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The Blog WHO Magazine: The Non-Surgical Butt Lift with Dr Josh

WHO magazine recently asked our very own Dr Josh Wall for his expertise on the rising popularity of butt-boosting treatments, and how we achieve this in-clinic for our patients without surgery.

For a feature on quick, easy, painless and gym-free methods for maximising your behind, Dr Josh spoke about the booty-building effects of Collagen-Stimulating Injections, and how this treatment creates volume and perk for an area that’s lacking in lift.


The following is an excerpt from WHO Magazine:

Dr Josh Wall, Medical Director of Contour Clinics Australia, says the non-invasive Brazilian butt lift is a popular ask in his clinic, and people are loving the outcome.

“It’s a beautiful treatment for those who can’t gain enough weight to have a surgical fat transfer,” he explains.

The treatment involves mixing a collagen-stimulator powder with saline and local anaesthetic, which is then injected into the buttocks.

“It causes a significant collagen stimulation in the area, which improves volume and is a great way to shape an area that unfortunately can sag with age.” –  Dr Josh

Set your expectations realistically, as J.Lo-esque results won’t be achieved in just one session.

“The purpose of the treatment is to remove hip dips, so the result of this treatment in the booty area is realistically going to be a subtle contouring,” he adds.


These injections can also be used all over the body – think tightening a sagging stomach, lifting lax skin on knees and elbows, or filling in hollowness in your temples and cheeks.

Regarding time in the chair, Dr Wall advises the treatment takes less than 10 minutes, and the pain factor sits at about a two out of 10.

For downtime, Dr Wall says to take three days off exercise, stay away from hot saunas, and resist sitting on your butt too much for the first two days.

Otherwise, you can leave the clinic and go about your normal life.


As published in WHO magazine:

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