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The Blog The Wellness Nerd: ‘What Not To Do After Botox: All Your Questions Answered’

Health and wellness website recently spoke to Dr Josh Wall about anti-wrinkle injections – a quick, relatively painless process – and how to ensure you get the best results from your procedure.

There are a few things you shouldn’t do in the hours that follow – important if you want to avoid bruising and you want to get the most out of your treatment.

The problem is, there are questions you might not have thought to ask your injector during your appointment, and now you’re at home wondering if you can have a shower, when you can have a drink, and how late you’ll have to stay awake before it’s safe for you to lie down and sleep.

Here’s an excerpt of the Q&A with Dr Josh on

When Can I Lie Down After Botox?

You shouldn’t lie down in the first 4-6 hours after having anti-wrinkle, as this can cause it to shift. Particularly concerning is lying face down, so definitely do not book a massage straight after your anti-wrinkle appointment.

Can I Bend Forward After Botox?

You shouldn’t bend forward in a way that might cause blood to rush to the face within six hours of having anti-wrinkle. This means no headstands or downward dogs in yoga – and best avoid the ‘bend and snap’ for a bit too.

Read the full article for more advice from Dr Josh.

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