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The Blog SPA+CLINIC: Trap Slimming ‘Barbie Injectables’ In Demand

The world’s most iconic doll is still setting trends, with ‘Barbiecore’ turning our wardrobes a hot shade of pink. But did you know there’s a trend emerging in the cosmetic medicine industry too?

Beauty and wellness website SPA+CLINIC bring readers the latest in beauty news, highlighting the best new services, treatments and cosmetic trends, and has highlighted the hottest new treatment to have in-clinic: ‘Barbie Injectables’ and more specifically, ‘Barbie Shoulders’. It’s a look created by strategic slimming of the trapezius muscle area, or ‘traps’ as you will have heard at the gym. But what are Barbie shoulders and why do people want them? How is this treatment done?

SPA+CLINIC consulted our Medical Director Dr Josh Wall, who explained how anti-wrinkle injections are used to cause this slimming effect for the trap muscles, giving the treatment its name of ‘Trap Slimming‘ or the nickname ‘Traptox’.

By shrinking and slimming down bulky muscle in this area, a more refined and feminine aesthetic can be achieved, with improved definition between neck and shoulder.

“Using anti-wrinkle injections, we target specific muscle groups in the trapezius region to reduce muscle bulk and create a more refined, sculpted appearance,” says Dr Josh.

“This not only enhances aesthetics but also brings about numerous functional advantages. Individuals experiencing tension headaches, neck stiffness, or discomfort due to hypertrophic trapezius muscles can benefit significantly from our non-invasive approach.”

SPA+CLINIC also quizzed our very own Dr Robert Laidlaw, Clinic Director and Cosmetic Physician at Contour Clinics Castle Hill, to learn more about the treatment.

Read the Q&A here for Dr Robert’s expertise on Trap Slimming.

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