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At Contour Clinics, you will be treated by a team of experienced, highly regarded doctors, nurses and clinicians, who will lead you on your treatment journey.

We are focused on a holistic approach to cosmetic medicine, and will develop an individualised treatment plan to suit your goals and unique requirements.

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We're Different

Your cosmetic concerns will be addressed with the latest technology and techniques in mind. We are at the forefront of non-surgical cosmetic treatment developments and have a culture of education and ongoing professional development.

The Clinic You Can Trust

You can be assured that your treatments will be carried out by experienced, trusted medical professionals. We are a doctor-led cosmetic clinic, where all treatments are performed by an experienced and qualified medical professional.

Meet the team

Dr. Josh Wall

Medical Director, MBBS (Dux/Distinction) BPysc (Hons) MED0001950710

Dr. Josh Wall graduated top of his medical school class from the University of Wollongong with a high distinction average, winning prizes in Women’s Health, Psychiatry, Surgery, Paediatrics and Anatomy.

Dr. Wall excels in all forms of non-surgical cosmetic medicine, including cosmetic aesthetics, volumising treatments, bio-stimulation, body sculpting, mole removal, and dermal laser to treat all forms of skin complaints.

As the Medical Director of Contour Clinics, Dr. Wall fosters a culture of education and continued professional development. He is a key opinion leader and faculty member at Allergan, and a head national trainer for one of the world’s leading cosmetic aesthetics education courses at Derma Medical. Dr. Wall is also a key opinion leader and global advisory board member for Cynosure, and a key opinion leader for MINT threads.

Dr. Wall has also been published in multiple peer-reviewed scientific journals, has made numerous guest appearances on TV’s Studio 10, and is regularly quoted by leading publications and websites including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, WHO, Grazia, and

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Mike Canizales


Mike is a global C-suite executive who boasts a 20-year track record of scaling high-growth and PE-backed companies. He has notable expertise in global human capital, organisational development, total rewards design, and talent acquisition and has scaled businesses across 50 countries.

Mike’s noteworthy achievements include elevating startups in AgTech and Health and Wellness as an CEO and Change Agent. As Microsoft International’s top executive in Australia, he played a pivotal role in a successful joint venture with PBL.

Subsequently, Mike founded and scaled a US$40M revenue company, secured US$50M in institutional growth capital, and secured US$200M in real estate development deals while partnering with brands including LVMH, Samsung, and Waldorf Astoria, together opening 26 award-winning locations across the globe.

Additionally, Mike guided a building products manufacturer and installer to US$100M in B2B sales to top architects and general contractors in the US.

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Dr. Scott Horsburgh

Cosmetic Doctor, MBBS GradCertSpMed BN FRACGP AMA (M) MED0000954670

Dr Scott Horsburgh heads our Brisbane clinic, located at Stones Corner in Queensland.

Dr Scott completed his medical studies at the University of Queensland, successfully gaining a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, and is certified in Skin Cancer Surgery. Preceding this, Dr Scott trained and worked as a Registered Nurse in Australia. He is an experienced GP with a Fellowship from the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

Dr Scott is an experienced trainer who has been involved in representing reputable aesthetic providers in teaching practitioners various foundation and advanced clinical skills.

His involvement with Derma Medical is to bring increased standards of aesthetic training to Australia, enabling delegates to train in line with UK-regulated standardised landmarks.

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Dr. Robert Laidlaw

Cosmetic Doctor, MBBS MED0001678014

Dr Robert Laidlaw is an esteemed cosmetic doctor with over a decade of experience, currently at the forefront of the new Castle Hill clinic.

His remarkable medical journey commenced with a tenure as a Neurosurgery Doctor at Royal North Shore Hospital, laying a solid foundation in surgical precision and patient care. Dr. Laidlaw’s academic prowess is highlighted by his successful completion of the rigorous surgical science examinations conducted by the Royal College of Surgeons

Known for his commitment to natural-looking cosmetic results, Dr Laidlaw combines his surgical acumen with cutting-edge technology to offer bespoke treatments. His dual expertise in cosmetic medicine and health technology makes him a leader in both domains, enhancing patient experiences at the Castle Hill clinic through innovation and knowledge.

