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Prices & Specials

Treat yourself with our premium range of specialist face and neck rejuvenation treatments.

All prices displayed are per treatment. Discounts available when purchased as a multi-treatment or combination package.

Injectables – Anti Wrinkle
Price per Unit
Anti Wrinkle Type A
Anti Wrinkle Type B
Chin Fat Dissolving
Price per session
1 vial
2 vials
4 vials
Dermal Fillers
Lips - Standard
Lips - Extra Volume
Skin Hydrating- Beauty Booster
Facial Fillers - Thin
Facial Fillers - Medium
Facial Fillers - Thick
Collagen Stimulating Injections
Tear Trough Fillers
Nose Fillers
Face treatments
Downturned Mouth (DAO)
Chin Crease
Brow Lift
Gummy Smile
Neck Bands
From $299
Facial Slimming / Masseter Injections
$650-750 depending on severity
Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments
Price per area
Regen PRP 1 tube
Pure PRP 1 tube
Erection enhancement
Breast lift (combined with Tempsure)
Non Surgical Facelift (Thread-lifting)
Price per session
MINT PDO threads
$350 per thread (6 thread minimum)
Silhouette Soft Threading
$750 per thread (2 thread minimum)
Earlobe Reconstruction
Single ear correction


Up to 40% off when you pre-pay for laser hair removal treatments

Say goodbye to razors and hello to ready for anything smooth skin. Purchase laser treatments as a package, to receive generous reductions in pricing.

Half price LED treatments when combined with any other procedure

Enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating LED treatment with our goldstandard multi- wavelength LED device at half price when combined with any other treatment of equal or greater value.

Forehead lines now from $120

Rejuvenate a tired, heavy appearing forehead with our expertly placed anti-wrinkle injections.

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