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Laser Hair Removal Laser Hair Removal

Make waxing and shaving a thing of the past. Be ready for whatever life throws at you at a moment’s notice. Laser hair removal is a quick, effective and permanent hair reduction method. Our medical professionals at Contour Clinics use the gold-standard in laser hair removal, the Cynosure Icon platform. This is one of the most efficient, pain-free and safe machines on the market. This technology allows us to safely treat all skin types, to keep you smooth all year round.

  • Quick and minimally uncomfortable treatments.
  • Pricing starts from $10 and varies depending on body area treated. View full cost breakdown
  • Best results after 6-10 treatments.
*Disclaimer - Results may vary from patient to patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laser hair Removal permanent?

YES, if a full regimen of 6-10 treatments are completed.  Laser hair removal acts directly on the hair follicle causing irreversible damage to the skins hair producing structures without damaging the overlying skin. This inhibits the ability of the hair follicle to reproduce hair.

How often do I need Laser Hair Removal?

The number of treatments depend on your hair and skin type. Most people generally require treatments every 4-6 weeks and in total at least 10 treatments for a permanent result.

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