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craniofacial hyperhidrosis Understanding Excessive Facial Sweating

Excessive sweating is a medical condition that’s clinically referred to as Hyperhidrosis.

Let’s break that down. The name simply means over-stimulated (hyper) sweating (hidrosis). 

It’s a reasonably common condition, affecting an estimated 3 in 100 people. 

It occurs when someone sweats when they don’t need or to, or it doesn’t make biological sense to. The purpose of sweat is to cool down the body. However, in hyperhidrosis, sweating occurs without any reason. 

Craniofacial hyperhidrosis refers specifically to excessive facial sweating. This is a condition that causes excessive perspiration of the head, face and scalp. 

In hyperhidrosis, the amount of sweat produced is more than the body needs for temperature regulation, causing noticeable sweatiness that can negatively impact your confidence. 

Producing excess sweat in any area of the body is uncomfortable but the face is a particularly challenging area in which to experience this condition – it’s near impossible to hide. This can be frustrating or make you uncomfortable in social situations. 

It can affect a person’s self-esteem, social life, professional life and how they present themself to the world. This can cause harm to their mental health, with many sufferers experiencing social anxiety due to self-consciousness, and this can lower a person’s quality of life. 

There is every reason to treat this condition; if it’s holding you back from living your life to the full, then it’s worth finding a solution. Everyone deserves to enjoy social interactions without anxiety or embarrassment. 

How does excessive facial sweating happen? Who does it affect, and why? 

There are two types of hyperhidrosis: 

  1. Primary focal hyperhidrosis is the most common type of hyperhidrosis. It occurs when excessive or extreme sweating is not related to another medical condition, or medication. 
  1. Secondary hyperhidrosis is when the hyperhidrosis is caused by a medical condition or use of a medication. 

Craniofacial hyperhidrosis, or excessive facial sweating, is caused by overstimulation of the eccrine glands. The eccrine glands are responsible for producing sweat. 

In most cases this doesn’t have any specific cause, although it can be hereditary. It can also be caused due to anxiety, substance abuse, menopause, hyperthyroidism or medications such as insulin. 

Excessive Facial Sweating Treatment Options

If you find that your face is frequently dripping with sweat, it’s a good idea to make an appointment with your GP. They can help determine if your sweating is due to a medical condition, which could be serious and require medical attention. 

If your GP finds that your sweating is not related to another medical condition, then cosmetic injectables for the treatment of excessive facial sweating could be your ideal solution. 

There are multiple treatment options available: 

  • Oral medications known as anticholinergics decrease sweating over your entire body. One, oxybutynin hydrochloride, is considered a first-line treatment for craniofacial sweating. The downside is that they may cause side effects such as constipation, urinary retention, dizziness and dry mouth. 
  • Sympathectomy is a procedure where some of the nerves triggering your sweat glands are cut, decreasing the signals for sweat production. It’s an invasive procedure that should be reserved for patients who react poorly to anticholinergics or any other treatment. 
  • Over-the-counter antiperspirants containing aluminium chloride. Some people prefer not to use products containing aluminium. 
  • Prescription antiperspirants containing aluminium chloride hexahydrate. These strong antiperspirants may be irritating to the sensitive skin of the face and head. You may want to ask your GP to recommend products that care for your skin alongside using this harsh type of antiperspirant. 
  • Oral medications known as beta blockers and benzodiazepines may block the physical signs of anxiety, such as sweating. This is not recommended for long-term use and should not be seen as a solution. 
  • Anti-wrinkle injections are used to relax and lessen the activity of nerves affecting the sweat glands. Once the injectable solution begins to work, this treatment can help reduce sweating in the treated area for months. 

the solution Cosmetic Injectables for Facial Sweating

Excessive sweating injections work by blocking the communication of sweat glands and the nerves causing their overactivity. 

The secretion of acetylcholine into the gap between the nerve and sweat gland is required for proper function of the gland. 

By using anti-wrinkle injectables, which act as a relaxant to inhibit the release of acetylcholine from the nerve terminals, we can prevent communication between the nerve and sweat gland. 

This is done by mapping out areas of problematic sweat glands during your consultation. Occasionally, we may decide to perform a starch-iodine test to clearly identify areas of particular concern. 

The blocking effects of these injections last for months but are temporary, so there’s no need for concern around permanent changes to your body. 

Having injections to treat excessive facial sweating is a simple, relatively comfortable and quick in-clinic treatment to have. Your treating clinician will apply numbing cream to the skin of the injection sites. The injection itself is brief and most people find it very straightforward and easy to receive. 

Directly afterwards, you will feel no different. Over the week that follows your treatment, you may notice the effects of your anti-sweating injections begin to take hold. 

However, full effects usually take place around two weeks following your treatment. You should notice a dramatic reduction in sweat production for the treated area, and this will lessen even further during the month following treatment. 

You can expect your anti-sweating treatment results to last for around 3–4 months, with most patients opting to maintain this with repeat treatments. 

Where You Can Book This Treatment

Contour Clinics provides treatment for excessive sweating at all our clinic locations; Newtown, Five Dock, Castle Hill and Miranda in Sydney, and Stones Corner in Brisbane. 

We welcome patients for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with one of our Cosmetic Doctors or Senior Cosmetic Injectors, so you can learn more about what your treatment will involve, and what to expect from your results. 

Here at Contour Clinics, treatment for excessive sweating is performed only by highly experienced and qualified Cosmetic Doctors and Senior Cosmetic Injectors, who are skilled and experienced in administering injectables with precision, skill and utmost safety. 

If you’re looking for a solution to excessive sweating, then contact us online or call 1300 233 803 to arrange a free consult appointment. 

The Contour Clinics Guarantee

All treatments at Contour Clinics are performed only by highly experienced, fully qualified and skilled clinicians, who treat each patient as an individual, tailoring treatment to your unique requirements.

Your treatment at Contour Clinics comes with:

  • Complimentary consultation with your Cosmetic Doctor or Senior Cosmetic Injector 
  • Fully qualified, experienced and knowledgeable clinician performing your treatment
  • Premium TGA-approved product used, guaranteed 
  • Gold standard, industry-leading techniques used 
  • Complimentary follow-up appointment to review results 
  • Complimentary top-up, if required 

Talk to our friendly patient care team! We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our treatments for excessive sweating. 

Book a consultation with us! Consultation at Contour Clinics is comprehensive, complimentary and obligation-free. 

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