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Dr. Fane Hu

Cosmetic Doctor MED0002011759

An Australian-trained doctor from Queensland, Dr Fane graduated in the top 15% of his medical school cohort, with a range of accolades.

Dr. Fane has worked with many internationally recognised expert doctors both at home and abroad, and is a national trainer and teaching instructor with Derma Medical, one of the leading Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine institutions in the world.

He has a keen interest in non-invasive procedures, with an emphasis on facial aesthetic treatments that utilise volumisation, smoothing, and bio-stimulation.

Dr. Fane is committed to ensuring a detailed and collaborative approach to your treatment experience in clinic. He is fluent in English and Mandarin.

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Dr. Martiane Bersano

Cosmetic Doctor, Consultant General Practitioner MBBS RACGP MED0001938143

Dr. Martiane Bersano is an Australian-trained doctor with years of GP experience. She graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).

Dr. Martiane excels in non-surgical cosmetic procedures for rejuvenation of the face and skin, through treatments that provide smoothing, lifting, reshaping and defining effects. She is passionate about facial harmonisation and has an intensive knowledge of facial anatomy.

Dr. Martiane provides her patients with a safe and comfortable clinic experience, using different techniques and protocols for each individual’s concerns and goals. She is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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Dr. Honda Ko

Cosmetic Doctor, BMedSci (Hon I) Usyd, MD UNDS, PhD (Medicine) Usyd MED0001866420

With over a decade of experience in the field and thousands of clients, Dr Honda Ko is a skilled Cosmetic Doctor who focuses on cosmetic aesthetics for the face.

Dr Honda has meticulous attention to detail, tailoring each individual’s treatment plan to ensure optimal results and exceptional quality outcomes. He maintains up-to-date knowledge of all treatments, technologies and techniques, and attends regular seminars. He is committed to delivering the best service in the field.

Dr Honda undertook his surgical training in metropolitan and rural hospitals in NSW Australia. He is very passionate about cosmetic medicine and has continued to have extensive training with Dr Arthur Swift in New York, USA, and also with other well-known surgeons around the globe from Korea, Taiwan, America and Australia.

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Dr. Jean-Paul Chung

Cosmetic Doctor, MBBS, M Trauma MED0002085799

Dr Jean-Paul Chung is an Australian-trained doctor who has spent a number of years working in various surgical fields including orthopaedics and plastic surgery.

His strong surgical background has fostered a keen eye for precision with meticulous attention to detail, and the blend of medicine and artistry drew him to a career in cosmetic medicine.

Dr Jean-Paul strives to deliver the best outcomes for his patients through a personalised and collaborative approach. He believes in a thorough consultation to assess and understand your specific needs.

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Dr. Daiana Baragan

Cosmetic Doctor, MBBS MED0002148322

Dr. Daiana Baragan is a highly skilled Cosmetic Doctor with a background spanning years of general medicine and surgical training in Australia and overseas.

Her skills and expertise enables her to safely perform advanced cosmetic treatments. She has an excellent eye for aesthetics and provides patient-centred care with the most up-to-date techniques.

Dr. Daiana brings a truly holistic approach to every one of her patients, and will work with you to create a personalised treatment plan that meets your requirements.

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Dr. Jamie Addlestone

Cosmetic Doctor, General Practitioner MBChB, FRACGP, MRCGP, MRes MED0002016613

Dr Jamie Addlestone is a UK-trained doctor, with nearly a decade of experience working in various medical and surgical practices in London and Australia.

He is a fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners in both the UK and Australia, and is an experienced emergency medicine doctor. He is also an educator for training in cosmetic aesthetics.

Dr Jamie provides a holistic approach to overall patient care and well-being, and has a particular interest in treatments for the face using cosmetic aesthetics, bio-stimulation, and treatments for facial volume and structure.

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Dr. Kitty Gayed

Cosmetic Doctor, MBBS MED0002081485

Dr Kitty Gayed graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery from James Cook University in 2016.

Dr Gayed is an Australian-trained doctor with postgraduate years and experience in fields such as general surgery, orthopaedic surgery, and emergency medicine. Dr Gayed has successfully obtained her Generic Surgical Sciences Examination Certificate as well as having a number of publications presented at annual scientific meetings across Australia.

