two weeks following your facial when your skin is more sensitive. It’s beneficial to use a light moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated, balanced and comfortable. However, it’s important that you avoid comedogenic ingredients in your face creams – these are the ones that can block your pores. 

Ask your Skin & Laser Therapist to recommend skincare products to use during the aftercare period. It’s a good idea to continue using non-comedogenic skincare products, to minimise future congestion. 

Following your dermaplaning facial treatment, it’s important to give your skin some rest time to repair and renew. For at least four weeks after your treatment, hold off from having any other facial treatment that uses exfoliation or abrasion – physical or chemical. 

This also includes the use of active skincare ingredients. For at least one week following your treatment, avoid using products containing AHAs, Vitamin C, Retinols/Retinal, or physical exfoliant particles, as these active ingredients are designed to have a chemically exfoliating effect on your skin. 

At around 7–10 days after your dermaplaning facial treatment, it’s safe to use a gentle exfoliant to prevent further build-up or congestion and maintain healthy skin cell turnover.

The Contour Clinics Advantage

Skin and laser treatments at Contour Clinics are performed only by highly experienced, fully qualified and skilled dermal therapists, who treat each patient as an individual. 

You can expect a thorough and expert assessment of your skin, allowing for a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your unique requirements. 


Your skin treatment at Contour Clinics comes with: 

  • Complimentary skin consultation and assessment 
  • Expert and experienced Skin & Laser Therapist performing treatment 
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Medical-grade product 
  • Industry-leading techniques 
  • Complimentary follow-up appointment to review your results 


Talk to our friendly patient care team! We’re always happy to answer your questions about The Dermaplaning Facial or any of our other skin treatments. 

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