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The Blog BODY+SOUL: ‘Tried and Tested: Jawline Filler’

Lifestyle and wellness magazine BODY+SOUL‘s editor Nicholas Fonseca put his jaw on the line to see if our Jawline Filler treatment could revive and improve its natural contour.

“People who receive jawline fillers often find themselves on the receiving end of praise from friends and colleagues within weeks.” – BODY+SOUL

With one visit to the Contour Clinics Newtown HQ clinic and a modest quantity of filler used, Nicholas could see his results straightaway, noting a marked improvement in the definition of his facial contours.

Our Senior Cosmetic Injector treated Nicholas with a firmer type of dermal filler, selected for its suitability in mimicking the bone of the jaw, so that a clean angle can be sculpted with a natural look.

While jawline filler is an excellent treatment for creating and enhancing definition, it can also be used to correct asymmetry in the facial structure.

In Nicholas’ case, his clinician was able to create balance by increasing jawline prominence on one side.

The beauty of jawline filler is that it can be masterfully used to subtly tweak your facial aesthetic, as much as it can be used to dramatically transform.

And, BODY+SOUL‘s journalist has shown, it can be done with complete comfort in as little as a lunch hour, with no impact on the rest of your day.

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