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LED Light Therapy Science What is the difference between LED Light therapy colours?

LED Light therapy uses different wavelengths of light to deliver therapeutic doses of light energy our skin. When the wavelength is changed our eyes perceive that as a different colour of light.  Shorter wavelengths are perceived as blue, purple or green, and longer wavelengths as yellow, red and infrared.

  • Blue light therapy (450-495nm) penetrates a short distance into the skin, eliminating acne causing bacteria, reducing inflammation and calming redness.
  • Red light therapy (600-700nm) penetrates deeper into the skins dermis and subcutaneous layers calming redness, reducing inflammation and causing an intensive collagen stimulation. It has also been proven to help with fine lines and wrinkles and causes a generally improved skin quality and texture.
  • Infrared light therapy (900-1100nm) penetrates deeper helping with wound healing, collagen stimulation, skin rejuvenation and general skin improvement.

What is LED light therapy?

LED light energy was originally developed by NASA scientists over 50 years ago to help plants grow in space!

LED light therapy uses an array of bright light emitting diodes that send low level light energy into the deeper layers of the skin to eliminate acne causing bacteria, improve metabolic processes within skin cells and activate fibroblasts to promote new collagen formation.

Initially used to speed the healing of chronic wounds, countless scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of LED light therapy in treating: fine lines and wrinkles, redness/rosacea, acne, sun-damage, skin inflammation and general skin ageing.



  • Scientifically proven therapy to improve wrinkles, skin quality, redness, acne and general skin tone
  • Pleasant relaxing treatment that can be done in your lunch break
  • Safe for adults and adolescents
  • Customisable light wavelengths to treat your specific skin concern
  • Performed by experienced dermal therapists in our luxurious environment
  • Best results are seen when used in combination with our peptide serums and masks

Prices and Packages

Treat yourself to the ultimate in skin rejuvenation. LED light therapy has been scientifically proven to improve all kinds of skin concerns includinga fine lines and wrinkles, skin quality/texture, acne, redness and to improve healing post laser/surgery/injectables.

Prices and Packages

Consultations with our doctors, nurses and dermal therapists are complimentary and obligation free.

Choose either red, blue or infrared/yellow light therapy.

Complete a full LED light therapy treatment in our luxurious setting.

Boost the intensity of your LED light therapy by adding on an extra light wavelength.

Protect your treatment results by applying your choice of healing serums: skin rejuvenation, pigment correction, deep cleanse and soothing.

Rejuvenate, tone and cleanse with our take home peptide face mask. This is a perfect addition to your skin care routine.

Save over $250 on your complete redness/rosacea package. Includes: 8 sessions of combination red light therapy, complimentary post treatment serum and complimentary add on of infrared light therapy.

Save over $250 on your complete acne reduction package. Includes: 8 sessions of alternating red/blue light therapy, complimentary post treatment serum and complimentary add on of infrared light therapy.

Save over $250 on your complete post threadlift, facetite, cosmetic injectables or laser skin resurfacing procedures. This significantly improves bruising, swelling and healing post procedure, without any pain or downtime. Includes: 8 sessions of red light therapy, complimentary post treatment serum, and complimentary add on of infrared.

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Rid yourself of broken capillaries, enlarged vessels and spider veins with our gold-standard vascular lasers delivered by our experienced medical team.

Redness, Facial Flushing, Port Wine Stains and Rosacea

Rediscover a face without redness, red spots, rosacea or broken unsightly capillaries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LED phototherapy?

Light emitting diode (LED) phototherapy delivers light in specific wavelength bands to the skins problem areas. These non-harmful wavelengths are separated into categories based on the colour of light emitted.

Red LED Light phototherapy – causes skin rejuvenation, increases circulation, aids healing and stimulates a refreshed youthful complexion

Blue LED light phototherapy – Eliminates acne causing bacteria by interacting with a bacterial substance ‘porphyrin’ and producing localised free radicals that destroy the bacteria.

Yellow LED light phototherapy – Anti-bruise therapy. Aids in the breakdown of biliverdin (a blood breakdown product in bruises). It also helps to improve blood flow and healing in the area treated.

Infrared LED light phototherapy – Penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and soft tissue. This provides a complete rejuvenation to the skin and deep tissues.

What are the benefits of LED light therapy?

LED light therapy helps with fine lines, soothes inflammation, regenerates tired skin, reduces acne and improves redness/rosacea.

LED light therapy has been proven to reduce breakouts and minimise inflammation at a skin cell level.

How many treatments will I need?

You should notice results after one treatment. Best results are seen in 8-12 treatments. To maintain results, we recommend retreating every 3 months.

What is the optimal treatment time and frequency?

There are good evidence based studies that show best results can be achieved in 8-12 sessions.

We recommend twice weekly 20 minute LED light intensive sessions for 4-6 weeks depending on your underlying concern and desired results.

What is the difference between a do at home and medical grade in clinic LED light?

The difference is all in the power of the device.

Most at home devices emit an extremely low energy output even though they consume a lot of power.

In clinic medical grade LED light therapy has significantly more power than at home devices. This is important, as LED light dosages are calculated in energy delivered to the skin rather than time under the light. Some at home devices would take all day to deliver the same energy to the tissues as a short burst of in clinic LED light.


What is red LED light therapy?

Red light LED light therapy is a proven treatment for the improvement of fine line and wrinkles, redness and rosacea, active acne, sun damage and general skin quality.

Using a wavelength of ~600-700 nm. Red light LED light therapy is able to penetrate deeper into the skin than blue light, which is mainly localised to a superficial level.

This light energy is then absorbed by the treated tissues, which is thought to improve metabolic processes within our cellular mitochondria (power house of the cell), essentially promoting oxygen utilisation and cellular function.

This incredible physiological response translates to healthier, fresher appearing skin.

What is infrared LED light therapy?

Infrared light sits just above the visible light spectrum with wavelengths ranging from ~700 to over 1100nm.

Infrared light therapy is able to penetrate deeper into the body’s tissues than red or blue light therapy and has even been proven to improve joint, muscle pain and heal deeper wounds.

This is best combined with red light therapy for a potent therapeutic treatment reaching all skin and soft tissue layers.

Is LED light therapy good for the skin?


Skin absorption of LED light wavelengths improve the internal metabolic functions deep within the skins cellular structure. This results in skin rejuvenation, decreased inflammation and eradication of harmful/inflammatory skin bacteria.

LED light therapy also stimulates fibroblasts which create new collagen fibres, that give the skin its younger plump look.

How often should I get LED light treatments?

We recommend 2 sessions per week for 4 weeks as a full treatment course.

Depending on your underlying skin concern, sessions are performed using red, blue, yellow, infrared or a combination of LED light wavelengths.

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