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The Blog Why You Shouldn’t Go to Turkey for Your Hair Transplant

Those looking for a fast and cheap option for hair transplant surgery are flocking overseas to Turkey, where procedures are churned out in vast quantity and the costs are mysteriously low. 

But is it a good idea? 

Here we’ll delve into the pros, cons and risks of turning your hair transplant into a Turkish holiday, and why choosing a reputable and qualified hair transplant surgeon here in Australia is the best move you can make for your procedure, and for your results.

Why is Having a Hair Transplant in Turkey So Popular?

Like with so many things, money is the issue and low cost is the drawcard. 

Turkey is a developing country, with very low wages paid to people working there. The cost of renting an office is very low compared to Australia, the US or other countries. That saving is then passed on to the patient. 

In what has become a growing industry for Turkey, hair clinics have sprouted in their masses across the country, yet they are rightfully tainted with a murky reputation. It’s quite common for these clinics to use assistants and technicians—not doctors—to get as many surgeries done as possible. Think quantity over quality. 

It’s easy to be misled too; a patient may see a medical professional for a brief consultation, and that person may draw up the hairline, but it’s usually a team of assistants with unknown qualifications or experience who end up performing the procedure itself. 

This makes the whole process faster and cheaper, hence being able to offer such low pricing to the unwitting patient.

What are the Risks of Having a Turkish Hair Transplant?

“The biggest risk is falling into the wrong hands and not doing your proper research,” says Dr. Ricardo Mejia, who sits on the Board of Governors of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (İSHRS), a not-for-profit medical association (which includes Turkish doctors). 

Need more convincing that having your surgery in Australia is your best option? Check out an ISHRS page that outlines the horror stories from these dubious cowboy clinics. There’s scarring, infections, poor hair growth, and unnatural hair lines aplenty. 

Ask yourself: who’s going to be doing your surgery? Is it a doctor or technician? Where’s the proof of their experience and qualifications? 

Having a Successful Hair Transplant: Your Safety, Your Results

There are plenty of things that can go wrong with a hair transplant in Turkey. The process is not as good as it sounds. Surgeons can offer competitive prices by sacrificing safety and quality. 

Lots of hair transplant businesses in Turkey hire people with minimal medical training, and in some cases, those who aren’t qualified at all. The biggest problem to come from a hair transplant in Turkey is the procedure going wrong, which, in under-qualified hands, is highly likely. 

If a hair transplant in Turkey goes wrong, you could see:

  • Infections due to unsanitary instruments or surgical conditions  
  • Severe scarring of the transplant area 
  • Unnatural, fake-looking hairline 
  • Over-harvesting of the donor area 
  • Unsuccessful hair growth due to improper surgical methods and tools 

When patients go to Turkey to get a cheaper hair transplant, the result is often more money having to be spent on corrective surgery, which isn’t always feasible for every case. 

Not Such a Relaxing Holiday

Another glaring point to consider is the fact that you’ll be overseas. Without your local GP handy. Without that trusted, reputable hospital nearby. Without family or friends down the road. 

If you’ve been mulling over the idea of combining your hair transplant surgery with a cheeky little overseas holiday, you may find your daydreams of recovering poolside with a cocktail are not so realistic. 

The very real possibilities are that you require urgent medical attention and are not covered by your health fund or Medicare or seen to by proper doctors; you will need to abstain from alcohol, sun exposure and heat for the downtime period; and above all, you will be boarding a flight whilst in the healing phase – and we all know that aeroplanes are a hotbed for bacteria. 

None of these points adds up to a relaxing holiday, nor a successful and safe post-operative recovery.

Where Should I Get a Hair Transplant?

Safety comes first and if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. 

Trust only fully qualified, experienced and reputable doctors who are specialists and experts in the field. 

Hair transplant doctors must successfully complete years of training and qualifications to properly perform this intricate procedure. It’s not a job given to a person overnight, with that person treating patients the very next week. 

Sadly, the latter is very likely to be the case in many of the ‘black market’ clinics in Turkey, where staff come cheaply, and qualifications are not necessary for employment in these roles. 

Not only is having a hair transplant in Australia safe and properly regulated, it’s also a privilege to have world-class doctors conveniently and safely available in our own backyard for performing such a life-changing procedure. 

There are many instances where being thrifty and saving money with a bargain is a good idea; having your hair transplant surgical procedure is not one of them.

Book a Hair Transplant Consultation with Contour Clinics

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