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The Blog How to get rid of freckles, melasma and fine lines and wrinkles.

With constantly changing and evolving technologies in the sphere of cosmetic treatments, it can be hard to keep up with what treatment does what and which one is best for you. Obviously a comprehensive, thorough consultation with a skin specialist is the best way to decide which treatment to have as they will be able to evaluate your skin whilst considering your concerns and tailor a plan to you personally. However, having a good understanding of the technologies available and what they do is a great place to start when deciding on a treatment plan. Are your freckles bothering you? Would you like smaller pores – errrrm yes please! Are you concerned about fine lines and wrinkles? Acne? Pigmentation? The list goes on but the great news is that all of these concerns can be treated with a Laser.




When considering laser treatment two major factors you need to consider are 1. your Fitzpatrick skin type and 2. sun exposure. All lasers will increase your photosensitivity which is why sun exposure prior to and after your treatment is a big no no. If you have treatment on UV exposed skin you could risk damaging your skin further and end up with a worse problem than you began with. With this in mind make sure you schedule your laser appointments when you know you can avoid the sun before and after treatment. If you have a darker skin type of 3-4 and above make sure your chosen clinic has a laser that is suitable for treating this skin type and are experienced with treating a darker skin.

Now when it comes to the lasers themselves it really depends on what condition you are treating as to which laser you use. If you want to remove your freckles and you have a fair skin, IPL or a photothermal laser like the cynosure Icon can be very effective at removing pigment. It works by heating the pigmented area enough to break it down, it then fades away over the following weeks. You can treat your freckles, sun damaged skin, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and pigmented acne scars with this type of laser. You will usually need around 4-6 treatments with this laser, 4-6 weeks apart.


If you are a skin type 3-4 and above and your concern is freckles and pigmentation, a photoacoustic device will be more suitable for your skin type, specifically the Revlite laser. This laser uses nano second technology to shatter the pigment in the skin, your macrophage cells then digest these fragments and carry them away. Cool huh? This laser does not use heat but rather a photomechanical action so therefore is suitable to treat stubborn and volatile Melasma too.

If your concerned about anti aging (who isn’t right?) and you want to treat your fine lines and wrinkles the options are pretty extensive. Fractional laser is extremely effective at rejuvenating the skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles by using microbeams of laser that are attracted to the water in your skin to cause a controlled damage to the damaged skin cells, stimulating your body’s healing response. The healthy intact cells repair the laser damaged cells by producing new fibroblasts, the cells in your skin that are responsible for producing collagen and elastin. The Revlight laser will stimulate your collagen production photoacoustically, diminishing fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring.

So there you have it, a smorgasbord of laser treatments for any skin type and any skin concern. Book today to talk to us about which laser treatment is right for you.

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