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The Blog Introducing ‘The Doctor’s Take On Aesthetics’ Podcast by Contour Clinics

​Ever wondered what two cosmetic doctors would be saying to each other about the treatments and procedures that they perform every day?​

​Oh, to be a fly on the wall of a doctor’s office when the patients are gone, and the staff are talking shop. Well, now we’re welcoming you to be all ears.​

A Podcast by Contour Clinics

This is ‘The Doctor’s Take On Aesthetics’ – a brand-new podcast by Contour Clinics, featuring the company’s very own creator and Medical Director, Dr. Josh Wall.​ Known and revered for his incredible skills and forefront knowledge in the world of cosmetic medicine, Dr. Josh is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the fountain of youth.​

In these episodes, Dr Josh is joined by a series of medical peers in the cosmetic medicine industry, talking about anything and everything to do with aesthetic enhancement for the face and body.​ ​

Whether you’re new to cosmetic beauty treatments and feeling curious about the ‘what’s and ‘why’s, or you’re a seasoned regular on the lookout for the next big trend, one thing is certain – you’ll always come away from ‘The Doctor’s Take’ learning something new and interesting.​

​And, very likely, planning your next ‘tweak’ment.​


​Watch ‘The Doctor’s Take On Aesthetics’ podcast by Contour Clinics on:

EPISODE ONE: Nose Filler

Our first ever episode of ‘The Doctor’s Take On Aesthetics’ podcast is all about the most central feature on the face; the nose.

So, if you’re curious about improving yours, then don’t miss this rare insight into the treatment, courtesy of two of the best doctors in the industry.​

In episode #1, the doctors focus on how treatments such as dermal filler and PDO threads are used to achieve a non-surgical rhinoplasty, also known as a ‘nose job’, with no scalpel or stitches whatsoever.​

​As awareness and popularity of non-surgical rhinoplasty is on the rise, you may find yourself looking at your own nose shape in a new light.​  Often, traditional surgical nose jobs are a confronting and nerves-inducing commitment, which many people are very cautious about having them.​

​The beauty of non-surgical rhinoplasty is that it’s done with injections of dermal filler, making it a safe, simple, painless and low-commitment option. Perfect for if you’re tentatively testing out the full surgical procedure, or if your nose improvement only requires a cosmetic correction, such as evening out humps, bumps or altering the lift of the tip.​

Take this insider’s view of the how the procedure is performed, why it’s done, what the results will be, and what the professionals think of this method.​


​Watch the entire Episode #1 of ‘The Doctor’s Take On Aesthetics’ podcast by Contour Clinics on:

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