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Before & After

This patient already had a great baseline shape but with 1ml of Lip Filler there is now increased volume, leading to a plusher, softer and fuller look.

Before & After

Lip Filler has achieved a luscious pouty look for our patient, with increased volume and definition of the cupid’s bow.

Before & After

This patient received Full Facial Rejuvenation using Dermal Filler to correct facial asymmetry. The result is a more lifted look and balance across all facial features.

Before & After

This patient received a Forehead Anti-Wrinkle treatment to smooth and inhibit facial creases.

Before & After

This patient received a Facial Slimming treatment using anti-wrinkle injections, and teamed this with a Chin Filler treatment to further define, elongate and sculpt her lower face.

The result is a narrower lower third of the face with improved definition and an overall more refined aesthetic.

Before & After

This patient achieved subtle, natural looking definition for her lower face, and a look that appears more sculpted, delicate and feminine.

With expert placement of Chin Filler and Lip Filler, we have added tapered length to the chin, and balanced this with a fuller lower lip and defined lip border.

Before & After

Cheek Filler has been skilfully placed for this patient, who felt that her facial structure lacked definition. Here we have used premium dermal filler to mimic cheekbones, subtly lifting the mid-face and creating a heart shape, for improved facial balance and a sculpted aesthetic.

Before & After

For this patient we used 2mls of premium Cheek Filler to enhance and accentuate the cheekbone area. Where volume was lacking, we have created shape and definition, for a facial aesthetic that appears balanced and lifted.

Before & After

This patient was unsatisfied with the side profile of her redacted chin. With just 1ml of premium Chin Filler, we have elongated and sculpted the chin into a feminine shape, and this has achieved harmony with her other facial features. The chin is now perfectly in line with her nose and lips for a balanced side profile.

Before & After

With just 1ml of Lip Filler, we achieved luscious lips that look entirely natural. With realistic volume and softness, this patient got the result she wanted for subtle enhancement and a beautifully balanced look.

Before & After

This patient received 1ml of Lip Filler to add volume and structure to her lips, adding height to the top lip and enhancing the cupid’s bow.

Before & After

With 1ml of Lip Filler, this patient enjoys fuller, plusher lips that retain her natural shape, for enhancement that looks believable.

Chin Filler with Nurse Ashley

Do you want a pointier chin and a more feminine v-shape lower facial structure? You can now have the chin projection you've always desired. Senior Cosmetic Injector Ashley performed chin filler on our patient for a more projected and well-defined chin. This treatment can also help with chin creases.

Lip Enhancement and Anti-Wrinkle with Ashley

Lip augmentation, commonly known as lip filler, is a procedure that involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the lips. This is a natural substance found in the dermal layers of the skin. Lip fillers soften and plump the top and lower lip by pulling water to the area. This gives volume and definition to the lips.

Watch how Senior Cosmetic Injector Ashley administered lip fillers giving the patient refreshed and rejuvenated lips without looking unnatural and overdone. She completed her overall rejuvenation with anti-wrinkle injections to the 3 major areas which are the forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet around the eyes.

Cheek Filler with Ashley

With Senior Cosmetic Injector Ashley’s skillfully administered dermal fillers, our patient Chantelle regains fuller, more beautiful cheek contours. Cheek hollowing might occur as we get older. With time, the fat pads in the middle of the face droop, causing the lower face to sag. Fillers in this area can give you a fuller and more defined look.

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