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The Blog STUDIO 10: Dr Josh on Skin Treatments

Contour Clinics Medical Director, Dr Josh Wall, was welcomed back onto Channel 10’s Studio 10 – this time, to talk about three amazing treatments NOT involving anti-wrinkle or fillers.


“Feeling the pressure to look younger is a bit of a global obsession,” says Studio 10 presenter Kate Albert. “But your approach is more about rejuvenating your natural appearance, isn’t it?”

Dr Josh responds. “With injectables, there’s a real fear of looking fake or looking overdone,” he says. “At Contour Clinics, we really foster a natural approach; to injectables, to skin rejuvenation treatments.

“Now, things like anti-wrinkle, fillers – they put a band-aid on ageing,” he continues. “They don’t actually treat the underlying ageing problem itself.

“So, we need to do things that create a ‘controlled damage’ to the skin, to help your body heal, and to help give you a rejuvenated, fresh look.”

How do chemical peels and laser skin treatments help to improve the look of your skin?

“Our skin has no stimulus to heal itself on its own,” Dr Josh explains. “If we let it go, it will just age – gracefully – over time,” he laughs.

“We need to do something that causes a controlled micro-damage to the skin. We do that in the form of lasers, in a very controlled way that allows the skin to heal naturally, to take the skin back five – ten – fifteen – years.”

The results are extraordinary, with countless patients achieving a renewed complexion that glows.

“This treatment resurfaces the skin; it causes stimulus for your body to naturally produce collagen and to naturally rejuvenate,” says Dr Josh.

What about pigmentation and redness?

“We live in the harsh Australian sun, so a lot of us have an uneven, irregular tone to our skin,” Dr Josh points out. “We may have some pigmentation here or there that we don’t like.

“Our lasers will fire a light into the skin at a specific wavelength to selectively absorb the pigment. It treats the pigment without damaging the surrounding skin.”

Kate Albert also asks Dr Josh about the magic of Bioremodelling injections.

‘This is a really exciting injection,” Dr Josh enthuses. “In Europe and America, these treatments are sold out. When we first got them here in Australia at Contour Clinics, we had to put you on a waiting list, it was so popular.

“Bioremodeller is like an injectable skincare. It causes a really intense collagen stimulation, but it also gives you a really refreshing, youthful glow. It’s a hydration for the skin.”


Discover all of these treatments and more at Contour Clinics, with a consultation appointment with one of our expert clinicians! Book one here.

Consultation is complimentary and provides thorough assessment of your skin concerns, and a tailored treatment plan designed to achieve skin results you’ll love.


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