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The Blog Flying After Lip Fillers: How Long Should You Wait?

You’ve just had your lip filler treatment and feeling ready to conquer the world. But can you actually go worldwide just yet? 

With many of our patients wanting to look their best in time for a holiday, business trip or other travel, it’s a common query that we hear often… 

Can you fly after getting lip fillers?

The answer is yes – but it comes with a catch. 

Here at Contour Clinics, we don’t just see your treatment as a one-off appointment; we see it as a progressive journey. We care just as much about your consultation, aftercare, and long-term results as we do about the procedure itself. 

For that reason, we think it’s important to arm you with the right facts and tips about your treatments, so that you can be informed and in control, and can avoid undesirable outcomes due to lack of awareness. 

If you’re planning a trip around the same time as your lip filler treatment, you’ll want to read this before you take to the skies. 

Flying After Lip Fillers: The Risks

WHY do you have to wait to fly after getting lip fillers? 

All dermal filler treatments can cause mild bruising and swelling in the few days that immediately follow your procedure. But if you were to fly during this time, these side effects can be aggravated and exacerbated. 

What happens on a flight is, the aeroplane’s cabin is pressurised and has a lower oxygen level than we’re used to, and the elevation can cause blood vessels to release fluid, causing swelling and increasing any bruising. 

So, we know that flying longer journeys (anything over three hours) can already cause swelling in your body. Think about how uncomfortable it is to put your shoes back on after a long-haul flight. 

Now think about this for an area that’s just been treated with dermal fillers. Being in aircraft conditions can dramatically increase the swelling and bruising effects, and worsen your recovery time. 

Not only that, but long-haul flights can also cause your skin to become very dehydrated, which is not ideal for skin that’s been very recently treated with dermal fillers. 

If you don’t follow this recommendation and you choose to be on a flight within a fortnight of your lip filler treatment, then you could likely experience these undesirable outcomes. 

No one wants to arrive at their destination with uncomfortably swollen and bruised lips! 

So take heed, because this is no lip filler myth. Flying after lip fillers can definitely be done, but only after you have waited two weeks after your treatment. 

Learn more about Lip Filler Aftercare.

Can You Fly After Getting Lip Fillers?

Yes, you can absolutely still fly if you have lip fillers. 

But – and it’s an important ‘but’ – you must wait the appropriate time after your lip filler treatment before you board that plane. 

To avoid any potential risks associated with flying after lip fillers, we highly recommend that you wait for two weeks following your procedure. 

Being on a flight too soon after having a filler treatment is not worth the risk – your destination may not have a trusted and reputable cosmetic clinic like Contour Clinics available for rectifying any potential issues with your fillers, such as asymmetry or migration.  

We highly recommend planning ahead as much as possible in order to ensure enough time between your lip filler appointment and your flight journey. 

If you have a trip coming up, make sure you book your appointment for at least two weeks before your flight departure date. 

When Can I Fly After Fillers?

No matter what type of filler appointment you’ve had, whether it’s for lip fillers, cheek fillers, or dermal fillers in your chin, jawline, temple or other areas, it’s equally as important to wait the requisite two weeks before you embark on any flying trips. 

Once two weeks has passed following your filler treatment, it’s perfectly fine for you to travel by plane. 

This ensures enough time for the fillers to settle and adapt to surrounding tissues and reveal the full result of your treatment, so any top-ups or tweaks can be easily made by your treating clinic. 

It also allows for proper recovery time, so that any potential bruising or swelling can heal fully and not be provoked by the environmental stressors of aircraft conditions.

What About Flying After Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Another common concern we hear – is it safe to travel after anti-wrinkle? 

Yes, you can fly after your anti-wrinkle injections with no problem – just not immediately. 

The good news is that the wait is not as long as it is for fillers. The only restriction with anti-wrinkle is that you should wait for 48 hours after treatment before boarding the plane. 

It’s important to give your anti-wrinkle treatment 48 hours downtime before flying because, like with fillers, the side effects of minor bruising and swelling can be noticeably worsened by the conditions of an aircraft. 

Flying causes swelling all over the body, including your face, and the cabin can experience changes in temperature – all of which is not ideal for straight after any injectables. 

If you are prone to headaches following your anti-wrinkle treatments, as many patients are, this too can be exacerbated. Not a fun way to fly. 

Despite some scary myths out there saying anti-wrinkle can migrate due to cabin pressure, this is untrue, and your anti-wrinkle will not be affected in its placement. Once administered, anti-wrinkle binds very quickly to its target, and certainly won’t be altered by the time you hit the airport. 

However, we always say it’s best to err on the side of safety when it’s your face at stake. 

Give it a day or two from your anti-wrinkle appointment to your flight. It’s worth the short wait to be confident in your holiday selfies!

When Should I Get Lip Fillers Before Travelling?

Ideally, you should schedule your lip fillers treatment for about two weeks prior to your flight. 

This will allow adequate time for any immediate after-effects to subside, such as minor bruising and swelling, and for the newly placed dermal filler to settle into the surrounding tissues. 

Flying after lip fillers is absolutely fine, just as long as you allow for two weeks to pass between being treated and heading to the airport.

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Lip fillers are by far one of our most popular treatments here at Contour Clinics, with patients loving their results and the confidence it brings to their everyday life. 

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