She believes in keeping up to date with the latest technologies and techniques, and developing relationships with her patients based on honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Dr Gayed finds enjoyment in performing non-invasive cosmetic treatments that allow her to incorporate her surgical skills and medical expertise for optimum patient results.

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Dr. Alina Nasir

Cosmetic Doctor MED0002350481

Dr. Alina Nasir has over a decade of experience. She is originally from Pakistan, where she completed her medical degree and Fellowship entrance exam in General Surgery. In 2016, Dr. Alina moved to Australia, where she fell in love with cosmetic medicine.

Having a surgical background and an artistic predisposition, Dr. Alina creates tailored treatment plans for her patients whilst expertly respecting facial anatomy.

Dr Alina has sought the best teaching practitioners around the world to further her expertise, and has attended numerous professional training events.

She is also a member of Aesthetic MET (Medical Emergency Team); has planned and initiated governance and safety compliance in previous clinics; and taught and supervised the prevention and management of complications.

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Dr. Sofia Lim

Cosmetic Doctor, MBBS MED0002048878

Dr. Sofia Lim has over a decade of experience in the medical and surgical field, and is certified by the Royal Australasian College of Surgery (RACS) for Generic Surgical Science.

She brings her surgical precision, medical expertise, and keen eye for aesthetics as valuable assets to the world of cosmetic medicine, where she provides tailored, high-quality treatments.

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Dr. Francesco Fascetti

Cosmetic Doctor, MBBS MED0001830559

Italian-born in Rome, homeland of some of the world’s greatest artists and sculptors, Dr. Francesco developed an eye for beauty early in life.

Dr. Francesco counts many years of experience in Italy and Australia across several medical and surgical fields, including emergency, orthopaedics and general practice. In following his passion for aesthetics, he has spent almost a decade focusing exclusively on cosmetic medicine and surgery.

As an experienced, skilled and empathetic practitioner, Dr. Francesco is dedicated to achieving outstanding results from treatments carefully tailored to each of his patients.

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Dr. Kathy Robinson

Cosmetic Doctor (MBBS, MSc, MForensMed, FACLM) MED0001399354

Dr Kathy Robinson has worked for over 25 years as a doctor in Queensland, with experience in pathology, intensive care medicine, legal medicine and clinical toxicology.

She has an excellent eye for aesthetics and provides client-centred care with the most up-to-date techniques, taking a multifaceted, evidence-based approach to assisting patients in achieving their aesthetic goals.

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Mary Chigwidden

Head Cosmetic Nurse, Bachelor of Nursing, AACMS NMW0001292435

Mary Chigwidden is our Head Cosmetic Nurse and a Co-Founder of Contour Clinics.

A qualified practitioner with over 15 years of nursing experience, Mary is a qualified Cosmetic Nurse through the Australia Academy of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery and this is where her real passion lies. She is dedicated to providing her patients with quality treatments with the highest level of patient care and service.

Her ability to provide her patients with unbiased aesthetic facial analysis is unparalleled and her patients love her radical candour, gentle touch and warm personality.

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Lauren Hirschfield

Senior Cosmetic Nurse, Master of Nursing B Psyc, AACMS NMW0001808374

Originally from Canada, Lauren moved to Australia to complete her Masters in Nursing.

With over a decade of experience in nursing, Lauren brings a wealth of knowledge to Contour Clinics from working as an intensive care nurse. She completed her qualifications at the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS), expanding her capabilities in aesthetic medicine.

A highly skilled and knowledgeable Cosmetic Nurse, Lauren prides herself on listening to your concerns and aesthetic goals, and recommending a personalised treatment plan that suits your unique requirements.

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Sharmila Sapkota

Senior Cosmetic Nurse, Bachelor of Nursing NMW0001960739

Sharmila comes to Contour Clinics with years of nursing experience, having worked in Medical, Neurology and Cosmetic Medicine.

Sharmila became a qualified Cosmetic Nurse in 2017 after completing studies through the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic and Dermal Science. She is highly experienced and adept in a variety of aesthetic treatments, and has a passion for modalities that treat wrinkles, volume, and cosmetic structure.

A consult with Sharmila involves a a tailored approach that focuses on your unique goals, suitability and desired outcomes.

