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The Blog Double Up: Best Treatments For Couples

Your partner brings out the best in you, right? 

Time to return the favour!

We’ve rounded up the best treatments for couples, so that you and your sweetheart can indulge in some self-love, together.

Whether it’s for face or body, there’s something for everyone in our clinics – even if your beloved is a sworn sceptic of cosmetic treatments.

Show your partner what they’ve been missing at Contour Clinics, where they can discover a huge range of ways to boost their self-confidence, with treatments that make them look and feel their ultimate best.

You two look good together

The couple that treats together, looks good together.

You do everything else as a team, so why not share the love when it comes to your beautifying treatments?

If your partner hasn’t had cosmetic treatments before, it could be fun to introduce them to the possibilities that cosmetic medicine can offer.

Coming for treatments together can be a great bonding experience, with the intimacy of sharing personal goals, and the satisfaction of achieving them together.

We get it – some treatments are best kept solo. Depending on the nature of the treatment, it might be more comfortable to experience alone, or it might be very private.

That’s why we’ve cherry-picked the treatments we think are great for sharing with your significant other.

Laser Skin Therapy

There are a multitude of ways to repair and elevate your skin, and we offer the industry gold standard in technology for dermal laser treatments.

Have you both been punishing your skin with years of sun worship? Make it a team effort to un-do the damage, with some rounds of IPL or a course of laser skin resurfacing.

Are you both missing the taut, firm skin of your youths? With the revolutionary effects of Morpheus8 skin needling, you can turn back the clock together.

Skin in a slump and feeling dull? You’ll both feel the reawakening boost of our chemical peels, which work wonders for dull complexions.

Dermal Fillers

We’re not suggesting you come in for matching lip fillers (unless that’s your thing). Dermal fillers can be used to complement and improve different areas of the face, for different goals – feminine AND masculine.

Cheek filler is a popular treatment for projecting and defining cheekbones with a subtle lift, which is great for women who want that sculpted, contoured look.

Meanwhile, jaw filler and chin augmentation are excellent treatments for men wanting a strong and chiselled effect for their facial aesthetic.

Mole Removal

Ok, not the most sexy of ways to spend an afternoon together, but we highly recommend the after effects!

Both you and your partner will feel a boost in body confidence once you’ve undergone our scarless mole removal procedure.

Emerge from the clinic smooth and blemish-free, with no unsightly moles or skin tags holding you back from baring your bod in revealing clothing or at the beach.

Masseter Injectables

Also referred to as facial slimming for its ability to slim the jaw, this treatment involves anti-wrinkle being placed into the masseter muscle located at the back of the jawline.

The reason this is so popular is because the anti-wrinkle works as a muscle relaxant, and is a god-send for sufferers of teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and TMJ.

Whether your concern is more medical, such as tension headaches and dental damage, or it’s more cosmetic, such as jaw muscle bulkiness causing fullness in the lower face, this treatment will be a winner for you both.

Tattoo Removal

Their ex is well and truly in the past; if only that tattoo of their initials wasn’t still hanging around on your partner’s bod.

Or maybe you both have ink you no longer love, and no longer feel it represents who are you are.

If you’re sick of staring at someone else’s name on their skin, then perhaps a tattoo removal laser treatment is in order.

If all else fails, make a pact to eradicate old ink to make way for your new matching tatts.

Treatments for two

You can come for a consultation as a couple with any of our expert Doctors or Cosmetic Injectors, free of charge, and we’ll be happy to chat with you both!

We can discuss your suitability for treatment, and answer any questions you may have about the procedure and its results.

Get in touch with our friendly team and talk to us about treatment options, and to book an appointment for you and your partner.

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