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The Blog The “Brotox” trend sweeping Sydney. Is Botox for men too?

Is Botox for men too?
YES ,YES and YES! With todays every increasing obsession with how we look, more and more men are taking an interest in what they can do to freshen their appearance and reduce signs of aging. Gone are the days when visits to the beauty clinics were just for the girls, todays cosmetic medicine accommodates and appeals to everyone. If you are a guy and you are considering anti wrinkle injections, read on to find out what they can do for you.

Let’s start with the basics, what is Botox?
Botox is the brand name for Botulinum toxin type A, a natural, purified protein that is used by injecting it under the skin to the muscle that causes the expression that creates the wrinkle. It has been used medically for decades with the very first treatments being performed by Eye doctors to prevent flickering of the eye. It is safe, effective and affordable.


How does Botox work for men?
In the same way it works for women. We inject it into the wrinkle causing muscle to relax it and prevent the wrinkle causing expression. One of the most frequently requested areas for treatment amongst men is the crow’s feet, followed by forehead lines and then frown Iines.

Am I going to look different or frozen if I have botox?
NO! Botox and anti wrinkle injections create a subtle result that softens your lines whilst maintaining some movement so you don’t look unnatural or ‘done’. No one will know you’ve had it don’t unless you tell them, they will however notice you look fresher or less tired but it’s up to you whether or not you share the reason for your new found youthful appearance!

How long will my Botox last?
Anti wrinkle injections generally last between 4-6 months. Your body metabolizes the product so if you do a lot of exercise or have a particularly fast metabolism you may find your body burns though it more quickly than a person who has a more sedentary lifestyle. That being said, with any muscle you stop using, over time it begins to atrophy, meaning that the longer you have regular anti wrinkle injections, the softer the line or wrinkle becomes and so the longer the product tends to last.

How long does the treatment take and is it painful?
For your first appointment you will need to allow 30 minutes, this is so that you can fill in your new patient paper work and discuss your treatment and concerns with one of our cosmetic doctors whilst they script you. The treatment itself takes only about 5 minutes and is very comfortable and relatively pain free. You can return to your normal activities immediately as there is no downtime and expect to see results after about 5-7 days with the full result being seen at the 2 week mark.

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