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Ashley Nassif

Senior Cosmetic Nurse NMW0002444983

With a passion for aesthetics and the commitment and drive to help her patients feel well-informed and guided, Ashley focuses on expert anatomical analysis to provide excellent outcomes.

Ashely provides a wide variety of aesthetic treatments to address volume loss, shape and contouring, as well as reducing the appearance of fine or deep lines.

The lower third of the face is an area that Ashley loves to treat using a combination of modalities for facial contouring, and she excels in performing treatments that combat skin laxity, augment volume, address signs of ageing, and modify structure.

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Katrina Snowdon

Senior Cosmetic Nurse NMW0002335093

Katrina brings value to the team with years of experience as a Cosmetic Nurse, as well as a background in skin and laser therapies.

She loves to take a holistic approach when treating and consulting with her patients and understands the importance of a good skincare routine to complement other aesthetic treatments.

Katrina is passionate about providing her patients with treatments that focus on facial structure and lift, as well as modalities that soften and smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

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Renata Pinto

Senior Cosmetic Nurse

Renata is a highly-skilled Registered Nurse and Clinical Nurse with experience in Emergency and Cosmetic nursing.

She is passionate about aesthetics and has extensive knowledge of skin and facial anatomy, with over eight years of nursing experience.

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Margeaux Daly

Senior Cosmetic Nurse NMW0001944169

Margeaux is a Registered Nurse who began her career in intensive care before transitioning to the cosmetic industry. She has worked with several facial cosmetic surgeons in both injectables and surgery where she acquired top-level skills in facial aesthetics whilst working closely alongside the surgeons.

Gaining a reputation for consistently delivering excellent patient education, support and clinical care, her patient-centric skills bring out the best in our clients.

“I love seeing how much more happy and confident clients feel after their treatment – it’s one of the most rewarding parts of my job,” she says. Margeaux’s favourite treatments to perform are dermal fillers for the the mid-face area, for their natural and quick results that make a big differences.

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Aline Castro

Senior Cosmetic Nurse NMW0001828913

Aline has 20 years of Intensive Care experience. In pursuit of her longtime passion for aesthetics, she completed the Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing and Injectables at the Australasian  Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science.

A highly qualified aesthetic nurse, Aline is fully trained in the administration of cometic injectables including anti-wrinkle, fat dissolving, dermal fillers, skin boosters, PDO threads and biostimulators.

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Emma Te Brake

Senior Cosmetic Nurse NMW0002198358

New Zealander Emma has worked as a Registered Nurse for seven years in New Zealand and Australia within Emergency and Intensive Care units, and has completed postgraduate studies in health sciences and emergency nursing.

Emma’s favourite treatments are to the mid and lower face, where she excels in creating a subtle yet natural appearance by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Her work takes great focus on providing facial support and structure to maintain a youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

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Ivy Lin

Senior Cosmetic Nurse, Master of Nursing, Bachelor Nutrition Science NMW0002332991

Ivy is a Senior Cosmetic Nurse at our Stones Corner clinic in Brisbane.

Now several years into her medical career in the field of cosmetic medicine, Ivy graduated from the University of Queensland with a Master’s Degree in Nursing.

Bringing this experience along with a passion for aesthetics, Ivy’s constant aim is to deliver natural-looking results to all of her patients, by way of highly tailored treatment plans.

With her kind and caring manner, Ivy ensures her patients are comfortable and safe and she always makes time to listen to concerns, along with providing helpful advice and information.

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Yasmine Bireroglu

Senior Cosmetic Nurse NMW0002469221

Yasmine joins Contour Clinics with years of experience in the nursing field. This teamed with her knowledge of facial anatomy enables Yasmine to excel in the art and science of cosmetic medicine.

Combining her artistic eye, passion for aesthetics, and a caring nature, Yasmine ensures that you will leave the clinic feeling even better than when you arrived. She empowers her patients to accentuate and enhance their own natural beauty and features.

You’ll love Yasmine’s warm and inviting approach, and the tailored experience that she provides at the Castle Hill clinic.

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Tania Fahandezh

Senior Cosmetic Nurse

Tania brings a wealth of experience in cosmetic injectables and non-surgical procedures to Contour Clinics. With a keen eye for detail and a focus on natural-looking results, she strives to achieve optimal harmony between facial symmetry, proportion, and precision.

