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Face and neck Collagen Stimulating Injections

Restore volume and tightness to sagging facial skin. If you are concerned that your facial structures aren’t as plump, tight or contoured as they once were, our gold standard collagen stimulating injections may be right for you.

Facial ageing is a multifactorial process that affects multiple facial layers including:

  • Bone loss and remodelling leading to loss of structural support, creating an aged look
  • Facial fat atrophy and redistribution leads to facial hollowing and accumulation in areas such as the jowls
  • Dermal ageing and collagen loss leading to sagging lax skin

Collagen stimulating injections induce renewal of facial collagen fibres to tone and lift problem facial areas. Over time, these injections provide a significant increase in skin volume and tightness.


  • Treatments take up to 30 minutes, with no downtime post procedure.
  • Costs $650 per ml. View full cost breakdown
  • Results are immediate, continue to improve out to 6 months and can last for up to 4 years depending on product selected.
  • Treat cheeks, temples, forehead, brow, jawline, lines around the mouth, nose shape, chin and jowls.
*Disclaimer - Results may vary from patient to patient.

Before and After

This lady was suffering from deep facial lines and wrinkles and a sagging mid and lower face. These had contributed to an undefined and un-contoured jawline.

These results were seen 3 months post injection with our favourite product, which is a combination of biostimulator and dermal filler.

Before and After

This lady was concerned about deepening nano-labial folds, upper and mid-face sagging and a weak chin.

Targeted injections with a filler/biostimulator combination product created dramatic results 3 months after a single treatment.

Before and After

This lady noticed worsening sunken cheeks, which were contributing to the deepening of the folds running from her nose to the corners of her mouth.


3 months after a single session of biostimulator injections, she was very pleased with her results.

Before and After

Worsening fine and deep wrinkles, marionette lines and nasolabial folds were making this lady look older than she felt.


3 months post treatment she noticed a dramatic improvement in her skin texture and tone, along with an overall soothing of facial lines.


Before and After

This lady presented with a drooping mid-face and worsening smile lines.


3 months after filler/biostimulator combination injections she looks 10 years younger.

*Disclaimer - Results may vary from patient to patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are collagen stimulating injections?

Collagen stimulating injections are composed of a biodegradable material called Poly-L-Lactic acid. Once delivered to the area of concern, these injections create an intense collagen stimulating reaction causing skin thickening, tightening, and volumisation of aged facial areas. Over the course of several months a network of new collagen fibres are laid down, filling hollows and creating a soft natural feel to facial tissues.

What ageing processes are collagen stimulating injections targeting?

The appearance of tired, hollow and sagging facial features is a complex mix of changes in bone, fat and skin architecture. Structural bone loss is repaired by targeted injections to areas of bone resorption, lifting and volumising these hollows. Fat loss and redistribution is targeted by delivery of collagen stimulators into deflated fat compartments stimulating plumping of tissues and revitalisation of facial fat pads. By delivering collagen stimulators into the subdermal layers, tired skin is restored to its once youthful tone.


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This is the best clinic I’ve ever been to. They are lovely, explain everything to you and are very gentle. I can highly recommend this clinic

Jordan D May 26, 2019

I cannot fault Contour Clinics. From the service at reception to getting the procedure done, my experience was absolutely amazing. Dr Josh was so professional, honest and friendly. He made me very comfortable. I am so happy. I’ll definitely be back!

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