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The Blog NEW Ilumaé Skincare Range, Now at Contour Clinics

Step into a new era of skincare with Ilumaé: Symbiotic Skin Science.

As skincare experts ourselves, we love this impressive new range so much that we have brought it to our clinics for you to experience too; you can now purchase Ilumaé from all Contour Clinics locations.

Our Skin & Laser Therapists are trained in using and recommending the Ilumaé skincare range and can prescribe a personalised product regimen for your unique needs. Simply ask at your next appointment!

Who is Ilumaé?

Crafted by medical experts, Ilumaé products are designed to deeply support your skin, enabling it to evolve and radiate naturally. Whether you’re seeking rejuvenation, hydration, or aiming to address specific skincare concerns, this meticulously formulated range of eight is designed to deliver visible, transformative results you can truly see and feel.

After all, your skin—the body’s largest organ—thrives when maintaining a harmonious balance between internal and external nourishment. This is where Ilumaé advances, providing not just skin care, but a pathway to nurture your best self.

What makes this range different?

Informed by the collective expertise of leading cosmetic physicians, doctors, dermal therapists and pharmacists, Ilumaé skincare goes beyond expectations. Highly advanced formulas featuring proven actives, precise ingredient concentrations, and synergistic combinations work to amplify results, all without relying on fragrances or other common irritants.

Ilumaé is dedicated to skincare done differently – right down to Italian-crafted bottles in premium recyclable glass, boasting a curved design that seamlessly blends aesthetics with ergonomic functionality. Revolutionary airless bottle technology preserves product efficacy by preventing oxidation, ensuring that these formulations continue to provide optimal results. 

Which products should I try?

This skincare brand has made it very simple to target your specific complexion concerns with a handy quiz. If you find yourself overwhelmed with skincare products, not quite sure which ones are best for you (all of them? some of them? help!) then this will streamline your selection.

Make sure you’re getting the right products for your skincare regimen with this quiz.

Explore the full range here.

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