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The Blog WHO: The Salmon Sperm Facial

“Why Hollywood is Obsessed with the Salmon Sperm Facial” – WHO

Pop-culture bible WHO magazine turned to Contour Clinics for the low-down on the latest and greatest treatment to hit the industry; Rejuran!

The following is an excerpt from’s article by Elise Wilson:

“Just when you thought you’d heard it all, along comes the latest must-try: the Salmon Sperm Facial … the red carpet has rolled out for the pièce de résistance of piscine pampering, and it’s making quite a splash.

The buzz started when Jennifer Aniston, Hollywood’s perpetually ageless darling, casually dropped her secret weapon for glowing skin. No, it wasn’t a new moisturiser or a kale smoothie, but rather an application of salmon sperm to her visage. Naturally, the internet lost its collective mind. “Is she for real?” we asked, mouths agape, as we double-checked our calendars to make sure it wasn’t April Fool’s Day.

So, why salmon sperm? Is it the omega-3s? The ultimate sacrifice of love from a salmon’s nether regions? Or just a fishy way to grab attention? According to experts, this new potion is packed with DNA-repairing enzymes and peptides that allegedly leave skin looking younger, brighter, and less like it’s survived a season of ‘Deadliest Catch.’

Of course, no beauty regimen is complete without a healthy dose of scepticism and a pinch of humour. So, whether you’re ready to dive in or just dipping your toes, we asked Contour Clinics to explain what’s involved and why everyone is becoming hooked on this fin-tastic facial.”

Here is’s interview with Contour Clinics:

So why are these referred to as salmon sperm injections?

That’s where this injectable product is derived from – more accurately, the DNA found in salmon sperm. The main ingredient we’re after is called PDRN (polynucleotides), which is extracted from salmon DNA. PDRN is something that’s naturally present in new, fresh skin tissues, so by extracting this and synthesising it into an injectable, we can replicate the regenerative process for skin. It’s why this treatment is also referred to as baby skin injections.

What exactly is this treatment used for?

It’s a skin rejuvenation treatment for anywhere on the body where we require the skin to heal and rejuvenate. It’s what we call a biostimulator, which is a type of treatment that works by triggering your skin’s own natural collagen production.

For this reason, it’s an excellent option for treating scarring or inflammation concerns like rosacea. It improves skin density by kicking your own natural collagen production into gear. That leads to improved elasticity. And, because we’re repairing damaged skin cells, it rejuvenates the skin’s texture and laxity, so there are smoothing and tightening benefits.

You can treat the whole face, neck or décolletage, or you can choose to just treat the undereye and crow’s feet area for targeted results.

How many injections are needed and how long until we’ll see results?

We do multiple tiny injections during one treatment and spread these out over the treatment area. We’re causing stimulation to the body’s natural healing process and that’s what spurs your collagen-making skin cells into action, and this usually takes around four weeks to produce visible results and longer-term ongoing benefits.

How many treatments are needed?

You’ll see benefits from just one treatment. However, three are recommended, spaced one month apart.

Who’s a good candidate?

The good news? This treatment is an-all round skin booster, suitable for all skin types and ages.

Remember: Protect your skin post treatment

Post-treatment skin care is essential for maintaining results and ensuring proper healing. Sensitive skin needs soothing and protection to prevent irritation and infections. Using gentle, hydrating products and avoiding harsh chemicals or sun exposure helps prolong the benefits, ensuring healthy, glowing skin long after the treatment.

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