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The Blog To freeze or not to freeze. Everything you need to know about CoolSculpting!

Do you have annoying pockets of fat that no matter how many craze diets you do or how many burpees you suffer through they still won’t budge? Us too! But Coolsculpting is here to save the day AND your waistline. If you’ve ever considered Surgical Liposuction you need to read this first. 

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive, no downtime, non-surgical solution to literally freeze away your fat. Permanently.

With a 95% patient satisfaction rate and over 6 million treatments performed globally this really is the miracle treatment we’ve all been waiting for. So, what can you expect?

The treatment itself can take from 1-3 hours depending on how many areas you are treating and how many cycles you need! Your experienced consultant at Contour Clinics will make an overall assessment and treatment plan for you to suit your goals, your body and your budget.

The applicator uses a vacuum to draw your area of concern into a contouring cup which delivers targeted, controlled freezing to the sub-cutaneous fat cells, destroying them forever. Your body then eliminates them and excretes them over the following 8-12 weeks with the most dramatic results being seen around the 8-week mark. 

You can expect to feel tender and sore for 5-7 days following your treatment but most people return to their daily activities immediately. Some swelling, redness and bruising are all common side effects but are generally mild and clear up very quickly. All of our treatments are doctor supervised and we offer after treatment support for any questions or concerns following your treatment.  

Coolsculpting is suitable for people who are already at their ideal weight but simply can’t seem to reduce certain stubborn areas, most commonly flanks (or as we so endearingly refer to them as, love handles,) lower and upper abdomen, backs of arms, inner and outer thighs and even the submental area or ‘double chin’.  

If you are ready to say goodbye to your fat cells forever book in at Contour Clinics today for a complimentary consultation and assessment and get that summer body happening!

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