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The Blog How To Reverse Dermal Filler With Hyalase

Dermal fillers are a common cosmetic procedure used to add volume to areas of your face or make yourself look younger. Like with any cosmetic or medical procedure, problems can arise, and there are lots of reasons why someone might want to have their filler reversed. This includes migration and bumps, or just an unsatisfactory result that wasn’t what you wanted. These issues can be caused by mistakes made by inexperienced practitioners, or simply the unreliable way your body responds to filler. If you’re having these issues, we have a simple step by step guide on how to get your filler dissolved.

Step 1: Identify The Problem

Before you try to find a solution, you need to know what the issue you want to solve is. What makes you want your filler dissolved? Does your face look asymmetric, are there bumps, or has the filler migrated? If you only know that something looks wrong, compare to pictures online or consult a professional to identify what it is you’re unsatisfied with.

Step 2: Try Facial Massage

Mild issues like smaller bumps or slight asymmetry can be fixed by facial massage. Allow the practitioner that injected you to perform a massage on the affected area or have them instruct you in the proper technique so you can do it yourself. Facial massage won’t always work, but it’s a quick and simple solution that’s worth trying first.

Step 3: Check If Dissolving The Filler Is The Right Step

If the massage didn’t work, discuss with your practitioner if dissolving the filler is right for you. Different kinds of filler require different products to be dissolved, and some can’t be dissolved at all, so check if using hyalase or another product is the right step for you. Similarly, if you don’t want to lose your filler entirely, there are ways to reinject filler in other areas of your face to fix some issues. This doesn’t include bumps and migration. Lastly, if the issue is minor enough that you can live with it, the easiest and less risky way to move forward is to wait for the filler to be dissolved by your body.

Step 4: Get Hyalase Injected

If you’ve decided to have your filler dissolved, go for it! Choose an experienced, qualified professional that you can trust and who has the appropriate credentials and let them inject the hyalase into the affected area of your face. Hyalase works by breaking down the hyaluronic acid which is the main component of your dermal filler. It helps your body absorb these molecules faster than it would have done on its own.

Step 5: Wait For The Results

Hyalase starts working immediately, but the dissolving process will continue for 24-48 hours after injection. It is also difficult to see results at first, as there will be some swelling. Don’t feel discouraged by how you look immediately after the injection but go home and wait for a couple of days to see the true results.

Step 6: Return If Needed

There are cases where multiple injections of hyalase are required. Old filler which has been refilled multiple times or large lumps are more durable, and sometimes the filler is more spread out than in other cases. Just like you can overfill filler, you can overfill hyalase, so no knowledgeable practitioner will inject too much at once. If you’ve waited 48 hours and aren’t happy with your results and still have filler you’d like to dissolve, then return to the clinic for as many injection sessions as are required.

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