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Side profile perfection The Benefits of Chin Augmentation Treatments at Contour Clinics

Chin Augmentation with dermal filler is one of the MOST under-rated treatments in cosmetic medicine.

Chin filler can be used to treat a variety of concerns including:

  • Chin projection– Those with a weak, retracted chin can project their perfect side profile with expertly placed dermal filler.
  • Chin shape– Create a pointier, more feminine V-shape to the lower face, or alternatively round an excessively pointy chin. Whatever the shape you desire, our expert injectors have a solution.
  • Skin quality of the chin – This can be corrected with our specialist lasers, or skin boosting non-cross-linked dermal fillers.
  • Length of the chin – Dermal filler injections can easily lengthen a shorter chin. Occassionally, overactive chin muscles (mentalis) can pull up the chin and create a ‘mental crease’. Relaxing these muscles with anti-wrinkle injections easily solves this issue.
  • Chin symmetry – A quick easy fix by our expert injectors.
  • Rewind chin ageing – Ageing results in a reabsorption of facial bone structures, and underlying supporting tissue. Replacing support with dermal filler rewinds lower face ageing.
  • Masculinise – Square off, an overly pointy feminine chin, and masculinise the lower face.
  • Smooth a cleft chin– Chin dermal filler can easily and painlessly smooth a cleft in the chin.

Project, Volumise and Contour the perfect chin

You may have an under projected chin that really lets your side profile down.

Women, you may want a pointier, more feminine V-shape.

Men, you may want to square-off and masculinise a weak, pointy chin.

Whatever your desire, chin filler can help you achieve your ideal lower face aesthetic with no pain, minimal downtime and affordable expense.

Prices of Chin Augmentation

All consultations with our cosmetic nurses and doctors are complimentary and obligation free. They include a free 3D facial assessment, and an ability for you to visualise the expected changes of treatment with our state of the art Vectra system.

Chin augmentation requires the use of a thicker ‘bone-mimicking’ hyaluronic acid filler. Contour Clinics use only premium, TGA approved fillers for all treatments.

When purchased in a package, the cost savings can total in the hundreds of dollars.

Often chin filler is combined with jawline filler for the perfect result.

Smooth a pebbled, dimpled chin with targeted muscle relaxant injections into the chin mentalis muscles.

This also helps to smooth an overly contracted mental crease (the crease between your lower lip and chin.

All review appointments are complimentary and scheduled promptly.

The Contour Clinics Guarantee

Deciding who to trust with your face is not a decision to take lightly. You deserve professionals who have dedicated themselves to cosmetic medicine as their chosen profession. Get the very best in chin augmentation treatments with our specialist cosmetic injectors.

All treatments are backed by the Contour Clinics guarantee which includes:

  • Complimentary consultations with experienced cosmetic injectors
  • Complimentary facial assessment and 3D photography.
  • Complimentary review appointments.
  • Complimentary corrections in the case of rare asymmetry.
  • Treatment with only premium gold standard fillers suited to your specific goals.
  • Treatments provided by expert, experienced staff.

Before and After Chin Filler

Stunning correction of an overly retracted chin. This provides harmony to the facial side profile. This result was achieved with 2ml of dermal fillers.

Before and After Chin Filler

Chin filler before and after 1ml of premium dermal filler.

Before and After Chin filler

Before and after chin filler to create an amazing change to the side profile. 2ml total chin filler used in total.

Before and After Chin filler

After 1 ml of dermal fillers.

Before and After Chin filler

2ml of dermal filler to the chin and jawline.

*Disclaimer - Results may vary from patient to patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is chin filler worth it?

Chin filler has a very high satisfaction rate  among our patients. Many of our cosmetic injectors rate it as the MOST under-rated procedure in cosmetic medicine. It is amazing how much as subtle change to the chin can make such and impressive change to ones overall facial aesthetic.

How is chin augmentation with dermal filler performed?

The chin augmentation procedure provides a more aesthetic prominent contour to the chin by the use of premium TGA approved Dermal fillers.

These are injected into targeted areas, taking care to avoid important anatomical structures, including the mental artery and nerve. Contouring this area with fillers improves side profiles and can help to reduce the appearance of a double chin.

Prior to injection the skin is cleaned with chlorhexidine antiseptic to prevent infection.

Ice is applied to the chin pre-treatment to reduce discomfort. Pressure with sterile gauze is applied immediately after injections to prevent bruising.

Chin enhancement fillers provide long lasting results that are easily reversible without the need for risky and expensive surgical chin implants.

How do dermal fillers work?

