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Face and neck Jawline Sculpting

Jawline sculpting with dermal fillers is a popular non-surgical option for men and women wanting to enhance the contour of their jawline or jowls.  The most common reasons our patients enquire about jawline treatments are:

  • To strengthen and contour a non-defined “weak” jaw
  • Contouring of dreaded jowls
  • Adding volume to jawlines that have lost structural support due to ageing
  • Increasing jawline volume anywhere from the chin to the ear
  • Correcting jawline asymmetry

These concerns are easily treated with our premium range of TGA approved dermal fillers.
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Jawline Contouring, Chin Sculpting & Fillers in Sydney

Demand for chin fillers at our Sydney clinic is increasingly rising. However, it’s easy to comprehend why a sculpted jawline is such a treasured feature for our patients. Your chin and jawline is one of the most significant features which define the structure of your face. A well-defined jawline is also synonymous with a fresh, youthful, healthy appearance. Sculpting the jaw or chin can therefore have quite a dramatic impact in changing the overall appearance of your face and neck.

Why Consider Jawline or Chin Sculpting?

For some patients, the desire to sculpt their chin or jawline is because they are not happy with the one they were born with – a sharp jawline or a particularly pointy chin that is out of proportion with their face for example. For many others, the desire to sculpt their jaw or chin is due to signs of ageing. Some of the core signs of ageing are a sunken jawline, fatty deposits forming a double chin and loose skin around the jawline and chin.

Here at Contour Clinics, the leading specialists in jawline contouring Sydney wide, we offer a number of treatments to completely restore and achieve a revitalised appearance – all of which are non-surgical treatments!

Jawline vs. Chin Sculpting: Key Differences Explained

Chin sculpting and jawline contouring are not to be considered one of the same. Both of these treatments are intended to address different specific goals.

Chin Sculpting

For chin sculpting, the core objective is typically to tackle and eliminate the appearance of a double chin. Double chins can come about due to a number of reasons. A double chin is caused by an extra layer of fat that develops beneath the chin and is a common result of ageing. However, a double chin can occur earlier life too as a result of diet, and genetics. Our practitioners tackle double chins by using fat-dissolving injections which destroy the fact cells permanently, leaving a defined chin contour.

Another objective of chin sculpting is to plump up the appearance of non-prominent or retracted chins, adding a greater balance to the structure of the face. To achieve this, our team utilise premium TGA approved dermal fillers to add the precise level of plumpness and volume the patient desires.

Jawline Sculpting

Our jawline sculpting treatments focus specifically on plumping and restoring the appearance of the jawline and jowls, which can become sunken due to ageing or which may be not be naturally asymmetrical. Using our premium range of TGA approved dermal fillers, we can increase jawline volume anywhere from the chin to the ear. Staffed with some of the most experienced practitioners in jawline fillers Sydney wide, Contour Clinics have the skills and expertise to contour your jawline precisely the way you desire – with fast, effective, lasting results, without surgery.

Book a Jawline Contouring or Chin Sculpting Consultation Today

Your journey to the perfect jawline starts with a consultation with the expert team at our TGA regulated cosmetic clinic in Sydney. Book an appointment online via our website or call (02) 9712 4599. Our expert team are ready and waiting to hear about your objectives and talk through the potential treatment options and results you could achieve.
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  • Treatments take approximately 30 minutes.
  • Prices start from $600. View full cost breakdown
  • Results are seen immediately and last from 6-24 months depending on filler consistency and individual patient characteristics.
*Disclaimer - Results may vary from patient to patient.

What is Jawline filler?

Jawline sculpting with dermal filler is one of the most popular treatments at Contour Clinics. It is the perfect way to enhance a sagging jawline, assist with the appearance of jowls, correct asymmetry, create profile harmonisation by restoring facial balance, define the face from the neck, strengthen a weak jaw/chin and restore structure in an ageing jawline.


