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The Blog How To Correct Poorly Injected Filler

Dermal fillers are a common cosmetic procedure to address wrinkles and fine lines, as well as add more volume to lips and other areas of the face. However, like with any medical procedure, fillers can sometimes end up unsuccessful. Poor injection techniques, excessive use of dermal filler or the incorrect filler type can all lead to migration, bumps and asymmetry. The solution will depend on what the issue is, so here are four different ways to correct poorly injected filler.

Facial Massage

Mild issues like smaller bumps or only slight asymmetry are the easiest resolved. These can be fixed by something as simple as massaging the affected area. The practitioner who injected you can perform this for you, or they can instruct you about the technique and you can even do it yourself at home. If you think you might have gone to someone lacking the proper qualifications and experience, a Contour Clinics practitioner are always happy to help. Contour Clinics are the experts at filler correction, seeing more dermal filler correction cases than most other clinics in the Country. Be careful not to try out random techniques on your own, though, as this is likely to not have the desired effect and might even make things worse.

Dissolving The Filler

In some cases, the problem is bigger than what can be corrected using massage. This includes when too much filler was used, you have lumps that don’t disappear when you massage, there’s asymmetry, or your face just doesn’t look right in some way. With these issues, the best course of action is usually to remove the filler completely. This is done by injecting another solution into the area which dissolves the filler that was previously used. One common product to use for this purpose is hyalase This hyaluronidase (or hyalase) acts to break up the bonds holding the hyaluronic acid molecules together, dissolving the filler immediately, allowing the body to harmlessly metabolise the product.


Some types of filler can’t be dissolved. Sometimes the problem isn’t that there’s something wrong with the filler, but that it was injected in the wrong place or didn’t give you the results you wanted. A skilled practitioner can reinject you in a planned way so that they can draw attention to different parts of your face and correct asymmetry or anything that looks unnatural. This process is called artful reinjection. If you feel like this is your issue, then ask your practitioner if adding more filler in a specific way might help resolve it. However, it is not recommended to simply keep injecting more filler into the affected area and hope that helps; it likely won’t. Artful reinjection requires careful planning and thinking ahead and can’t solve all filler-related problems.

Waiting it out

Fillers are a temporary procedure, lasting anywhere from 6-18 months depending on the area injected. So if dissolving the filler is not an option, the filler will always be dissolved by your body with time, and it will eventually go away.

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