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The Blog Lip Filler Swelling Stages: What To Expect After Filler

Everyone wants juicy lips! So, it’s no surprise that Lip Filler is one of our most popular treatments.

But what does the recovery look like, and how does it feel?

It’s all over in a breeze – once the numbing cream has taken effect, away we go. And the best part is, you get to see the results straightaway! 

In the hours or couple of days that follow your treatment, it’s very common to experience some lip filler swelling and minor bruising – it is an injectable treatment after all.

Here at Contour Clinics, we know lips – we specialise in the precise and artful placement of lip filler. We use filler not only to volumise and plump lips into new-found lusciousness, but also to sculpt and define the shape of your pout.

We are industry-leading experts in using techniques that allow your healing to be as swift as possible.

If you’re still hesitant about having lip fillers, and you’re curious about how things will look and feel right after the treatment, then read on. We’re going to explore the short journey of lip filler healing, so you can feel confident in knowing exactly what to expect.

Is Swelling After Lip Fillers Normal?

Yes, a thousand times yes!

As with any treatment that involves an injectable product, the skin and tissues of the treatment site will experience some swelling as the blood rushes to the area. This is a sign of healing and nothing to be concerned about.

For some patients, their first ever lip filler treatment causes the most noticeable swelling, and they find subsequent treatments much more comfortable than their first.

In fact, many patients report the side effects of their lip filler treatments becoming less and less apparent the more times they’ve have them. How’s that for incentive!

24 Hours After Lip Fillers

Straight after your lip fillers treatment, you will likely feel tenderness and warmth in the treated area, which can continue for the next 24 hours. 

You may find relief in gently holding a covered ice pack over your mouth for short periods (10-20 minutes at a time) to alleviate this sensation, and to help any swelling subside more quickly. 

Swelling can sometimes increase within 48 hours after your lip filler treatment. You might experience more noticeable swelling on the next day after your treatment – particularly when you wake up the following morning – and especially if it’s your first time having lip fillers. 

Then again, it’s also possible that little or no swelling is experienced by this point. Some patients find that these effects barely occur the more times they have their lip filler treatments done. Everyone is different. 

1 Week Lip Filler Swelling Stage

During the week that follows your lip filler treatment, any swelling that’s occurred will decrease, and then disappear.

For most people, lip filler swelling tends to subside within 3–5 days, is unnoticeable within a week, and should resolve entirely within 2 weeks. 

You will likely feel as though your lips are a little firm, or that the lip filler is slightly harder than your natural lip tissues. This is entirely normal and is only temporary. 

Your lips will soften as the tissues surrounding the newly placed filler adjust and accommodate the product. This is what we refer to as the filler ‘settling’, and it’s a brief stage that lasts only days.

Your lips should feel soft, fleshy and natural within 1–2 weeks after treatment.

Will Lip Filler Swelling Go Away?

Yes, rest assured, any swelling caused by your lip filler treatment will resolve itself and go away. 

Lip filler swelling stages will vary from person to person, and can also reduce in severity with repeated treatments.

If it’s your first time getting lip fillers, you might be a little surprised by the look of your swollen (healing!) lips within the first 48 hours. Take our word for it: there is no need to be alarmed! This initial stage of swelling can be confronting for lip filler virgins, but we promise it will calm down, and your final, healed result will look perfectly natural.

There are things you can do to shorten the lip filler swelling timeline, minimise the effects of any swelling, and even reduce the chance of swelling altogether.

If you must take pain relief for any reason in the lead-up to your appointment or straight afterwards, then make it paracetamol. Medication containing ibuprofen has a blood-thinning effect, which can worsen bruising and swelling.

Don’t drink alcohol for at least 48 hours before your treatment, and for the 48 hours that follow. If this is tricky, try to book your appointment for the middle of the week, so that your social commitments won’t interfere with your preparation and aftercare process. 

You can also make sure you drink plenty of water, get lots of sleep and generally be in good physical health – these are things that always help make any medical recovery as successful and brief as possible. 

What Happens If Swelling Doesn’t Go Away?

Generally, your lip filler swelling timeline should not exceed two weeks. 

In the rare case that your lip filler swelling just isn’t getting any better, this could be an indication of complication. 

Though very rare and unlikely, all injectable treatments carry risk. Ongoing swelling with no improvement can be indicative of late onset inflammatory response to hyaluronic acid, which can occur months after treatment, or it can be a sign of infection. 

If you have experienced lip filler swelling for longer than two weeks, you should contact your treating clinic immediately for a review appointment. 

At Contour Clinics we provide all patients with complimentary follow-up consultation appointments, so that we can review your results and ensure that your recovery is smooth and successful. 

Contour Clinics: Personalised Lip Filler Treatment

If you want to trust that your lip filler treatment is done with your ultimate comfort and aftercare in mind, you’ve come to the right clinic. 

Contour Clinics practitioners are masters in providing the most comfortable experience to our patients. We are extremely knowledgeable in performing treatments with techniques designed to minimise side effects such as swelling, and we support you on your aesthetic journey – before and after your appointment. 

Are you considering lip fillers? Still have some niggling questions? Talk to us today – we’ve got your answers!

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