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The Blog How to Achieve a Slimmer Face

Anyone who’s ever been bothered by their face shape appearing full, round or wide may just think it’s something we’ll have to learn to live with. In a quest for how to achieve a slimmer face, the first thing that comes to mind is probably liposuction. 

For many, undergoing the pain, risk and expense of cosmetic surgery or embarking on a journey of drastic weight loss is not a current option. But is there another way? 

Sometimes, weight loss doesn’t even make a difference, and our face remains fuller or wider than what would be consistent with our body shape, regardless of how much weight we’ve lost elsewhere. 

We don’t get to choose exactly where our body sheds weight and we can’t control whether our face happens to be one of those places. Similarly, while surgery may be the gold standard for some facial structure concerns, many patients aren’t suitable for this option. 

Here’s where we shine a light on some misconceptions concerning facial fullness and bring the good news on how to get a slim face. Your face can indeed be safely altered to appear naturally slimmer, and it doesn’t involve surgery, or going hungry. 

What Causes Bloated Facial Features?

Looking at the structure of the face and what constitutes the bulkiness or heaviness that causes concern for so many people, we can determine whether it’s fat we’re dealing with, or in fact muscle. 

That’s right – your facial fullness could actually be muscle bulk caused by overactive facial expressions or chewing movements, building up over time. We call this hypertrophied muscle. 

The usual culprit here is the masseter muscle. This is a bulky muscle that sits at the back of your jawline and is involved in chewing, tensing the jaw or teeth grinding. Repeated overactivity of this muscle can cause a fullness in the back part of the jaw, making the face appear wider, squarer and more masculine. We’ll get in to how to reverse this bulkiness later in the article. 

Other common causes of bloated facial features include weight gain, poor diet, overindulgence in alcohol and lack of exercise. While cosmetic treatments can offer an immediate fix in certain cases of facial structure concerns, nothing will more rapidly and sustainably improve your facial aesthetic like diet and lifestyle changes.

Can You Make Your Face Slimmer?

Yes, there are several ways you can make your face appear slimmer without surgery. Some are more associated with your lifestyle, while others are a little more interventional. 

Lose weight/body fat. As you lose overall body fat through a calorie-controlled diet and exercise, you’ll also lose fat from your face, giving it a more sculpted, slimmer appearance. 

Do facial exercises. These movements are designed to work the muscles in your cheeks, jaw, and neck can tone and tighten these areas over time for a slimmer look. Examples are jaw clenches, fish faces, and cheek lifters. 

Try facial massage. Massaging your face, especially along the jawline, can increase circulation and lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness, leading to a slimming effect. 

Use some makeup tricks. Applying contouring makeup strategically can shade areas to create the illusion of more defined, slimmer features on your face, such as accentuating the cheekbones, narrowing the nose, or defining the jawline. 

Get a new hairstyle. Certain haircuts can either accentuate or help camouflage facial fullness. Styles like side-swept bangs or styles that frame the face can make your features look more angular and slimmer. 

Get cosmetic injections. Specialised, targeted use of anti-wrinkle injections can achieve a noticeable yet natural-looking slimming effect for the lower face by deflating muscle bulk and narrowing the jawline. The effects eventually wear off, making it a low-commitment, non-permanent option for facial augmentation. 

With consistency, incorporating some of these techniques into your routine can create a visibly slimmer, more sculpted face without invasive surgical treatments. 

How to Achieve a Slimmer Face with Diet & Exercise

Diet and exercise can definitely help slim down your face in a healthy, natural way. Here are some tips:  

Watch your sodium intake. Excess sodium can cause water retention and bloating, including in the face area. Limit processed/salty foods. 

Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water to flush out excess fluids and toxins that can bloat your face. 

Avoid refined carbs. Eating too many refined carbs like white bread, pasta, and sweets can lead to weight gain all over, including in your face. 

Eat anti-inflammatory foods. Foods like fatty fish such as salmon, nuts, green leafy veggies and berries can reduce inflammation that causes puffiness. 

Cut back on booze. Drinks containing alcohol will dehydrate you and cause fluid retention, both of which can bloat your face. 

Do cardio. Cardiovascular exercise like running, cycling or swimming can help you lose overall body fat, including facial fat. 

