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Understanding Slimming Injections

Let’s delve into how we use anti-wrinkle injections for cosmetic slimming. 

One such approach involves utilising the muscle-relaxing ability of anti-wrinkle injections not only for reducing wrinkles, but also for achieving a slimming effect. 

Here we’ll explain how this method works, its potential benefits, and important considerations for choosing this treatment. 


Understanding Off-Label Use 

Off-label use refers to the practice of employing a medication or treatment for purposes other than its initially intended indication. 

As indicated by its name, anti-wrinkle injections are originally designed to address facial wrinkles. However, that does not mean they are limited to such use. They can also be safely and effectively used for achieving other results for certain areas of the face and body, including a slimming effect. 

Did you know that anti-wrinkle can also be used off-label to manage excessive sweating? See our Excessive Sweating treatments for face and body. 


Using Anti-Wrinkle Injections for Slimming 

Anti-wrinkle injections, often containing neurotoxins like botulinum toxin type A, work by temporarily relaxing muscles. 

In the case of slimming, these injections are administered strategically to specific overactive muscles responsible for causing bulkiness to occur. 

By relaxing the muscle, a subtle slimming effect can be achieved in that targeted area, as the muscle will atrophy and therefore no longer be working to build bulk. This allows the surrounding area to slim down. 

Read more: Find out what can be slimmed with anti-wrinkle. 


Benefits of Slimming Injections:

Precision. Using anti-wrinkle injections for slimming allows for precise and localised results and can therefore create a refined and subtle effect. 

Non-Invasive. This treatment method offers a non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures for those seeking minor facial or body contouring. 

No downtime. Compared to surgical options, the recovery period associated with anti-wrinkle injections for slimming is minimal. 


Important to Consider:

Intention. It’s imperative that you understand slimming injections are not for fat reduction but rather for shrinking overgrown muscle bulkiness. 

Consultation. Prior to your treatment, it’s imperative to consult with a qualified, experienced and skilled practitioner. They can assess your individual features, discuss your goals, and determine if this approach aligns with your desires. Contour Clinics offers all patients complimentary and obligation-free consultation appointments.

Expectations. While the results can be pleasing, it’s important to approach the treatment with realistic expectations, as the changes to your appearance are typically subtle.

Longevity. The effects of anti-wrinkle injections are temporary, often lasting a few months. Maintenance treatments may be required to sustain the results. 

Possible Side Effects. Just like with any cosmetic procedure, there can be potential side effects. A skilled practitioner will explain these and ensure you are well-informed. 

Slimming Injection Treatment Process

First thing’s first: your consultation. 

This appointment is crucial for you, the patient, to work with your treating Cosmetic Doctor or Cosmetic Injector in defining exactly what you want to achieve from your treatment. 

During this time, your clinician will assess your unique characteristics as well as the severity of your concern and will be able to confirm whether the treatment method will be suitable. 

They will also be able to ascertain the quantity of product required for achieving your desired outcome and can therefore discuss pricing quotes at this stage. 

Once these crucial details of your treatment plan are happily decided upon by you and your clinician, we will proceed with your treatment. In most cases, we can go ahead with performing your treatment on the spot, within the same appointment as your initial consultation. 

Your treating clinician will first apply a topical anaesthetic (numbing cream) to the area where you’ll be injected to ensure your utmost comfort. 

Once this takes effect, your clinician will ask you to perform a movement that activates the muscle to be treated, such as tensing or flexing. This will assist them in locating that muscle with precision. 

It will also enable them to assess the degree of muscle bulk that has formed per side of your body or face, as this can sometimes be different for each side. Some patients may find that their overactive muscle is stronger on one side. 

Your clinician can then administer the correct quantity of muscle-relaxing injectable for your exact requirements, using the appropriate amount of product for each side, so that your overall result will be symmetrical and natural looking. This takes mere seconds and feels like a pinch. 

Contour Clinics' Slimming Injection Treatments

There are multiple areas where slimming injections produce great results, on both face and body.

Read on to discover how you can achieve a slimmed effect for these different zones.

Facial Slimming Injections 

Does your lower face appear wider than the rest of your face? Do you feel your jaw is overdeveloped or too broad? It’s possible that it could be improved by a couple of strategically placed anti-wrinkle injections. 

Facial Slimming involves targeted placement of anti-wrinkle product into the masseter muscle, located at the back of either side of the jaw. It can be used to treat a variety of concerns including TMJ pain, bruxism, and an over-developed jawline. 

By relaxing the masseter muscle with anti-wrinkle, this overactive muscle will atrophy and give the surrounding zone a chance to deflate and slim down, thereby creating a narrower jaw and slimmer appearance to the lower face.  

Trapezius Slimming Injections 

Trap slimming or ‘traptox’ is an easy, safe and straightforward treatment that we provide here at Contour Clinics. 

Why might you wish to slim down your trapezius muscles, or ‘traps’? 

While upper body exercises such as strength training, swimming, boxing and other resistance-based cardio or training can do wonders for the overall physique, it sometimes also means that you will accumulate muscle or heaviness in certain areas, such as the traps. 

This added bulk raises the area between the neck and the shoulder to sit higher. It shortens the neck and thickens the back, causing what is known as a ‘hulking’ effect. 

Trap slimming injections work by targeting and relaxing the overactive trapezoid muscle, thereby allowing the bulk that’s accumulated to wear down and shrink. 

The result is a visible reduction or ‘slimming’ of the treated area, and a sleeker, elegant appearance for the neck and shoulders with improved definition between shoulder and neck.

Calf Slimming Injections 

Likewise, specific muscles in other parts of the body can be relaxed to allow for overdevelopment of muscle bulk to shrink and therefore slim down the surround area. 

Non-surgical calf slimming can be achieved using anti-wrinkle. Targeted injections into the gastrocnemius muscle of the calf relaxes the outer portions of these muscles, creating a slimmer more feminine contour for this area of the lower legs. 

This is a particularly useful non-surgical treatment option for those who, despite significant weight loss, still can’t get their calves as slim as they would hope.

Where You Can Book Slimming Injection Treatments?

Contour Clinics provides Slimming Injection Treatments at all our clinic locations; Newtown, Five Dock, Castle Hill and Miranda in Sydney, and Stones Corner in Brisbane. 

We welcome patients for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with one of our clinicians, so you can learn more about what your treatment will involve, and what to expect from your results. 

Here at Contour Clinics, Slimming Injections are performed only by highly experienced and qualified Cosmetic Doctors and Senior Cosmetic Injectors, who are skilled and experienced in administering treatments with precision, skill and utmost safety. 

If you’re looking for a non-invasive body-sculpting solution, contact us online or call 1300 233 803 to arrange a free consult appointment. 

The Contour Clinics Advantage

All treatments at Contour Clinics are performed only by highly experienced, fully qualified and skilled clinicians, who treat each patient as an individual and will customise treatments to your unique requirements. 

Your Slimming Injections treatment at Contour Clinics comes with: 

  • Complimentary consultation and assessment for Slimming Injections 
  • Fully qualified, experienced and expert clinician performing your treatment 
  • Gold-standard TGA-approved product used, guaranteed 
  • Cutting-edge, industry-leading techniques used 
  • Natural-looking results
  • Complimentary follow-up appointment to review results 
  • Complimentary top-up, if required 

Talk to our friendly patient care team! We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our injectable slimming treatment. 

Book a consultation with us! Consultation at Contour Clinics is comprehensive, complimentary and obligation-free. 

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