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The Blog How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

What an age we live in; we can choose to have the lips we want!

Lip fillers are one of our most popular and consistently in-demand treatments and it’s easy to see why. Living with thin, diminished and unflattering lips is not something we have to put up with. Now we can design our own luscious pout to perfection and give our facial aesthetic what it’s been missing! 

Once you’ve had lip filler, you’re bound to fall in love with your new look. So, it’s understandable that you want to know how long this dreamy new look will last. 

What mileage can we get from this treatment? How long do lip fillers last? 

What are Lip Fillers and How Do They Work?

Lip filler injections work by physically filling your lips with a product comprised of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in the human body already. Hyaluronic acid (HA) draws water to the lips, making them plumper and fuller.

The dermal filler product used for lip fillers is a gel-like substance that physically fills the space where it is injected, thereby volumising the targeted area.

Just like any other area of the face, your lips can become thinner through the loss of volume that occurs as you age. Lip fillers are an ideal way to address this depletion of fullness and return your lips to their youthful state. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted fuller, sexier, more luscious lips but weren’t naturally blessed with these attributes.

Lip enhancement with fillers is the perfect solution for creating a more plush, defined look for your lips.

Lip filler is a treatment that is designed to last a long time. It’s not permanent though, which is a positive for most people, as they are not wanting to make a lifetime commitment to a cosmetic procedure, and they appreciate the freedom to stop or start treatments at any time.

The Lip Filling Procedure: A Quick Overview

Lip filler is a relatively straightforward, time-effective treatment that can have you in and out of the clinic within 45 minutes. 

Your cosmetic injector or doctor will usually take as little as 10 minutes to perform your treatment. 

The rest of the appointment duration is used for consultation to discuss what you want from your lip fillers and how they should look, and the application of numbing cream while allowing adequate time for it to come into full effect.

The visual effects of your lip enhancement treatment can be seen immediately after your procedure.

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

Some people find their lips look back to normal after a few months, while others don’t need another lip filler treatment for more than a year.

Everyone’s body is unique and different, so every person will metabolise their filler injections at different rates. It’s impossible to know how quickly your body will respond unless you’ve had injections before.

It’s important to note though, that while fillers can visibly disappear from the treated area, the filler itself can still be present in the area. This means that repeat treatments can have a subtly compounding effect, and therefore you may not require as much filler each time, or you can space out your treatments further over time.

As the filler product is comprised of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is already present in the human body, it will be naturally broken down over time. This means that the effects of the fillers will decrease in a gradual and subtle manner.

Despite some myths, your lips will not be permanently affected by fillers; they will not be stretched, or require more fillers, or be changed long-term. After fillers have been broken down by the body, your lips will return to the same state they were in before you had your fillers.

Most patients like to have repeat treatments every 6-9 months to maintain the look of their lip fillers. 

Factors Affecting How Long Lip Fillers Can Last

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to make lip fillers last longer once you’ve received them – it’s down to the workings of your body from here on out. 

Your body will naturally metabolise the hyaluronic acid at its own natural rate and your lips will slowly and gradually return to their natural shape and size over time. 

But there are factors that influence an individual’s ability or likelihood of retaining the filler for longer. 

  • Metabolism. If you live in the gym and are sweating it out daily, it’s likely that your metabolism will be faster, and your elimination of toxins will be higher and faster too. This means that your body will be more effective in processing things through its system – including your fillers. This doesn’t mean you should decrease your exercise in favour of fillers! The difference will only be slight and may just mean getting your lip fillers every 6 months as opposed to every 7 or 8. 
  • Product. Did you know that we use different types of fillers? Dermal filler comes in varying thickness for using in different areas. For example, we use thicker, more structured filler in zones such as the cheeks so that we can create cheekbones. For lips, we want them to be softer, plusher and more pliable, so we use softer fillers for this purpose. The most popular and effective dermal fillers for the lips are ones made up of softer, more supple gels. The softer and thinner the filler, the faster it breaks down. 
  • Quality. With lower quality fillers, results can last as little as 3 months or less. Contour Clinics uses only premium lip fillers, and hence the results of our lip filler treatments generally last between 6 and 12 months for the majority of our patients. 
  • Technique. The skill of your practitioner matters! When administered artfully and with appropriate technique, lip filler can be placed in such a way as to make your visual results go that little bit further. 

Enhancing Lips: The Art and Science

Lip filler is an artform! Not all cosmetic injectors are equal, and therefore it’s essential that you trust only a reputable clinic with proven results in achieving lip filler excellence.

Different lip enhancement techniques can be used to add definition to the borders of your lips, fill your lips by adding volume, or by turn the lip borders out for height. We will also discuss what you don’t like about your lips, such as the common issue of asymmetry, which we can correct.

Of course, art and skill must be backed by science and safety; the efficacy behind the concept of lip filler lies in its unique composition of hyaluronic acid (HA) and a gel-like base.

The HA is a naturally occurring substance already found in our body and it acts as a magnet for water, helping your skin stay hydrated and firm and thereby promoting natural plumping of surrounding tissues. The gel body of the filler acts as a physical volumiser.

Because lip filler is hyaluronic acid based, this makes it reversible. This can be done with injections of a substance called Hyalase, which works to break down and dissolve the filler, allowing your lips to immediately return to their original state.

Why Choose Contour Clinics for Your Lip Fillers?

If you want to trust that your lip filler treatment is done with your ultimate best outcome in mind, tailored to your exact requirements and unique features, you’ve come to the right clinic.

Led by skilful doctors with a keen and considered anaesthetic eye, Contour Clinics is renowned and reliable for achieving our patients’ desired looks to perfection, all the while providing the most safe and comfortable experience.

We know lips and we know how to achieve a look that will be just right for you. Everyone is an individual and we understand that you need a procedure that will enhance your natural features and give you your best look.

Before performing your lip filler treatment, we will start with a consultation where you and your cosmetic injector will discuss how to achieve your desired look.

Your new lips will look great straightaway and, because we only use the best lip fillers on the market, the results will last between 6-12 months.

We are extremely knowledgeable in performing lip enhancement treatments with the gold standard in product and industry-leading technique, all designed to minimise discomfort and maximise your outcome.

Our team of medical professionals support you on your aesthetic journey – before and after your appointment. This is the advantage of choosing Contour Clinics for your lip fillers! 

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