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The Blog BODY+SOUL: ‘Tried and Tested: Brotox’

Body+Soul magazine, Australia’s trusted and respected publication for all things health, wellness, body and lifestyle, visited the Contour Clinics HQ in Newtown for an anti-wrinkle appointment with our Medical Director, Dr Josh Wall.

Dr Josh treated Body+Soul‘s male writer to what is becoming known as ‘Brotox‘, a men-specific version of anti-wrinkle injections, tailored for the male face.

“I get injections in my ‘triangle of sadness’ (between the eyebrows, where wrinkles borne of life’s difficulties are said to emerge) and upper cheek,” says the writer.

The publication highlighted the difference between men and women receiving the treatment, and how consultations and dosage can differ between the two.


“Men seeking anti-wrinkle treatments (and statistics show that more than ever are doing so) need different consultations and enhancements to women.” – Body+Soul magazine


“That’s because the average male face presents differently across everything – from chin width, brow position and forehead contour to skin laxity and thickness,” the article explains.
“Men require a treatment in higher dosages to achieve results.”

What did Body+Soul‘s writer think of their Brotox results?

“A week or so post-session, my lack of sleep isn’t overwhelming my face, my forehead looks just smooth enough and my face just youthful enough, without belying my age.” – Body+Soul magazine


See the full article below, published in Body+Soul magazine.



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