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The Blog 7News: The Non-Surgical ‘Tweakments’ Celebs Love

Australian media platform 7News consulted Sydney’s top cosmetic practitioners for insight on non-surgical treatments, to include in a comprehensive run-down of the hottest, most favoured ‘tweakments’ loved by celebrities right now.

One of those respected Cosmetic Doctors was Medical Director of Contour Clinics, Dr Josh Wall, who gave his expertise on the superior results that can be gained with collagen-stimulator treatments.

Collagen-stimulating injections work to trigger and increase collagen production, thereby rebuilding and reinforcing your skin’s structural foundation.

Through a series of treatments (usually around three sessions in a few months) the collagen-stimulator can achieve a significant and visible improvement in skin volume and tightness.


“For younger, plumper and healthier looking skin, I direct all my patients to collagen-stimulating injections.” – Dr Josh Wall


Performed in as little as 30 minutes, the most popular treatment areas include the forehead, temples, jawline, mouth, nose, chin and cheeks.

“Performing this treatment, I can get twice the amount of lift, double the volume, and a better overall result – resulting in more value to the patient,” Dr Josh explained to 7News.

“Plus, the treatment induces renewal of facial collagen fibres, so it provides a significant increase in skin volume and tightness over time.”

Collagen-stimulating treatments are offered at all Contour Clinics locations; Five Dock, Newtown, Castle Hill and Miranda in Sydney, and Stones Corner in Brisbane.


“Best of all, there’s no need to book time off work or plan for a rest – there’s absolutely no downtime required.” – 7News


No idea whether you need dermal fillers, bioremodeller or collagen-stimulator? Need some expert advice on how to rejuvenate and lift your facial features without surgery?

Find out more about Collagen-Stimulating Injections and book a complimentary consultation with our doctor-led team.


‘From Combatting Zoom-Face to Kim K’s Favourite Combo: the Non-Surgical ‘Tweakments Celebs Love’: read the full article by 7News.

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