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The Blog Bioremodeller vs Fillers: What’s the Difference?

Bioremodeller has rapidly become one of our most in-demand treatments at Contour Clinics, and our patients are delighted with its excellent results. 

Not to be confused with dermal fillers, or collagen-prompting biostimulators or skinboosters, bioremodeller is an entirely different creature.

Pitting one treatment against the other Bioremodeller vs Fillers – is redundant, because they’re both for different purposes.

Bioremodeller is a hyaluronic-based product that’s placed at various points of the face and neck to be effective in remodelling the skin’s condition and appearance from beneath its surface.

So, is bioremodeller a filler? The answer is a definite NO.

It’s not for structural augmentation; it doesn’t volumise, you cannot overfill with it, and it doesn’t change the shape of your face.

Here we explain exactly how these two treatments differ…

About What Is Bioremodeller?

The best way to think of bioremodeller is like injectable skin care.

Imagine a super-potent serum that works from the inside out instead of being applied on the outside, but far, far more effective. It’s like a shot of youth, and the results are satisfyingly noticeable. 

Bioremodeller provides strength, repair and intense hydration to the skin beneath surface level, so that results show on the outside from the inside. Skin will be visibly tightened, and its texture and tone will be improved, thereby prompting a smoothing and lifting effect. 

With these benefits comes perhaps the biggest of all: a complexion that looks obviously more youthful, plush, bright and firm. It’s like going back in time to your younger skin, before ageing and environmental stressors caused further wrinkling, sagging and depletion of elasticity. 

Similar to the skin you naturally had in younger years, your bioremodelled skin benefits from being more taut, elastic and soft with moisture.

This provides a lifted look to your facial aesthetic – much like lax skin being given a new lease of life and, as a result, tightening back into place.

Read this article by VOGUE for more about our Bioremodeller treatment at Contour Clinics.

Explained: Is Bioremodeller a Filler?

Bioremodeller vs fillers: are they the same?

Although they are both delivered as injectables, bioremodeller and dermal filler are two very different things, so they’re not really comparable beyond the fact that they’re both delivered by syringe.  

Bioremodeller is used as a highly effective and repairing skin conditioner, quite like skin care, while dermal filler is used primarily to alter and enhance the structure of the face by physically filling hollowness caused by loss of fat pads through ageing. 

Both contain hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance that’s already found in our skin. HA helps to bind water to collagen, so that skin looks plumper, dewier, and more hydrated. 

However, the main purpose of dermal filler is to fill a space beneath the skin to increase the volume of that facial feature, while bioremodeller works to infuse layers beneath the skin with intense hydration and deeply reparative properties, in order to remodel the skin itself. 

It’s not a question of which is better – these two treatments work beautifully in conjunction with one another – but more a question of your specific concern. They are completely different treatments with different purposes, so you must ask yourself what you want to address. 

Do you want to subtly sculpt or enhance the overall structure of your face? Fillers are your answer. Or, do you want your skin to look and feel plusher and juicier, and appear naturally uplifted, without altering your shape? 

If it’s the latter, then bioremodeller will be the perfect solution for you. It will firm, repair and hydrate the skin from the inside out, and as a result, your skin enjoys a natural ‘lift’ caused by the improved elasticity.  

By drastically boosting hydration and tone, bioremodeller provides natural lift without adding volume. 

Bioremodeller vs Fillers: The Main Differences

Being that these two treatments differ in substance, purpose, and results, there are many reasons why bioremodeller could be a more suitable option for some patients than dermal fillers or other injectables.

Really, these two treatments cannot be presented side by side as comparable options, or as ‘bioremodeller vs fillers’, because they do entirely different jobs.

Bioremodeller is a unique treatment that provides different benefits to dermal fillers, and is often chosen for entirely different reasons.

