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The Blog 7NEWS: ‘Experts reveal the non-surgical beauty treatments that actually work’

“How to really turn back the clock”

A journalist for 7News tested a number of the ‘tweakments’ currently on offer in Australia, to decipher exactly what’s worth your money.

For its up-to-the-minute shortlist of the gold standard in age-defying treatments, 7News asked for the expertise of Australia’s leading practitioners, including our medical experts here at Contour Clinics.


The following is an excerpt from the article by 7News:

Think you know fillers? Think again.

While social media has turned against dermal fillers — with over-filled celebs, including the likes of Madonna, facing increasing amounts of flack — there is a new kind of filler on the market.

It’s one that is said to work with your body’s own collagen production for a more natural, long-lasting result

Part of the range of trendy new ‘bio stimulator’ treatments, this collagen-stimulating injectable is the only dermal filler that claims to offer both instant volume and increased long-term production of collagen.

“Collagen-stimulator gives instant volume and, over time, increases the body’s collagen production, which tightens and firms the skin,” explain the Cosmetic Doctors at Contour Clinics — one of the only cosmetic clinics offering the breakthrough treatment.

“It does not cause the swollen and puffy look that HA fillers sometimes can.

“For this reason, it’s the perfect choice for multiple areas of the face, especially the jawline where we want that ‘snatched’ look.”

Made of biomedical polycaprolactone microspheres housed in a gel, when injected into the skin the dual-action filler purports to become immediately “bioresorbable”. This means the compound will be replaced by the body’s own tissues and then reabsorbed into the body. With the gel being reabsorbed, the production of new collagen takes place, leading to a greater elasticity in the skin, a reduction in wrinkles and increased ‘lifting’.

This new breed of filler is part of the industry’s ‘prevent rather than cure’ trend.

“Trends in cosmetics are changing and a more natural results and good skin is the focus now,” say Contour Clinics. “It gives both volume and good skin, but without overfilled ‘puffy’ look.

“We want to age gracefully and naturally, and focus on prevention more than anything now — not just immediate filling and short-lived results. We want to focus on reversing or slowing down the ageing process. And certainly, for younger, natural, more ‘plump’ skin, we direct patients to collagen-stimulating injections.”

If you need any more incentive, this collagen-stimulating injectable also boasts an increased lifespan that’s infinitely longer than the fillers of old.

“Depending on the products we use, it varies between two and four years,” Contour Clinics says.

“For time-poor patients, it’s great and it’s excellent for for patients who exercise a lot or have a fast metabolism, who may find they metabolise fillers too quickly.”



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