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The Blog Lifestyle News: Fraxel, the Laser Treatment for an Enviable Glow reports on the latest products, trends and news related to health, wellness, beauty and more.

With an increasing number of Aussies flocking to use Fraxel to fade freckles, melasma and signs of ageing from too much sun exposure, Lifestyle News spoke to our Medical Director Dr Josh Wall all about Fraxel laser treatments.

“Ever since its introduction, few technological advancements have transformed the beauty and wellness industry quite like Fraxel laser therapy. It really is a game changer.”  – Dr Josh

Non-invasive and typically requiring just 15-30 minutes to resurface the skin, fractional laser treatment – or Fraxel – essentially creates micro-damage in a controlled environment to supercharge the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production. It is widely considered a gold-standard skin resurfacing treatment for its efficacy in triggering the skin’s natural healing processes and requiring minimal downtime.

“Visible signs of UV damage caused during the warmer months can be efficiently reduced this time of year in particular, when Fraxel can kickstart your skin’s inbuilt mechanisms to counter the adverse effects of melanin production,” says Dr Josh.

We use the Fraxel Dual Laser at Contour Clinics. It features two lasers with different wavelengths in one device.

“One targets pigmentation and sun damage, while the other goes deeper to target wrinkles, texture and acne scarring.”

Even though a course of Fraxel laser treatments can be done at any time of year, now is the perfect time to start your treatment plan, as Dr Josh explains the importance of UV exposure to laser-treated skin.

“Once your skin is optimally structurally supported, you can enjoy the benefits of bright, even and youthful skin, before summer’s harshest UV rays interfering with both immediate recovery and long-term results,” he advises.


Read the full article by Lifestyle News.

Learn more about Fraxel laser at Contour Clinics.


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