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Before & After

Forehead Filler – before and after 1mL of premium dermal filler

Dermal Filler: Prices & Specials in Sydney

At Contour Clinics, we only use premium range, TGA-approved dermal filler. Dermal filler to the forehead costs $1,100 per mL. The cost of the treatment owes to the advanced nature of this procedure. Only the most experienced injectors in the country are comfortable in administering treatments in this area of the face. A consultation with one of our expert cosmetic doctors will allow for an accurate determination of how much filler is required to achieve your desired results.

Forehead Dermal Filler with Contour Clinics

As a doctor-led clinic, Contour Clinics are the Sydney experts in advanced cosmetic injectables using only premium TGA-approved dermal fillers. Choosing the right clinic is crucial for your results, and with lasting effects, you want to be sure that yours will be done right. You can choose Contour Clinics with confidence, and with our holistic approach, you can look forward to your natural beauty being enhanced without the need for surgery.

The forehead is one of the first places to age in the face and shows the most obvious signs with fine lines and wrinkles. This is caused by the continued contraction of muscles in the forehead over the years. With ageing, you will also begin to notice the brows and eyelids may begin to drop down as a result of gravity effects on the forehead as well as concavities caused by volume loss. Genetics also plays a role in the forehead contour, with some of our patients experiencing volume loss, or contour irregularities in the forehead from a young age.

Many patients in their 40s and 50s benefit from this treatment to reduce signs of ageing and rejuvenate their facial aesthetic by achieving a youthful glow from the dermal filler.

However, those in their 20s and 30s can also benefit from this treatment to achieve facial symmetry as forehead fillers have also become a popular method to contour the forehead.

One may look to contour or correct the shape of their forehead due to:

  • Bony ridges, bossing of the brow or an overly rounded forehead
  • A concave or sloped forehead resulting in an uneven facial profile
  • Hollowing at the temples due to ageing or weight loss
  • An overly masculine or feminine forehead

The treatment involves administering premium dermal filler made up of hyaluronic acid (HA), a gel-like substance that is naturally found in our bodies, into areas of the forehead which require additional volume.

How Do Dermal Fillers in the Forehead Work?

Dermal filler for the forehead is made up of a gel-like substance called hyaluronic acid (HA) that is found naturally in our bodies.

In this area of the face we prefer a medium thickness filler with favourable viscoelastic properties. This allows for adequate volumisation, without limiting necessary movement.

When dermal filler for the forehead is strategically placed into the subcutaneous layer of your forehead, HA adds volume and hydrates your skin cells, allowing the forehead to look smooth and rejuvenated. Revolumisation to the forehead provides resistance to skin creasing, brow support and can smooth any irregularity in forehead contour giving you a more youthful aesthetically pleasing look.

At Contour Clinics, our expert Sydney clinicians will inject your forehead with dermal filler through a cannula. The forehead is a more advanced place to inject, owing to the rich blood supply of the forehead. To avoid these blood vessels, at Contour Clinics we only employ the use of blunt cannulae in treating this part of the face. This significantly improves the safety, as well as allowing a more precise placement of dermal filler for the most aesthetic cosmetic results.

The ingredients within our premium range of dermal fillers assist your skin in absorbing water, giving you an instant refreshed look. The injections are positioned to align with the overall shape and structure of your face for natural results.

Results are seen instantly. The product can take a couple of weeks to metabolise after treatment during which your skin will continue to smooth out while the dermal fillers begin to stimulate the injected area for maximum results. During this, your skin will also begin to produce natural collagen.

The Benefits of Forehead Filler Sydney

Forehead Dermal Filler carries many benefits when it comes to improving the shape of the forehead. The treatment is beneficial to patients of all ages and can help those concerned with:

  • Signs of ageing by reducing the appearance of static lines and wrinkles on the forehead by plumping out the skin and creating a smoother surface.
  • Restoring volume to sunken forehead features. This can help to improve one’s side profile and improve the overall forehead aesthetic.
  • Dermal filler also assists in correcting overall facial harmony by targeting any concavities, or contour irregularities in the forehead.
  • It is also a great option to fill recessed scarring.
  • Rehydrating tired, aged skin as the hyaluronic acid helps the skin absorb water which instantly rejuvenates your skin.

While anti-wrinkle treatments generally last between 2 to 3 months, forehead filler can last for 12-24 months depending on the individual. Dermal filler can also be used in combination with anti-wrinkle treatments, as advised by your clinician, to produce the best possible results in restoring and freshening your facial aesthetic.

Personalised Dermal Filler with Contour Clinics

At Contour Clinics, we pride ourselves in providing tailored and personalised approaches to each individual treatment plan. With our complimentary consultations, our expert clinicians will provide you with a full facial assessment to determine what treatment is best for you.

Each patient has their own unique facial profile and aesthetic, and according to the shape of your forehead and full face, our medical professional will discuss with you to find the right volume of dermal filler to align with your goals.

The Contour Clinics Guarantee

Dermal Filler Safety

Immediately after your Dermal Filler treatment, we advise you not to touch your face and avoid physical exercise to allow your filler to settle in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. It is recommended to avoid any excessive pressure on the forehead that may hinder your filler from settling in the right places.

Expected side effects include mild bruising, swelling or itching. This generally settles 3 to 4 days after your treatment. We also advise avoiding smoking and alcohol until the swelling and bruising go down as it can lengthen the recovery period.

Administered incorrectly, fillers can cause bumps and inflammation, which is why it is vital that you only consult licenced medical professionals when you are considering cosmetic procedures. Contour Clinic was established by award winning doctors who specialise in cosmetic medicine and are exceptionally qualified to safely administer all of our treatments.

  • When choosing a cosmetic clinic, ensure you are paying for a result, not just a treatment. Your satisfaction and safety are our only concerns. Your visit to Contour Clinics is an experience. Here at Contour Clinics, you will be treated to:
  • Complimentary consultation with Australia's leading and among the most experienced Cosmetic injectors
  • Premium TGA approved dermal fillers, expertly placed at our accredited facilities
  • Full facial assessment with professional photography
  • Complimentary skin assessment with our expert dermal therapy team
  • Complimentary follow up appointment to review results

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dermal Fillers Safe for My Forehead?

Yes. Dermal fillers are prescription-only products and are considered safe to be used on the forehead, but side effects can occur. That’s why at Contour Clinics, we assure that licenced clinicians perform all dermal filler treatments using only premium, TGA-approved fillers.

Can I Get Dermal Fillers While Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Dermal fillers are not recommended during breastfeeding or pregnancy.

There are no data supporting their safety during breastfeeding or pregnancy. Hence, we recommend not undergoing cosmetic injectables when either pregnant or breastfeeding.

Do Forehead Dermal Fillers Hurt?

There is usually minimal discomfort when it comes to dermal filler treatments. Our doctors and nurses are highly trained and skilled in their techniques and assure your comfort when performing any treatments. Numbing cream can be placed prior to any treatment. Also, our premium brands of dermal fillers have local anaesthetic within them to increase the comfort of your treatment.

For patients who feel anxious, have lower pain tolerance, or merely just want a more comfortable injectables experience, happy gas (nitrous oxide) is available at each Contour Clinics to reduce any discomfort.

What Precautions Should I Take Before My Treatment?

It is important to visit an experienced medical practitioner for any of your dermal filler treatments. Prior to the procedure, a consultation is highly recommended to determine whether forehead filler is the most appropriate treatment for you and to take any risks and costs into consideration. At Contour Clinics, we offer complementary treatments to assure this and assist you in achieving your desired results.

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