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The Blog Contour Clinics Newtown Flagship Launch Event

Best-in-class results deserve to be celebrated, and last week at Contour Clinics’ newly fitted flagship clinic and HQ in Newtown, rewards and celebrations were aplenty for its grand launch event.

The only thing more sparkling than the tower of champagne was the glittering guest list of personalities from television, social media, print and online media, and experts from the health and beauty industry.

A Dazzling Event

Last Tuesday, Newtown’s King Street was privy to some red-carpet action as guests were welcomed to the Contour Clinics flagship location amidst flashing cameras.

All eyes were on the Contour Clinics street frontage as magazine editors, influencers, models and eye-catching fashionistas arrived to the Newtown address.

As they walked the carpet, VIPs posed to be snapped against the Contour Clinics media wall by photographers before ascending the staircase to the impeccably fabulous new space at Contour Clinics HQ.

Here, they were welcomed with champagne, caviar canapés, caviar bumps, bespoke cupcakes and other delectable treats.

Gratitude and Grand Plans

As these special guests assembled in the sleek and sophisticated waiting area replete with chic lounges, roving canapés, clinking glasses and media screens, they were soon hushed in suspense as the event host took to the mic.

Presenting the Contour Clinics Launch was Erin Holland, television host and former Miss World Australia, who spoke about the strength of the Contour Clinics brand, and marvelled at the positively gleaming new space.

Speaking about the success of Contour Clinics was Dr Josh Wall, owner and Medical Director, who began by thanking his staff for their irreplaceable contribution to the company.

Dr Josh spoke about the future of Contour Clinics and plans for future location openings in the pipeline, as well as new additions being made to the business’ product offering.

There will be a Rouse Hill clinic to launch, and the treatment repertoire will expand to include hair transplants and surgical procedures, while in-clinic products will soon be coming in the form of Contour Clinics’ very own skincare line.

Cheers to Contour Clinics

Crowning the speeches was a spectacular champagne fountain display, poured to perfection by ‘the Champagne dame’ herself, Real Housewives of Melbourne’s Kyla Kirkpatrick.

With a toast to the owners, Dr Josh Wall and Benjamin Thurlow, the champagne fountain was well and truly flowing, as were congratulatory sentiments, with the atmosphere as bubbly as the beverages.

Up Close and Personal

Next, it was time to see what Contour Clinics is really all about, with guests invited to witness first-hand the incredible work administered by the doctors and cosmetic injectors.

Across multiple rooms in the clinic were several live demonstrations, with real patients receiving real treatments.

Guests freely roamed the rooms as a moving audience, able to watch patients undergoing procedures such as lip filler, anti-wrinkle injections, cheek filler, fat freezing and more.

This was an invaluable opportunity to see not only the procedure itself from an outside perspective but also to appreciate the superior work and precision of the dedicated and talented clinicians at Contour.

After their exclusive viewing of these live demonstrations, guests remarked on how impressive, fast and pain-free they looked, enthusing about their own personal ‘shopping list’ of treatments they plan to try next at Contour Clinics.

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