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The Blog ‘I Tried the Go-To Facial Celebrities Swear By Before Red Carpet Events’

The hottest topic on everyone’s lips right now is surprisingly not an injectable, but a facial. You need to know all about this mini makeover treatment if you are craving a clear complexion, even tone and refreshed glow for your skin.

This is the China Doll Facial, and it’s your express ticket to radiant, porcelain-doll-like skin. It also goes by the moniker, ‘the Hollywood facial’ due to its popularity with celebrities and other walkers of the red carpet for essential pre-event skin prep. With advocates including celebrities known for their flawless skin, the legitimacy of its efficacy is crystal clear – just like their complexions.

“Made popular by stars like Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian, the ‘China Doll Facial’ is meant to give you porcelain doll-like skin, with no downtime.” –

Contour Clinics provides the China Doll Facial at all locations (Newtown, Five Dock, Castle Hill and Miranda in Sydney, and Stones Corner in Brisbane), performed by experienced and dedicated dermal therapists who are experts in skin assessment and treatment.

The success of this treatment is catching on; so much so, that Contour Clinics was visited by an array of beauty-curious journalists from a range of Australian media outlets, all eager to put this treatment to the test.

“With claims to target uneven skin tone, fine lines, redness, enlarged pores and sun damage, I was super curious about trying it out as someone who has been blessed with all of these concerns.

So when I got the opportunity to put my dull, tired face on the line at Contour Clinics, I jumped at the opportunity to see whether or not it lives up to the hype.”The Daily Telegraph

So how does this work? What’s involved?

Nicknamed the ‘China Doll Facial’, the Carbon Laser Facial combines medical-grade carbon serum with Q-switched laser to reveal bright, radiant skin.

First, the carbon mask is applied to your face, to be followed by targeted application of the laser, which ‘zaps’ off the carbon, penetrating the skin and breaking down dirt and oil in the process and pulling it to the surface.

This deep cleaning effect is what helps to reduce imperfections as well as stimulate collagen, thereby achieving the sought-after porcelain-like, clear skin.

“Put simply, it de-gunks your face to reveal a brighter, more even complexion.”


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