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Prices and Specials

What would you pay for a natural facelifting result, with no downtime, minimal pain and performed by some of the most experienced thread lift practitioners in the country?

Here at Contour Clinics we are specialists in Thread face and neck lifting.

Affordable treatment options and packages to suit all budgets.

Prices and Specials

All consultations with our doctors are free of charge and obligation free.

The MOST popular procedure now at Contour Clinics. Perfect that outer brow and create the foxy eye look with the gold standard in thread lifting clinics, Contour Clinics.

In our opinion, MINT threads provide the greatest lifting capacity of all threads on the market. These are a minimal downtime, PDO barbed thread that can be used anywhere on the face or neck.

Longer lasting than PDO threads, with a need for lesser threads per treatment area.

All review appointments are complimentary with our cosmetic doctors.

Download our eBook The FIVE things you MUST know before undergoing a Thread Face Lift procedure

This eBook will guide you through the MUST know information prior to getting a Thread Lift. This book is packed with information most other clinics WON’T tell you. You will be armed with the questions you MUST ask your doctor prior to getting any Thread lift.

Don’t leave your facial aesthetics to chance.

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The Contour Clinics Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our guarantee. Choose the very best in Cosmetic Medicine.

Trust one of the most experienced clinics in Sydney when it comes to non-surgical face-lifting.

Every Thread lift treatment comes with:

  • A complimentary consultation, professional 3D facial photography and facial assessment.
  • Complimentary follow up appointments to review results.
  • Expert clinicians providing all treatments. All of our doctors have each performed hundreds of Thread lifts.
  • Treatments by doctors that have devoted their careers to the pursuit of excellence in Cosmetic Medicine
  • Guarantee that all threads used are TGA approved, and gold standard for the area requiring treatment.

Treatment Areas

Mid-face and cheeks

Restore the mid-face “triangle of youth” without the need for surgery by immediately repositioning sagging mid face tissues. This is the future of face-lifting and can be done with minimal pain, no scalpels and no downtime. Results improve overtime as new collagen fibres surround the threads causing an ongoing lift and firmness.

Non-surgical thread lift

Before and After

48 year old female

Mid-face and Jawline Silhouette soft threads

Before and After

49 year old female

Mid-face and Eyebrow lift with threads

Before and After

63 years old

Mid-face and Jawline lift with threads

Before and After

50 years old

Mid-face lift with threads

Before and After

50 years old

Mid-face lift with threads

Before and After

60 years old

Neck lift with silhouette soft threads

Before and After

45 years old

Mid-face thread lift

Before and After

56 years old

Mid-face and Eyebrow thread-lift

Before and After

Thread lifting performed in the jaw area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas can be treated with a Silhouette Soft Face Lift?

Threads can be used to target many problem areas of facial ageing including:

  • Jawline and jowls
  • Browlift
  • Defining cheeks
  • Lifting nasolabial folds
  • Contouring neck laxity

How are Silhouette Soft Thread face lifts performed?

After your complimentary consultation with one of our Cosmetic Physicians, local anaesthetic is delivered to the treatment area via ultra-fine needle. This ensures minimal discomfort during placement of the Silhouette Soft Threads. Threads are then introduced to the subcutaneous tissues, where there are no nerve endings. These are then positioned to exit just behind the hairline. Threads are then pulled until the desired facial lift is achieved. The ends are then trimmed, with no evidence of their placement visible post procedure.

Will there be any pain associated with the procedure?

There is minimal discomfort associated with thread-lifting. Speak to your Cosmetic Physician about stronger pain management options at your complimentary consultation if this is a concern for you.

How long until results are visible?

Results are visible immediately and continue to improve up until 6 weeks when the full results take effect.

How long does a Silhouette Soft Face lift last?

The results last at least 18 months. Most patients however will notice results out to approximately 3 years.

What are the potential risks associated with Silhouette Soft Threads?

In our expert hands, the risk of side effects is minimal. This is especially true if sterile technique is strictly adhered to and post-operative care instructions are closely followed. Uncommonly, you may experience redness or puckering. These will both resolve with time. If redness does not resolve, worsens or you develop fevers please call us immediately.

How is a Thread Lift Performed?

Thread-lifting is a minimally invasive, quick, no-downtime alternative to a surgical facelift. This treatment can contour the jawline, cheeks, brow and neck for a rejuvenated youthful appearance. In this video, Dr David Ong explains how this treatment is performed and what to expect afterwards.

Thread Lift with David Ong

"This is the best my face has ever looked." Our patient Thalia is looking to soften her nasolabial folds and contour/lift her cheeks, chin and jawline. To achieve Thalia's desired look, Dr David Ong performs a Thread Lifting treatment. Using absorbable threads placed just below the skin, they will continue to stimulate collagen production creating a lasting lifting effect and softening the lines for a rejuvenated youthful appearance.

Advantages of Threadlift over Facelift

Have you considered a facelift, but concerned about scarring, the expensive costs of surgery and downtime? Did you know that their are other options available to regain a youthful facial contour? Here, Dr David Ong discusses the advantages of a Thread Lift treatment over a surgical Facelift and who could be suitable for this treatment.

Who is suitable for a threadlift?

Dr David Ong discusses suitable candidates for a threadlift treatment.

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Recent Reviews

Mia D Dec 20, 2020

The absolute best in Sydney. I would not go anywhere else to get anything done. Everyone I have encountered at this clinic has been so extremely warm and professional and put in so much time and effort to truly achieve your desired outcome. Can’t recommend this place enough, do not waste your money elsewhere.

Amanda K Feb 1, 2021

First time at Contour Clinics and was very happy with the whole experience. Easy to find, easy to park, friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommend and will be a regular from now on.

Rekka P Jan 20, 2021

Very happy with my experience at Contour Clinics Newtown. Everyone was so friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable during my treatment. Dr Josh made me feel so comfortable. I am so happy. I’ll definitely be back!

* Testimonials are from satisfied customers, results may vary. We offer complementary 1:1 consultations to understand your specific requirements before commencing treatment.


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