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The Blog VOGUE Magazine: Everything To Know About Non-Surgical Profile-Plasty

Non-surgical profile-plasty —  what is it?

This is a treatment method that involves subtly tweaking the facial features according to how you appear from the side, also known as your profile.

With a few targeted, non-surgical treatments to slightly adapt the side profile, the aim is to create facial harmonisation and bring disproportionate features into alignment for an improved facial aesthetic from all angles.


“Something of a buzzy term right now, non-surgical profile-plasty is basically an umbrella term to describe all the treatments that can be used to change someone’s side profile and enhance their overall features — a 360-degree approach to looking at the face overall, rather than focusing on just one area.” — Vogue Australia


Revered as the authority on the best-in-class for beauty, fashion and lifestyle, Vogue spotlights only the very best in treatment offerings for its discerning readers.

The magazine spoke to our very own Dr. Josh Wall for his insider expertise on the phenomenon of non-surgical profile-plasty, and how Contour Clinics is leading the industry in this dynamic approach.


“At Contour Clinics we’re seeing an increase of non-surgical profile-plasty treatments … People want to work on their appearance from all angles and increase their self-confidence.” — Dr. Josh Wall, Contour Clinics


What’s involved in this collective treatment?

Some treatments we combine for non-surgical profile-plasty:

  • Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
    Dermal filler can be used to contour the nose, smooth bumps, lift the tip and relax excessive downward pulling.
  • Cheek Augmentation
    Enhances the mid-face aesthetic by contouring and defining the cheekbones, or replacing lost volume in the cheeks or under the eyes.
  • Lip Filler
    Strategic placement of filler can create projection of the lips, which can help to create balance with the nose and chin.
  • Jawline Sculpting
    Add definition to the jawline with filler, and add volume to lost structural support, which depletes naturally with age.
  • Forehead Filler
    Filler can be used to reduce the appearance of ageing, and the forehead is a popular place to start.
  • Chin Augmentation
    Lengthen or define the chin with filler to create balance with the projection of the nose and facial structure.


Read the full article by Vogue.



Before & After Chin Filler

Stunning correction of an overly retracted chin. This provides harmony to the facial side profile. This result was achieved with 2ml of dermal fillers.

Before & After Nose Filler

Before and instantly after expertly placed dermal filler.

Before & After Jawline filler

This patient received 6ml of premium dermal filler expertly placed to enhance, sculpt and masculinise his jawline.

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