Whether you desire fuller lips, smoother skin texture, or a more youthful appearance, Tania takes the time to understand your individual concerns and aesthetic preferences. She creates personalised treatment plans to achieve your desired outcome.

As a Registered Nurse and qualified Dermal Therapist, Tania possesses a deep understanding of facial anatomy, ensuring the safety and efficacy of her treatments. Her genuine care and warm demeanor create a positive and comfortable experience for her clients. Tania prioritises open communication throughout the process, ensuring you feel heard and understood every step of the way.

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Parisa Sina

Senior Cosmetic Nurse

Parisa has a clinical background in paediatric critical care nursing, but it was her passion for beauty that led her into the world of injectable treatments – a career to which she has dedicated her medical expertise for the past few years. 

With a passion for aesthetics and facial contouring, Parisa’s ultimate goal is making clients feel their best. She believes in a holistic approach to aesthetics and will always ensure your best interests are firmly in mind when recommending and administering treatments.

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Nadia Radi

Head Skin & Laser Therapist

Nadia is a dermal and laser therapist who counts over 15 years of experience in the industry.

For six years in London she performed a wide range of skin treatments, then moved to Sydney, where she has broadened and perfected her skills.

Nadia specialises in the treatment of active acne and the removal of scarring, pigmentation and tattoos, using a range of lasers, devices, in-clinic facials and at-home skincare plans.

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Muireann O’Connor

Skin & Laser Therapist

Muireann counts an incredible 21 years of experience in the aesthetics industry, beginning in her homeland of Ireland and coming to Australia to further her expertise in results-driven skincare and dermal laser technology. 

She loves to help her patients look their best in the most natural way possible and specialises in the management of ageing, devising bespoke treatment plans based upon what suits the individual.

Muireann provides a comprehensive range of dermal and laser therapies, and especially loves radiofrequency skin needling for the tightening, rejuvenating results that her patients are looking for.

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Catalina Sanchez

Skin & Laser Therapist

Catalina is an experienced skin and laser therapist with over 19 years of industry experience.

She provides a variety of treatments including skin resurfacing, scar removal, pigment and tattoo removal, radio frequency, capillaries and vascular treatments, facials, chemicals peels, acne treatments, laser treatments, CoolSculpting, cellulite treatments and more.

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Laura Horsburgh

Skin & Laser Therapist

Laura joins the Stones Corner team with over six years of industry experience as a Dermal Therapist.

Laura is skilled in a broad range of treatments including chemical peels, skin needling, LED, radio-frequency skin tightening and fat freezing. She also has a special interest in IPL-based devices to address vascular and rosacea concerns, and pigmentation removal.

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Michelle Glenfield

Skin & Laser Therapist

Michelle counts more than 18 years of experience in the fields of dermal therapy and aesthetics.

Having qualified in Ireland before moving to Sydney over a decade ago, Michelle has gained exceptional experience, treating patients and delivering premium results in the most prestigious clinics.

Treatment with Michelle will explore a multifaceted, tailored delivery of therapies to create a personalised treatment plan just for you.

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Tenny Kayaian

Skin & Laser Therapist

With 12 years of experience as a trusted and dedicated Skin & Laser Therapist, Tenny joins the team at Castle Hill to guide and support our patients in achieving their ultimate skin goals.

Tenny’s focus is on providing her patients with customised treatment plans, utilising a wide range of skin treatments and gold-standard, medical-grade devices.

With a special interest in scar revision, skin rejuvenation and body sculpting, Tenny loves using the latest technology in dermal laser to gain the most dramatic results for her patients.

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Emily-May Baratti

Skin & Laser Therapist

Emily-May is one of the Senior Dermal Therapists at Contour Clinics in Newtown.

Now with a decade of experience in the industry, a diploma in Beauty Therapy, and a graduate’s degree in Laser and Dermal Therapies, she is a capable and knowledgeable member of the skin clinician team.

You can trust Emily-May for excellence in all skin and laser treatments, from surface-level chemical peels right through to deep dermal laser therapies, such as skin resurfacing, removal of scars and pigmentation, treating vascular concerns, and solving acne issues.