Modern dermal fillers are a gel like substance made of hyaluronic acid. This is a natural sugar present in our own skin. We synthesise it in a lab and expertly place it in facial tissues to improve structure and volume. Generally, we lose our hyaluronic acid as we age.

Filler is made of millions of tiny gel bubbles that act like a sponge to absorb 100 times its weight in water. Expertly placed, dermal fillers can create a stunning, natural contour to the face to reverse ageing, correct hollowing and can be used to augment your natural beauty.

How much does chin filler cost?

The cost of chin filler is $600/ml. Most patients achieve their desired results after 1-2ml.

Larger volumes of filler can be purchased in a package. See our prices page for more information.

How do I prepare for my chin filler appointment?

Preparing for your dermal filler treatment is quick and simple:

  • Avoid wearing any makeup, sunscreen or skin care products to your appointment
  • Avoid alcohol 24 hours before your treatment. This thins the blood, and causes vasodilation that can increase bruising.

Supplements/medications that make bruising more common are listed below:

  • Ginko Biloba
  • Vitamin E
  • Aspirin
  • Fish oils
  • Non steroidal anti-inflammatories
  • Ginseng
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to have your 3D photo taken, and numbing cream applied.

If any of these are prescribed, please check with your GP prior to stopping.

If you have any photos of yourself/influencers/models you like the look of and want to recreate, please show your injector on the day. This allows a better matching of your expectations with what our master injectors can reasonably provide.

Can I feel the filler under my skin once it's injected?

When experiencing dermal fillers for the first time, you may notice a firmness and sense a fullness in the area. This is completely normal and will resolving in 1-2 weeks.

It is not unusual to experience lumps, bumps and mild assymetry in the chin. This will resolve in 1-2 weeks. It is very rare that this persists past 2 weeks.

What can I do if I don't like the results of my chin filler?

Those new to dermal fillers are often conscious of looking ‘fake’ or ‘over-filled’.

Immediately after dermal fillers you will experience swelling, and if you are not used to the post filler puffiness, your filler may seem all a bit much. Occasionally, you may also see some asymmetry, which is usually due to swelling. 98% of the time, this all resolves within 2 weeks without the need for reversal.

In the rare event you are not happy with your filler, we will happily reverse it free of charge. This is easily performed with the enzyme hyalase.

Can chin filler move?

No. Once injected, dermal filler to the chin region stays exactly where it has been placed.

There are cases of ‘migration’, but this most likely occurs at the time of treatment and could be secondary to incorrect technique.

Our injectors are some of the most experienced, and highly sought after in the country.

Can chin filler help jowls?

Chin and jawline filler can help to soften and camouflage mild jowling. Dermal filler placed around the chin and ‘pre-jowl sulcus’ (the area immediately to the sides of the chin can  help to crispen the jawline and significantly reduce the appearance of jowls.

Can chin filler help to smooth a chin cleft or chin dimples?

Yes. Chin filler can smooth a chin cleft (colloquially known as a ‘bum chin’), and can remove unwanted chin dimpling.

Can chin filler be used to elongate the face?

Yes. Chin filler can be used to elongate the face. Often this can be combined with muscle relaxant injections to the mentalis muscle (chin muscle) pulling the chin up/shortening the face and creating an overly deep ‘mental crease’ (crease between the lip and chin).

Can chin filler be used to balance the face?

Yes. Chin filler can be used to balance the face from a side profile perspective, bring the chin out to be more in line with the nose, and can make the nose look smaller/more in proportion as the side profile is harmonised.

Can chin filler be used for a square face?

Yes. Targeted injections of dermal filler to the chin can soften a square face, creating a more aesthetic, feminine V-shape to the lower face.

Can chin filler be used to treat a round face?

Yes. Chin filler can sharpen the lower face, creating a more aesthetic, V-shape and defining the jawline from the neck.

What are the advantages of chin filler over a chin implant?

Chin filler is a quick, safe, inexpensive procedure performed in less than 5 minutes with minimal pain and downtime.

If you are unhappy with the results it is easily reversed, or easily enhanced/sculpted to your unique desires.

Chin implants are expensive, have a risk of permanent nerve injury, have a long and painful downtime, involve placing a foreign body in the face and cannot be reversed without another round of expensive/painful surgery. They are however permanent, which is from our perspective the only benefit they hold over dermal fillers.

Does chin filler look like a ball?

No. Placed correctly, chin filler will not look like a ball.

Does chin filler help with a double chin?

Chin filler can help to enlongate the side profile and draw out the under chin area, hence making it less noticeable.

Chin filler camouflages under chin fat and makes a less acute angle between the chin and neck, making the under chin area appear less full.

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