Lift weights. Strength training exercises contribute to overall increased muscle mass, that raises your bodies basic metabolic requirements helping you burn calories and slim down in general, thus improving your aesthetic. Strength training is also a key component of improving one’s longevity.   

Try facial exercises. Specific exercises that work the facial muscles may help tone, tighten and slim the face over time. 

Manage your stress. High stress can increase cortisol, which promotes facial fat accumulation. Also, exercise helps reduce stress, thanks to those endorphins. 

Be patient and consistent with diet and exercise. As you lose overall body fat while maintaining muscle tone, your face will look naturally more chiselled and slimmer. 

How to Slim Your Face with Cosmetic Procedures

Some people find that they can successfully diet and lose the fat from their face, but as you cannot decide where you would like to lose weight from, this does not work for everyone. 

Facial slimming is a popular procedure among people concerned about the fullness of their jawline and lower face. It’s a particularly popular solution for those who desire a slimmer and more feminine face shape with a more petite and narrower jawline. 


Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to create a slimming effect for the lower face, by targeting the masseter muscle on either side of the face, located at the back of the jaw. 

The procedure works by having anti-wrinkle injections into your masseter muscle, which is one of the muscles that you use when you chew. 

The injections are strategically placed to inhibit this muscle, which in turn causes the surrounding muscle bulk to shrink, and your lower face becomes slimmer as a result. 

This is because anti-wrinkle works to relax muscle activity, and when that happens, the hypertrophied (overgrown) muscle bulk caused by the overactive masseters has a chance to thin out. The result is a slimmer, narrower and less boxy appearance to the jaw and lower face area. 


Dermal Filler Injections 

Cheek augmentation

Sculpting, enhancing and defining the cheeks and cheekbones with dermal filler works to restore volume to flat and sunken cheeks, whilst providing structure in a subtle aesthetically pleasing way. 

It can also assist in a subtle lifting effect to the suspended skin, which can in turn enhance a V-shape to the face. 

Chin sculpting 

Strategic placement of dermal filler can elongate and refine the chin point, creating a narrowed appearance and elegant heart shape to the mid and lower face. 


Surgical Intervention

There are several surgical treatments that can help create a slimmer, more defined facial appearance. 

Buccal Fat Removal. This procedure involves making small incisions inside the mouth to remove the buccal fat pads from the cheek area. Removing this facial fat can create a slimmer, more chiselled look to the cheeks and jawline. 

Facial Liposuction. Tiny cannulas are used to suction out stubborn pockets of fat from areas like the cheeks, chin, and neck. This slims and re-contours the face. 

Neck Lift. An incision is made around the ear to tighten and reposition the neck muscles and remove excess skin. This eliminates jowling and smooths the jawline. 

Facelift. During a facelift, the skin is lifted, tightened, and re-draped over the face and neck to diminish sagging and create a sleeker contour to the cheeks, jowls, and neck. 

Jaw Reshaping. Procedures like jaw shaving or jaw contouring use surgical burring to reshape and slim down a wide, square jawline for a more feminine oval shape. 

Chin Implant. Inserting an implant along the jawbone can augment a receding chin, balancing out facial features and creating a slimmer overall profile. 


Surgical options are by nature highly invasive but can produce dramatic, permanent slimming results in the face that diet, exercise, and non-surgical treatments can’t always achieve alone. 

It’s important to take careful consideration before resorting to surgery, as recovery times, healing, comfort level and costs can be very challenging in comparison to non-surgical options. 

Modern cosmetic treatments can provide truly excellent results without any surgery involved, making them an affordable, accessible, safer and more comfortable way to achieve the face shape you desire. 

Facial Slimming Treatments with Contour Clinics

You can find our Facial Slimming treatment at all Contour Clinics locations across Sydney and Brisbane. 

As a doctor-led clinic, Contour Clinics is skilled and experienced in administering premium TGA-approved injectable treatments. We are the experts in cosmetic medicine and the leaders for injectable treatments. 

If you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your facial proportions and are looking for a solution, we’d love to chat to you about your cosmetic treatment options. 

Get in touch today and book a consultation with one of our Cosmetic Practitioners for an expert assessment and an obligation free personalised treatment plan.

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