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The Blog How Long Do Anti-Wrinkle Injections Last?

We all want our fabulous effects to stay put of course, but it’s also comforting to know that anti-wrinkle injections are not causing a permanent change to your looks. 

Anti-wrinkle does gradually wear off as the body processes the toxin through its natural lymphatic system, and therefore the efficacy of the anti-wrinkle product gradually depletes.  

That means top-up treatments are necessary. So naturally you’ll want to know, how often will you need treatments? 

How long do anti-wrinkle injections last? Let’s answer that question with a closer look at anti-wrinkle, how it works, and what can affect its longevity. 

Understanding Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle as an injectable product consists of a purified version of a naturally occurring protein. As a cosmetic treatment, anti-wrinkle has been safely used for over 30 years on over 100 million patients globally. 

When injected into wrinkle-causing muscles, these proteins work by temporarily blocking nerve signals to the muscle. This controlled weakening reduces muscle movement, causing the wrinkles over the muscles to become smooth and disappear.

Anti-wrinkle injections act in two ways; they smooth existing fine lines and wrinkles, and they relax the overactive muscle responsible for causing the formation of lines and creases in a particular area.   

Relaxing the applicable muscle essentially puts a pause on the ageing process, as it can prevent deeper, more permanent wrinkles from forming.  

It’s not all about the surface level either – there are other effective uses for anti-wrinkle injections besides treating facial lines.  

They can also provide a lifting effect to the brows and neck; they help to decrease lower facial fullness by slimming down bulky muscle in the jaw (a treatment called Facial Slimming); and they can even treat excessive sweating.

The Anti-Wrinkle Injection Procedure: What to Expect

For when you step into an anti-wrinkle injections procedure, here’s the lowdown on what to expect. 

First off, your experienced Cosmetic Doctor or Senior Cosmetic Injector will have a chat with you to understand your goals and preferences. According to this discussion with you and their expertise in how to achieve your desired outcome, they’ll carefully mark the areas where the injections will go. 

Once you’re settled, they’ll use a fine needle to inject a small amount of the chosen solution into specific muscles beneath your skin. Don’t worry – discomfort is usually minimal, often described as a quick pinch. The injection process itself typically takes just a few minutes. 

Afterward, you might notice some slight redness or swelling around the injection sites, but this usually subsides within a short time. There’s no need to hit pause on your day – you can usually resume regular activities right away. 

As for results, while you might not see instant magic, you’ll start noticing the effects within a few days to a week. 

Over the following weeks, wrinkles and lines in the treated areas should soften and gradually fade, revealing a more refreshed you. 

How Long Do Anti-Wrinkle Injections Last?

The allure of our high-value anti-wrinkle treatment lies in its transformative effects that can last for several months. This makes anti-wrinkle an excellent investment for your aesthetic care, as it yields results that are not only satisfyingly effective but also long-lasting. 

Imbued with the latest advancements in cosmetic medicine, anti-wrinkle injectable treatments at Contour Clinics gracefully address fine lines and wrinkles, revealing a rejuvenated visage that radiates vitality. 

It’s great to know that anti-wrinkle, comparatively speaking, is a long-lasting treatment. Patients typically savour the outcomes for a span of 3–6 months, a testament to the quality and efficacy of this injectable. 

It’s important to bear in mind that individual experiences may vary, and this can also vary according to age, metabolism and the area being treated. 

Some zones of the face are more active than others, and therefore the muscle being relaxed is more active and requires more units of anti-wrinkle, with more frequent refreshes.

Factors That Affect How Long Anti-Wrinkle Injections Last

Let’s uncover the science behind why the effects of anti-wrinkle treatments typically endure for a span of 3–6 months. 

These treatments work their magic by targeting the muscles responsible for creating wrinkles and fine lines. They temporarily block nerve signals to these muscles, causing them to relax and smoothen out the skin’s surface. 

However, this relaxation isn’t permanent due to the dynamic nature of our facial muscles and the natural breakdown of the injected substance over time. 

The body gradually metabolises the injected material, allowing the muscle activity to return gradually. As muscle movement resumes, wrinkles and lines can reappear. 

The timeframe of 3–6 months emerges as a common range for the longevity of these effects. 

This window considers individual variations in metabolism, the specific product used, and the treatment area. 

Areas with more robust muscle activity, like the forehead, might see effects wear off sooner than areas with less muscle movement, like the cheeks. 

Moreover, the temporary nature of these treatments is often seen as an advantage, as it allows clients to adjust and fine-tune their appearance as desired over time. Regular touch-ups within this timeframe can help maintain the desired look while adapting to any changes in skin and muscle behaviour. 

In essence, the transient nature of anti-wrinkle treatments is rooted in the interplay between muscle physiology, the injected substance’s breakdown, and the body’s natural processes. This understanding helps set appropriate expectations for patients seeking to rejuvenate their appearance while embracing the natural evolution of their skin. 

Maintaining Your Anti-Wrinkle Injection Results

Where the product is injected is where you want it to stay. The following instructions are to decrease the risk of the anti-wrinkle product moving south and causing drooping brows/eyelids or ending in a poor cosmetic result.

There are some general aftercare guidelines that are worth adhering to post treatment, to optimise the results of your anti-wrinkle injections. 

Here is what you should avoid:

  • Rubbing or massaging treated areas for 5 days. Gentle cleansing is fine.  
  • Excessive alcohol consumption 24 hours before and after treatment.  
  • Strenuous activity or intensive exercise for 24 hours after treatment.
  • Lying flat within 4 hours post treatment. 
  • Bending forwards or downwards for an extended time, such as in yoga or Pilates movements. 
  • Facial treatments including laser, peels, needling and waxing for one week post treatment. 

Choosing Contour Clinics for Your Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

All anti-wrinkle treatments at Contour Clinics are performed only by highly experienced, fully qualified and skilled clinicians, who treat each patient as an individual, tailoring treatment to your unique requirements. 

Your treatment at Contour Clinics comes with: 

Complimentary consultation with your Cosmetic Doctor or Senior Cosmetic Injector 

  • Fully qualified, experienced and knowledgeable clinician performing your treatment
  • Premium TGA-approved anti-wrinkle product used, guaranteed 
  • Gold standard, industry-leading techniques used 
  • Complimentary follow-up appointment to review results 
  • Complimentary top-up, if required 

Talk to our friendly patient care team! We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our anti-wrinkle treatments. 

 Book a consultation with us! Consultation at Contour Clinics is comprehensive, complimentary and obligation-free. 

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