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A true sign of ageing can be seen in your skin, which is why many patients consider anti-wrinkle injections to overcome this. You may have started to notice that your face has started developing fine lines and wrinkles, and you want to pause time and regain your youthful looks.

Your body naturally produces collagen, and this is what retains the elasticity in your skin and keeps it firm and smooth. However, the amount of collagen that your body makes decreases with age, which is why you may have started to notice an increase in fine lines and wrinkles.

The start of wrinkles

Wrinkles mostly begin on the areas of your face that see a lot of movements, such as your eyes, forehead and mouth.

While a good skincare regime can help to keep your skin clear and healthy looking, anti-wrinkle injections can smooth out your skin and help to prevent deeper lines from forming. In our selfie world, knowing that your skin looks great means that you can take your pictures with confidence without having to worry about those pesky wrinkles that can cause your make-up to sit in the lines and make them more obvious.

What happens when you first have anti-wrinkle injections?

At Contour Clinics, our doctor led cosmetic practice will ensure that you get a personalised approach to your treatment so that you get your desired results. With a team of experienced doctors and nurses, you can be confident that your body and beauty are in the best hands.

Typically, someone who is younger will need less anti-wrinkle units injected than someone older. We’ll give you a complimentary personalised assessment so that you can find out what you’ll need. We also only ever use premium products so that you can get the best results from your treatment.

We take photos of your face beforehand so that you can see the transformation that occurs over the 3-10 days after the procedure. During your review, we’ll take more pictures to provide you with a comparison.

How long do anti-wrinkle injections last?

When you choose an experienced cosmetic doctor or nurse to perform your treatment, you can expect your anti-wrinkle injections to last longer. This is because they can ensure they provide you with the right number of units, and this, coupled with their expertise of facial anatomy, means that there is less chance of complications.

The results from your treatment will last between 3-4 months, but if you start having them regularly, this impacts the amount of time needed in between treatments.

Contact us today at Contour Clinics for your complimentary assessment, and you can turn back the hands of time and prevent further ageing.

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