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Alisha Van Horen

Skin & Laser Therapist

With over 13 years of experience in the field, Alisha has established herself a seasoned expert, specialising in acne treatment, pigmentation correction, scar reduction, age management and overall skin health.

Alisha honed her craft in New York City, catering to a diverse clientele with varying skincare needs. This enriched her understanding of the complexities of skin health and deepened her expertise in delivering effective treatments tailored to individual concerns.

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Alyssa Jolevski

Skin & Laser Therapist

As a Skin & Laser Therapist, Alyssa has expert knowledge of active ingredients and treatment modalities, with a special interest in laser therapies and chemical peels. She will implement these whilst correcting active acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, rosacea, and fine lines and wrinkles.

To complement treatments, Alyssa will match you with your ideal skincare regimen to suit your specific needs. She continuously evolves her knowledge  to ensure patients are receiving best-in-class guidance and results.

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Evelyn Yin

Skin & Laser Therapist

With almost a decade of experience in the beauty, dermatology and aesthetics industries, Evelyn’s aim is to provide the most up-to-date, effective and safe treatments to her patients.

She has worked with a wide variety of industry experts and maintains intense focus on self-learning and development with an interprofessional team.

Her key areas of interest include holistic skin assessments and treatment planning, and widely ranging dermal therapies including chemical peels, radio-frequency, and laser treatments. She is passionate about curating bespoke home-care routines aligned to her patient’s goals and lifestyle.

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Keren Joy

Practice Manager – Bondi Junction Skin & Laser Specialist

Keren has worked as a Clinic Manager for more than eight years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the smooth operation of Contour Clinics in Newtown.

She is also an experienced skin and laser therapist with over 14 years of industry experience.

Keren has a genuine passion for cosmetic medicine and understands the needs and concerns of our patients.

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Liv Donnelly

Practice Manager – Five Dock Skin & Laser Specialist

Liv is an experienced Dermal and Laser Therapist bringing more than 15 years experience and a wealth of knowledge within Beauty, Aesthetics, Training and Assessment to Contour Clinics.

With a love for all things skin, Liv will develop a tailored program for any skin concerns.

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Keshia Allen

Practice Manager – Castle Hill

Keshia joins the Contour Clinics team with over 12 years experience within Administration, Business Development and Marketing.

Eager to go above and beyond to ensure all patients are well looked after, you’ll be sure to love her positive and enthusiastic personality when visiting our Castle Hill clinic.

Charlotte Ralph

Practice Manager – Brisbane Skin & Laser Specialist

Graduating with high distinction from Torrens University with a Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetics) degree, Charlotte is Practice Manager for our clinic in Stones Corner, Brisbane.

Charlotte values understanding individual patient needs and she can’t wait to welcome you for an outstanding clinic experience.

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Latham Rajbzade


Latham joins our Castle Hill team with 10 years of customer service experience.

Dedicated to providing an exceptional patient experience, Latham goes above and beyond for each and every patient. Whether it’s scheduling your appointment, welcoming you into the clinic, or following up the next day with a friendly check-in call, Latham aims to be there for you every step of the way.

Latham has a passion for aesthetics, skin, and laser therapies, and is currently undergoing training to become a qualified Cosmetic Injector himself, so watch this space!

Latham’s warm, welcoming nature will make you feel at ease upon arriving to our Castle Hill clinic. He is always attentive to our patients and happy to answer any questions.

Laura Howard


Laura joins the Contour Clinics team with nearly 10 years of customer care experience and a background in beauty and dermal therapy.

She has a passion for skin health and cosmetic medicine and appreciates the value the industry has for helping patients in overcoming insecurities and gaining self-confidence.

Eager to help answer any questions and provide support to every patient, Laura looks forward to welcoming you to our clinic soon.

Zoe Ellis


Zoe deeply values the integral role that Contour Clinics plays in helping to provide self-confidence for all patients, as well as the importance of self care.

Bringing an abundance of customer service experience, Zoe aims to provide each patient with the utmost care and consideration with every visit to our clinics.

She upholds a passion for the cosmetic industry and enjoys witnessing the transformations – big or small – that people undergo on a daily basis, and how they are boosted with renewed confidence.

