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The Blog Dr Josh talks “Brotox” with the Daily Mail Australia

Below are excerpts from an article that appeared in the Daily Mail Australia discussing how more and more men are getting injectables.

More men are getting Anti-Wrinkle Injections – or ‘brotox’ – than ever before

Cosmetic Doctor Dr Josh Wall from Contour Clinics has said he has seen twice as many men coming to his Sydney offices for Anti-Wrinkle treatments in the past year, he tells the Daily Mail.

He said he is finding his male patients are also turning to facial dermal fillers to masculinise their look and to enhance their features.

Dr Wall said the taboo around injectables was fading and that he has seen double the amount of men come through the doors for injectables and other cosmetic procedures over the past year.

‘I mean you can go to the gym, you can work out, you can get a tan and all those kinds of things, but there’s not too much you can do about wrinkles,’ he said.

Dr Josh Wall describes his male patients as alpha, career-oriented types.

‘The most common male patient I get, they’re young professionals, they’re real go getting guys, and they’re just ticking everything off,’ he said. ‘They’re in super shape, their careers are unreal and they are just doing everything they can to kind of put forward the best version of themselves.’

Dr Wall said 15 per cent of his patients and 30 per cent of the people visiting the Contour Clinics website are male and believes cosmetics for men will skyrocket in the next decade.

‘If we fast forward 10 years time, it would have to be getting close to 40 per cent, particularly in this day of social media [and Zoom] you’re constantly aware of how you look,’ he said.

He said men shouldn’t be concerned that injectables are too feminine, because the product is always applied according to a client’s desired look.

‘Attitudes [are] definitely changing and I think if it’s done correctly it won’t feminise you at all. Most good Botox jobs you can’t actually tell – people just look fresher.’

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Or read the full article on the Daily Mail at: “Why FIFO workers are rapidly turning to cosmetic surgery – as ‘brotox’ trend hits Australia

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