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The Blog 9Honey: Why two Sydney women got their vaginas tightened

9Honey spoke to two Contour Clinics patients recently on why they choose to have a vaginal tightening procedure.

Did you know? Women across the world are getting Tempsure Vitalia vaginal rejuvenation treatments to tighten vaginal tissues, improve vaginal dryness, improve bladder control and augment sensation by stimulating nerve ending renewal, restoring the function and femininity that many women lose during the normal ageing process.


Sydney Mum Daisy, 35

Daisy has a five-year-old child, and after her vaginal birth, she became “very self-conscious” about her vulva.

“It’s definitely not the same after you have a baby,” Daisy tells 9Honey, saying it was one of the things she was “worried” about even before she was pregnant, and after she gave birth, it “definitely didn’t go back to the way it was.”

Undergoing a vaginal tightening, she says, at least psychologically “brought me back to me,” which, for her, was “life-changing.”

“It made me feel, ‘That’s me again, I’m young again, I’m sexy again,'” she says.


Sex columnist Nadia Bokody, 38

“It was definitely a slow, gradual effect that I just over time started noticing, like, ‘Yeah, this is actually better,” Bokody says. “It wasn’t like the next day I went out and started having life-changing sex. But as time went on, I just noticed, like, ‘Oh, things are definitely feeling better and improving.'”

Bokody says she is happy to be open about getting the treatments because it’s something she feels needs to become “normalised” as it has “the ability to impact our lives in such a profound, positive way.”


You can find the article here.

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