  • Does not fill hollows/cavities or add volume
  • Won't change the structure or shape of the treated area
  • Will improve the texture, laxity and tone of the treated skin through collagen production and hydration
  • Is not designed to enlarge an area but instead makes skin naturally plump
  • Creates tautness in skin through boosting its elasticity, not by pulling tighter due to added volume
  • Treats sagging skin and provides a lifted effect due to improvement in skin laxity
  • Spreads beneath the skin like liquid honey; is not solid and does not volumise
  • Doesn't have issues with migration; is designed to travel in order to cover all parts of the face evenly
  • No downtime or swelling; instead may result in some minor bumps immediately after the procedure, which go away quickly
  • Begins to work immediately but does not provide visible results straightaway; visual effects will build over a few weeks

Treatment vs Treatment What Are the Benefits of Bioremodeller Over Filler?

Let’s imagine you’re trying to decide between two treatments – bioremodeller vs fillers – as a solution for your skin concerns.

Why might you find bioremodeller more suitable?

  • You don’t want to add volume or alter the shape of your face
  • You’re not comfortable with muscle-relaxing injections
  • Loss of volume in your face doesn’t bother you; you just want your skin to appear tighter
  • There are signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, creasing and sagging
  • Your skin feels dry and looks dull
  • Your skin has uneven texture and tone
  • You feel as though your skin makes you look unhealthy
  • When you touch your facial skin, it doesn’t ‘bounce’ back like it used to
  • You don’t like the idea of dermal fillers, or you’ve already got fillers and don’t want to risk over-treating

Treatable Areas Where Can Bioremodeller Be Used?

Bioremodeller is placed at five points on each side of the face, spaced about 4cm apart. These injection points are the upper cheek, nasal base, lower cheek, jawline and chin. 

This method has been clinically tested to ensure maximum efficiency of treatment time and patient comfort, incurring minimal soreness or swelling. 

Once administered, the bioremodeller will spread to 4cm in diameter across the treated area, thereby achieving complete coverage of the face. 

Bioremodeller is most popularly used in the face and neck but can be successfully used anywhere on the body with visible skin. It has been used for years in Europe for the treatment of a variety of areas on the body.

When considering the benefits of bioremodeller vs fillers, it’s important to decide whether you are more concerned with improving your skin’s texture and tone while repairing damage, or whether you are wanting to sculpt or create volume for a facial feature lacking definition. 

Safety Is Bioremodeller Approved in Australia?

Yes! This product is safe and fully approved by the TGA for use in Australia. 

We are pleased to offer the world-leading brand of bioremodeller here at Contour Clinics, available at all locations across Sydney and Brisbane. 

After years of success in the UK and Europe, this bioremodeller product is now here in Australia, and we perform bioremodeller injections Sydney wide and in Brisbane to hugely popular demand. 

At last, our cosmetic injectors can give our valued patients the benefits of this breakthrough treatment, using the gold standard in bioremodeller injectables.

Results How Long Does Bioremodeller Last?

The results from bioremodeller injectables usually last for about 6 months for most patients. 

For your first encounter with bioremodeller – the initial phase where you’ll be laying the foundation of your treatment, so to speak – it’s recommended that you have two or three sessions, each spaced one month apart. 

Then, after about 6 months, you can simply maintain your results with a top-up treatment every 3–6 months.

Combining Treatments Can You Have Bioremodeller and Fillers Together?

While you can have bioremodeller injections on skin that already has fillers, it’s not recommended to have new dermal fillers at the same time as – or too soon after – your bioremodeller treatment. 

The reason for this is that the full effects of bioremodeller take about two weeks to be seen, so having fillers before this could create an undesirable result. 

When you think about the differing effects of bioremodeller vs fillers, it makes sense to wait for your skin to reach its smoother, tighter and more lifted state from bioremodeller, before you assess it for structural enhancement with dermal fillers.

It is best to space your treatments apart, so that full results can be seen, and therefore your skin and face can be accurately assessed.

Once the initial two weeks following your bioremodeller has passed, it’s totally fine to go ahead with your dermal filler treatment. 

Your Treatment Explore Cosmetic Injectables with Contour Clinics

Bioremodeller is a highly effective option for repairing, refreshing and remodelling your skin, to the point where appearance, texture and laxity are all vastly improved. 

If you’d like to learn more about having Bioremodeller injectables at Contour Clinics, contact us by phone or online to discuss your suitability for this treatment and make an appointment. 

Not quite ready to dive in? You can also book a complimentary consultation with one of our expert clinicians, who will assess your skin and create a tailored treatment plan just for you.

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