Sonia Horsburgh


Sonia joins the Contour Clinics Brisbane team with over 25 years of experience in education and customer care.

With a personal passion for cosmetic medicine and patient care, Sonia provides assurance and knowledge to everyone from the moment they enter the clinic.

She looks forward to welcoming you to our Brisbane clinic with her warm and friendly persona.

Benjamin Thurlow

Director of Finance BPharm, MBA

Benjamin is our Director of Finance at Contour Clinics.

Having successfully run many small businesses, he brings a wealth of business savvy and valuable experience in business operations to the Contour Clinics family.

By overseeing the smooth running of our clinics, Benjamin allows the medical staff to concentrate on delivering excellence for their patients.

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Robyn Weinberg

Head of Operations B.Optom (FOA) SA

Robyn is passionate about patient experiences, high standards of clinical care and is renowned for her ability to develop people and teams.

She is committed to providing operational support, delivering systems and processes, and bringing to life the growth strategy whilst providing ongoing people and culture support to the entire team in all the clinics.

Robyn is excited to support Contour Clinics in becoming the leading cosmetic clinic in Australia.

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Luke Calopedos

Head of Marketing BComm (Finance/Law)

Luke brings a decade of marketing experience to the Contour Clinics team, having gained a wealth of knowledge from using various strategies and techniques to amplify sales growth and business revenue for a number of companies.

Through the combination of digital marketing, local area marketing, email capabilities, influencers and more, Luke is excited to help the Contour Clinics brand rapidly expand to become Australia’s leading cosmetic clinic group.

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Shrestha Prasad

Social Media Manager

Shrestha brings over 6 years of experience within the social media industry.

With a diverse background spanning agency and company roles, she has honed her skills across various sectors including beauty, fashion, finance, hospitality and more.

As our Social Media Manager, Shrestha oversees Contour Clinics’ online presence and strategy across platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube.

She’s also our go-to contact for influencer marketing and creates engaging content that resonates with our audience.

Tori Marco

Videographer Content Creator

Tori is our in-house Videographer and Content Creator at Contour Clinics.

She brings over 7 years of experience in video production and content creation, and industry-relevant knowledge from creating content within the plastic surgery field.

Producing high-value visuals, Tori contributes to our content creation and video production goals.

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Melissa Arroja

Executive Assistant

As the Executive Assistant at Contour Clinics, Melissa plays a pivotal role in supporting our executives and ensuring the seamless operation of our clinics.

She is not only integral to the daily functioning of our clinics but is also vital in supporting our overarching mission of helping our clients look and feel their best.

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Bec Watene

Senior Patient Coordinator

Counting an impressive 15 years of customer service experience, Bec is a true multitasker; she’s also an acting coach, casting associate and lover of the performing arts!

Bec looks after our patients with treatment enquiries, organising bookings, and resolving any concerns of our patients. A genuinely empathetic person, Bec goes above and beyond to ensure the best experience.

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Elle Mills

Patient Coordinator

Elle Mills is a passionate advocate for patient success, bringing a diverse skillset and a genuine desire to make a difference. A firm believer in going the extra mile, Elle thrives on exceeding patient expectations and ensuring a seamless, positive experience.

Elle’s approach centres around clear, concise communication and meticulous attention to detail. She ensures patients are fully informed and supported throughout their journey. Whether it’s answering questions, navigating logistics, or simply offering a listening ear, Elle’s dedication shines through.

Elle’s background in various industries has equipped her with a wealth of experience in exceeding customer expectations. She fosters positive relationships and ensures a smooth flow for all patients.

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Joy Loughhead

Patient Coordinator

As a qualified Dermal Clinician with a Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetics), Joy is very well-prepared to guide you on your Contour Clinics journey, providing support and answers to your booking and treatment enquiries.

Joy also has a Diploma of Beauty Therapy, qualifying her 6 years as a dermal treatment provider with professional experience in skincare, along with 15 years in customer service roles.

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Britney Budhi

Patient Coordinator

Britney brings plenty of customer-facing experience to the role of Patient Coordinator, where she truly cares about providing you with advice, support and information, assisting you with your visits to Contour Clinics.

With 15 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry, Britney knows the importance of looking after your appointments as you join us on your aesthetic journey.

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