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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

There is minimal discomfort associated with our medical grade hair removal laser. Our gold standard medical lasers were designed with comfort in mind and have an in built cooling system which significantly reduces the discomfort and minimises redness post treatment.

Do I need to do anything before Laser Hair Removal?

To ensure the best possible results

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure for two weeks pre-treatment
  • Ensure no fake tan is present
  • Do not wax/pluck area for four weeks prior to treatment
  • Exfoliate and shave area to be lasered 12-24 hours pre-treatment

I have dark skin can I use Laser Hair Removal?

We treat can treat all skin types with our laser platforms. Our Icon Laser platform has the world’s only SkinTel melanin reader which determines your exact level of skin pigmentation. This inputs into our laser to provide us with settings specific to your skin. This way we optimise results, while decreasing the risk of side effects.

Can I use Laser Hair Removal over the top of a Tattoo?Post Care Treatment

No. Unfortunately we do not recommend using Laser hair Removal over any tattoos as some of the ink in the tattoo may be discoloured.

Post Care Treatment

  • Cold packs may be applied following treatment to reduce redness, swelling and discomfort. The use of chemical cold packs is not recommended
  • Swimming, hot baths and saunas should be avoided for 24 hours following laser treatment, as the treated area of skin may still be sensitive
  • Sun exposure should be minimised for at least two weeks following treatment
  • SPF 50+ sun protection should be applied if sun exposure is unavoidable
  • Following treatment, it is advised that no makeup be applied to a treatment site for at least 12 hours

Laser Hair Removal with Nadia Radi

Hair Removal at Contour Clinics is really quick, easy and pain free and we use the gold-standard in laser hair removal, the Cynosure Icon platform. This is one of the most efficient and safe machines on the market allowing us to safely treat all skin types, to keep you smooth all year round.

Patient Kate Vengetas For Laser Hair Removal

Despite your best efforts, shaving and waxing is time consuming, with there being only a small window before regrowth starts. At Contour Clinics, our laser hair removal treatments are quick and effective, resulting in permanent hair reduction. Watch how quick and easy our Head Dermal therapist Nadia performs this treatment.

Laser Hair Removal with Sinead Duffy

At Contour, we ensure that your hair removal experience at our luxury clinics are as relaxing and comfortable as possible. Our dermal and laser therapist Sinead is with client Alex using the Cynosure Icon platform - the premium laser hair removal technology.

Laser Hair Removal with Tim & Rod

Dermal Therapist, Sinead, treats The Amazing Race Australia winners Tim and Rod today for laser hair removal. Contour Clinic uses Cynosure Icon platform, which is the gold standard in laser hair removal. This machine is one of the most effective and safe on the market. We can safely treat all skin types with this technique, keeping you smooth all year.

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Recent Reviews

Mia D Dec 20, 2020

The absolute best in Sydney. I would not go anywhere else to get anything done. Everyone I have encountered at this clinic has been so extremely warm and professional and put in so much time and effort to truly achieve your desired outcome. Can’t recommend this place enough, do not waste your money elsewhere.

Amanda K Feb 1, 2021

First time at Contour Clinics and was very happy with the whole experience. Easy to find, easy to park, friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommend and will be a regular from now on.

Rekka P Jan 20, 2021

Very happy with my experience at Contour Clinics Newtown. Everyone was so friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable during my treatment. Dr Josh made me feel so comfortable. I am so happy. I’ll definitely be back!

* Testimonials are from satisfied customers, results may vary. We offer complementary 1:1 consultations to understand your specific requirements before commencing treatment.


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