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The Blog How To Make Your Cupid’s Bow More Defined

It’s well understood that lip filler is used to volumise the lips and increase their size. 

But did you know that filler can also be used to sculpt and define the shape of your lips? 

A defined cupid’s bow is an instant way to enhance the look of your lips and accentuate their curves, creating an alluring and attractive mouth aesthetic. 

With precise and expert placement of filler, we can define the lip edges that form the cupid’s bow, producing the perfect pout. Not only that, but we can also correct any asymmetry of the lips, bringing balance to your smile. 

All of our Cosmetic Injectors at Contour Clinics specialise in this method and are highly experienced in defining the cupid’s bow when performing lip filler treatments. 

Lip filler is not just about going bigger – it’s also effective in defining and improving your natural lip shape. 

What is a Cupid’s Bow?

The cupid’s bow is the top part of your top lip – the part that is formed like two peaks. It can be a very attractive characteristic of the lips, as it suggests a shapely, sensual mouth aesthetic. 

If you’re not naturally blessed with a well-defined and symmetrical cupid’s bow, and you tend to use makeup tricks such as lip liner to accentuate this area, then lip filler could be an ideal solution for you. 

It’s a growing trend; there’s a huge increase in focus on the shape of the lips – in particular, the cupid’s bow. And there’s a name for this technique: Russian Lips. 

The name comes from the look of the Russian doll – think dainty, painted-on, heart-shaped little pouts. It’s not necessarily a voluminous look, but it certainly is shapely and well-defined. 

In defining and strengthening a patient’s natural lip shape by enhancing the cupid’s bow, we can achieve a flattering and feminine look. 

Quite often, an undefined cupid’s bow can cause the lips to appear weak, or the top lip to look smaller. It’s also very common to have asymmetry in the lips, particularly in the cupid’s bow. 

With lip filler, using the Russian Lips technique, we can correct any lopsidedness and accentuate the cupid’s bow to create an emphasised yet pretty look for the lips. 

Can You Accentuate Your Cupid’s Bow?

You can use a number of ways to make the shape of your lips more prominent. 

The easiest, cheapest and simplest way is with makeup. Lip liner, to be exact. 

Before applying lipstick, lip tint, lip crayon or any form of lip colour, first go in with your lip liner in a matching or slightly darker shade. 

Instead of applying your liner on the lip edges, trace just outside of the borders wherever you want to subtly exaggerate or define. The cupid’s bow is an excellent spot for using this trick – weak, undefined edges of the top lip can be subtly drawn out and made shapelier. 

The downfall of makeup is the constant need to keep up with reapplication. 

By far, the best and most convenient way to improve the look of your lips is with lip filler, artfully placed by an expert Cosmetic Injector. 

Imagine the carefree simplicity of waking up to perfectly formed lips every day, with no makeup necessary. Or enjoying a night of dining and drinking, without ever having to worry about your lips ‘wearing off’ every time your mouth touches the glass. 

Lip filler is a fantastic treatment because it yields dramatic improvement with results that look natural and last for months on end. 

There is also an option for rejuvenating the shape of your lips permanently, and it’s called a Lip Lift. This is a surgical procedure that increases visibility of the cupid’s bow by shortening the length of skin between the nose and top lip, thereby creating a lifting effect. 


How to Make Your Cupid’s Bow More Defined

Lip Filler 

Different lip enhancement techniques can be used with lip fillers, to achieve a range of aesthetic goals. 

It can add definition to the borders of your lips, such as in the cupid’s bow area; it can enhance the projection of your lips; it can be used to fill your lips and increase their volume; and it can also be used to turn the lip borders out for height. 

Lip filler treatments take about 20 minutes to complete and the results are instant. 

Because we only use the most premium lip fillers on the market, results usually last between 6–12 months. 

Lip Lift  

This is a surgical procedure that involves shortening the distance between your cupid’s bow and your nose – an area called the Philitral column. An incision is made in a concealed border beneath the nose, and excess skin is removed. 

The result is a shortened upper lip area between the nose and top lip edge, which pulls the top lip upwards. This improves visibility of the top lip vermillion (the coloured part of the lip) and also improves visibility of the cupid’s bow and overall shape of the top lip.

How Can Lip Filler Define Cupid’s Bow?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that lip filler only changes the size of your lips – after all, it’s called ‘filler’, and can create beautifully plumped up pouts for previously thin lips. 

But can lip filler define cupid’s bow shapes? 

The answer is yes, definitely! With more advanced filler injection techniques, your lip borders and the formation of the cupid’s bow can be defined, accentuated and perfected – all with lip filler. 

Defining the cupid’s bow with filler uses a technique called Russian Lips. 

The injection technique differs from standard lip fillers, which are injected horizontally, resulting in evenly spread volume and fullness. 

The Russian Lips technique injects the filler vertically, focusing on the centre of the lips. It aims to heighten the lips for a heart-shaped look. 

How Does Lip Filler in Cupid’s Bow Differ from Other Lip Injections?

Having a defined cupid’s bow is hugely popular with our patients – whether they already loved having lip filler, or they were first-timers. 

This is because it’s universally flattering; most people can improve the look of their lips by accentuating this particular part of the mouth. 

A defined cupid’s bow is achieved by placing filler close to the edges of the top lip, in the cupid’s bow. 

Many people love the result of this technique because it looks incredibly natural. 

It’s considered to be a technique that can create a more natural effect for patients than traditional lip filler techniques, which usually focus mainly on size increase. 

It’s an excellent treatment for almost anyone, as it brings balance to the facial aesthetic by defining the curve and shape of your lips – no matter their size. 

Accentuate Your Cupid’s Bow with Contour Clinics

Choose the best in cosmetic medicine and trust the expert clinicians at Contour Clinics for your Lip Filler treatment. 

If you are looking to improve the definition of your lips and enhance their natural shape, then a lip filler treatment using a technique for defining the cupid’s bow could be perfect for you. 

Achieve big results in one appointment with lip fillers, expertly and artfully placed by our team of doctors and cosmetic injectors. 

We welcome you to find out what lip fillers could do for you, with a consultation appointment in any of our beautiful clinics, free of charge. 

In your complimentary consultation, we will assess your unique facial structure and components, and discuss your aesthetic goals. We will explain your options and support you on your journey to rejuvenating and enhancing your features. 

Get the lips you’ve always wanted! Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more, or go ahead and book your appointment now. 

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