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“Will filler make me look unnatural?”
It’s a common question – but with an experienced, artful practitioner, it’s not a concern you need to have.
In the right hands, dermal filler can enhance and re-balance your natural features and lift your look without warping it.
This stunning result was achieved with 5mls of filler, skillfully placed in the temples and cheeks to create a youthfully lifted effect, smoothing away smile lines.

Before & After

Cheek filler is something to smile about! Cheeks are one of our most popular treatment areas because the results are seriously SO good… AND immediate! Restore structure, definition, volume and lift to your mid- and lower-face with cheek augmentation.⁠

Before & After

Love the look of a slimmer, sleeker, more snatched look for your side profile?
Reshape, contour and define your facial features with our expertly administered dermal fillers.
This striking result was achieved with 4mls of premium dermal filler to the cheeks and jawline.

Before & After

Stronger, sharper, more defined 💪🏼 This masculine jawline for @savagejustin was achieved with 6mL of premium dermal filler 💉

Before & After

Look how handsome! This awesome jawline was created with 6mls of premium dermal filler to strengthen the contour of a ‘weak’ jaw. The result is a masculine, defined side profile and improved facial feature harmony.

Before & After

Before and after jawline enhancement for X-Men Origins: Wolverine actor @timjpocock 🤩 This dermal filler treatment produces immediate results, takes less than 30 minutes⁠ and lasts up to 24 months⁠ 👌🏼

Before & After

💉 This sleek, snatched and defined look was achieved with 3ml of dermal filler, expertly placed in the jawline, chin and tear troughs 💉

Before & After

💋 How to get the lovely lip shape you crave? By enhancing the cupid’s bow! 👄
Our team of Cosmetic Doctors and Injectors are experts in creating dreamy lips that look natural and believable.
Artful placement of lip filler not only plumps and volumizes but also defines your lip shape and corrects asymmetry.

Before & After

💋 This beautifully natural looking lip enhancement was created with just half a ml of premium lip filler 👄

Before & After

🍑 No more ‘bum chin’ 🍑
Achieve a heart-shaped look to your face with a more defined and refined chin contour 💞
💉 Chin filler is used to fill and correct the indent that causes your chin dimple 💉 Results are instant!

Before & After

One of our most popular treatments for men is jawline sculpting!
Our patient wanted to strengthen and contour a non-defined, ‘weak’ jaw. His wish was granted, using 6mls of premium dermal filler 🧞‍♀️✨

Cosmetic Injectable Myths Debunked by Mary

In recent years, cosmetic procedures have gained more popularity, slowly becoming more common and talked about. Despite anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections being used in medical and cosmetic treatments for over 20 years, there are still many misconceptions and myths surrounding them. From becoming addicted to cosmetic injections, to being left frozen and fake looking, here are 13 of the most common myths I have come across.

PRP Hair Loss with Mary

Worried about hair loss and thinning hair? At Contour, there are treatment options available that can slow down and even reverse the effects of hair loss. PRP treatments are designed to isolate the powerful growth factors in our patient’s own blood, and then are injected into areas of concern to help heal bodily tissues, including follicles from which your hairs grow. In this video, our Head Injector Mary shows us how the procedure is performed and what to expect afterwards.

Dermal Fillers with Head Injector Mary

Dermal fillers can provide you with the immediate results you desire. They're super quick to apply, and there's no downtime, so they're ideal for enhancing your appearance right before a special occasion. This non-invasive procedure is gaining popularity for sculpting and correcting the facial appearance while also stimulating collagen production and rehydrating the skin.

Mary performs temple, cheek, chin and jawline filler for her patient Steph, giving her overall well defined and projected facial structure.

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