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Prices & Specials

Treat yourself with our premium range of specialist face and neck rejuvenation treatments.

All prices displayed are per treatment. Discounts available when purchased as a multi-treatment or combination package.

Injectables – Anti Wrinkle
Price per Unit
Anti Wrinkle Type A
Anti Wrinkle Type B
Chin Fat Dissolving
Price per session
1 vial
2 vials
4 vials
Dermal Fillers
Lips - Standard
Lips - Extra Volume
Skin Hydrating- Beauty Booster
Facial Fillers - Thin
Facial Fillers - Medium
Facial Fillers - Thick
Collagen Stimulating Injections
Tear Trough Fillers
Nose Fillers
Face treatments
Downturned Mouth (DAO)
Chin Crease
Brow Lift
Gummy Smile
Neck Bands
From $299
Facial Slimming / Masseter Injections
$650-750 depending on severity
Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments
Price per area
Pure PRP 1 tube
Pure PRP 2 tubes
Erection enhancement
Breast lift
Hair loss treatments
Non Surgical Facelift (Thread-lifting)
Price per session
Silhouette Soft Threading
$750 per thread (4 thread minimum)
PDO floating threads 10 threads
PDO floating threads 20 threads
PDO floating threads 50 threads
PDO floating threads 70 threads
PDO floating threads 100 threads
PDO floating threads 150 threads
PDO floating threads 200 threads
Earlobe Reconstruction
Single ear correction


Up to 40% off when you pre-pay for laser hair removal treatments

Say goodbye to razors and hello to ready for anything smooth skin. Purchase laser treatments as a package, to receive generous reductions in pricing.

Half price LED treatments when combined with any other procedure

Enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating LED treatment with our goldstandard multi- wavelength LED device at half price when combined with any other treatment of equal or greater value.

Forehead lines now from $120

Rejuvenate a tired, heavy appearing forehead with our expertly placed anti-wrinkle injections.

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