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The Blog How to get a bigger penis? Rejuvenate and augment your penis with no downtime.

Did you know that the average penis size is 5.21 inches long (erect)?

And if you’re concerned about how you, err, measure up, did you know that 45% of men wish their penis was larger?

Did you know the phrase ‘How to get a bigger penis’ is googled 1,300 times per month in Sydney alone?

Well take comfort in this next bit of info, did you know that your penis is twice as long as you think it is? Around half its entire length is inside your body keeping it safely anchored in the pelvic region. Cool huh?!


When it comes to the ‘angle of the dangle’ it’s a real mixed bag, a man’s erection can point in any direction, straight ahead, up or down, left or right, there is no right or wrong!

Anyhoo, we could discuss dick data all day but let’s get down to biz, no not that biz, let’s talk about penis enlargement. What is it and does it actually work for your willy or is it another fad preying on the insecurities of dick dysmorphia? Well, I’m not talking about penis pills or penis pumps or any crazy penile implants, I’m talking modern day, non surgical penis enhancement treatments. What are they you ask? Well let’s start with non surgical penis enlargement. You know how the girls get injections into their lips and face to make them bigger or add more structure? You can use that same substance, which is a sugar that occurs naturally in your body and inject it into your willy to increase girth and even make it a little longer. It lasts up to five years although you may need a top up visit after two. This is one of the most popular and safest ways of increasing penis size without putting your schlong under the knife and becoming one of those horror headlines you read about with your legs crossed.

Next up for penis enhancement is a treatment that can rejuvenate your penis to its younger glory, improve blood flow and sensation for stronger erections and better performance. It’s called erection enhancement. The docs take blood from your arm just like in a blood test, whiz it up in a machine called a centrifuge to separate growth factors and regenerative factors. They then take this golden magic and inject it into your willy, sounds painful but you get to slather it with numbing cream before the treatment begins so you don’t feel a thing. It uses your own body’s growth factors to rejuvenate collagen and other structures and improve blood flow and circulation. It might sound bogus to the untrained ear but sports athletes like Tiger Woods have been using this treatment to help recover from sports injuries for decades.

And finally, if you’re nether parts are looking a bit weathered and have darkened over the years along with your sense of humor, then you can give them a make over and laser away all the pigment to make it look good as new again! The laser breaks up the pigment and your lymphatic system carries away the fragments leaving behind perfect pink parts.

So, when it comes to penis enhancement treatments, make sure you do your research and chose highly skilled reputable medical practitioners who specialise in this area. Here at Contour Clinics our cosmetic doctors have a special interest in intimate area rejuvenation and are ready to answer your questions today.

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