Sculpting the lower face is often a multifaceted process involving:

  1. Contouring the jawline and chin with dermal fillers
  2. Removing under chin fat with coolsculpting or fat dissolving injections
  3. Chin augmentation with dermal fillers or collagen stimulating injections
  4. Facial slimming injections
  5. Jawline sharpening with the Nefertiti neck lift
  6. Jawline thread lifting to sharpen and reduce jowling

The perfect Jawline can often be achieved with one of the above options. Although, our perfectionist patients will often opt to target multiple treatment options to achieve their jawline goals.


Contour Clinic Jawline Packages

Jawline and Chin Enhancement package
For those who want to take selfies from any angle with confidence. Strengthen the chin, create a sharp jawline, and define the face from the neck.
4ml for $1800
Normally $2400
Jawline Sculpting Package ( Coolsculpting + Dermal Filler)
For those who want a tighter + slimmer under chin region, while sharpening the jawline.
One coolmini session, and 2 mls filler $1550
Normally this would be priced at $1750
Two coolmini sessions and 2mls of filler $1750.
Normally this would be priced at $2600. This package is ideal for those with a little extra bulk under the chin, and a desire for a crisp jawline.
Sweetheart package (Facial slimming + chin filler)
For those wanting a feminine, heart shaped visage. This package includes Masseter slimming injections (70 units product A) plus 1 ml chin filler.
normally this would be $1550

How to Get a Sharp Jawline

Dr Josh runs us through how to get a sharp Jawline using dermal fillers.


Before and After

Before and After 4ml Jawline filler to make a sharper more masculine jawline

Before and After

Before and after female jawline filler to create a sharper more defined jawline

Before and After

Before and After 3ml of filler to jawline and chin

Before and after

Said (AKA ‘Chestbrah’) came in to improve the aesthetic of his Jawline. A combination of cool sculpting and 7-8ml of dermal filler to shape the lower face aesthetic gave him, as he would put it “the jawline of the gods”

Before and After

Before and after 2ml total jawline filler.

*Disclaimer - Results may vary from patient to patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do dermal fillers work to sculpt the jawline?

Dermal fillers add volume to the jawline anywhere from the chin to the ear. They can create a strong jaw angle, augment a weak chin, or smooth jowls by filling the pre-jowl sulcus (i.e. area in front of the jowl). Also, as we age, our jaw and its surrounding soft tissues slowly start to waste away. This loss of facial support structures contributes to a drawn facial appearance, and an aged appearance of the neck. Replacing this loss with dermal fillers revitalises the face, allowing to patients to maintain a youthful appearance.

Will Jawline fillers work for rounder faces?

Rounder faces can present a challenge for jawline contouring. Often we recommend treatment of under chin fat to sculpt this area prior to sharpening the jawline.

The answer to this question depends on individual differences in facial structure. Come in for a free consultation or send us a picture below for a online opinion from our doctors.

Will Jawline filler work for a long face?

YES! This type of face is perfect for Jawline filler. By squaring off the jaw and chin in men, we can create a squarer, more masculine appearance to the long, oval shaped face.

Female long faces also benefit from a sharpening of the jawline, creating a sharp definition between the cheek and neck, whilst maintaining feminine facial contours.

Does Jawline Filler help a Double chin?

Yes. Often placing jawline/chin filler can significantly improve the appearance of a double chin. Extending the chin causes a change in the angle that under chin fat sits. This almost always makes it appear much less prominent.

Combining jawline fillers with under chin fat sculpting (Coolsculpting or under chin fat dissolving injections) is a very popular choice. This provides an amazing jawline and under chin contour that gives you the confidence to take selfies from any angle.

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This is the best clinic I’ve ever been to. They are lovely, explain everything to you and are very gentle. I can highly recommend this clinic

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I cannot fault Contour Clinics. From the service at reception to getting the procedure done, my experience was absolutely amazing. Dr Josh was so professional, honest and friendly. He made me very comfortable. I am so happy. I’ll definitely be back!

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